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@StormIsUponUs I like this. But personally, I believe Q would want me to consider each post as disinfo. He said this. Blind trust is how we got into this mess long ago. I love what Q is doing but think #TheGreatAwakening is too important to close our eyes for anyone or any reason.
@StormIsUponUs What are the psychological implications of believing space is vast? Are we aware of how faulty the Big Bang theory is? If there was EVER a time to be critical it is today. #TheGreatAwakening jtrue.com/blog/the-psych…
@StormIsUponUs Did Q teach you to trust? Or did Q teach you to discern? Why did Podesta want to push this out too? Why would an alien race not have enough intelligence to recognize a psychopathic ruling class? Think! How many genes could you splice with $21 trillion? jtrue.com/blog/reptilian…
@StormIsUponUs Perhaps this explains Q's Roswell post... 26 minutes after he announced Roswell, a MASSIVE Deep State attack started. Maybe this is the meaning of CASTLE LOCK. Smoke out the Deep State's "ET" card? #QAnon
@StormIsUponUs Don't forget, Quantum Mechanics negates relativity. The Speed of Light is NOT constant. This means space and time are NOT warped. Think back to Tesla and the Electric Universe. When has Tesla EVER been wrong? How many times have we screwed Tesla historically?
@StormIsUponUs Tesla says space is not a vacuum. Even Krause/Tyson admit space is not a vacuum. How does light travel 200 million light years through a non-vacuum? Red-shift errors are as frequent as climate change spoofs. Academic fraud has been rampant. #QAnon jtrue.com/blog/relativity
@StormIsUponUs Sorry for all the articles...I had a feeling this might come up though. Look at how simple it would be to release "black-ops" sources to tickle the ears of anyone who would listen. How easy would it be to set up an autopsy lab and hire people that will quit 3 weeks later to leak.
@StormIsUponUs How can a reptile evolve w/o a brain language center? How can you advance technologically without empathy? Impossible. Think. How does it FEEL to believing in #reptilians? If Quantum Mechanics is true (double-slit experiment) then we 100% shape our reality thru observation.#QAnon
@StormIsUponUs If the Vatican and Deep State control the telescopes, could they not convince all of us to observe their version of reality? Could they not report so convincingly some facts that we would as a mass consciousness CREATE that reality? Think about why you are here on earth.
@StormIsUponUs Trauma programming ALWAYS follows a BANG right? JFK,911,BIGBANG. What are the psychological implications of every school in America FORCING the curriculum of Big Bang? Are you powerful as a pond scum to monkey fornicator? Or are you just more controllable thinking this way?
@StormIsUponUs Deep breath... We all have our ideas about the nature of reality. We have all been drowning in lies and we don't know who to trust. I am suggesting we can each use the tool of gnosis to backwards engineer our psychology. Follow the beliefs that make us sheep and reexamine them.
@StormIsUponUs If we buy a race of ETs millions of years more advanced, we will never trust ourselves again. We will say we blew it and the aliens had to take over. We would listen to ANYTHING it said. We would be ashamed for not believing. Truth is experienced and we all "saw" planes on 911.
@StormIsUponUs Require a personal experience before you buy this. If not, we could be psychically charging the airwaves with inter-dimensional lizards. This is a form of mind splintering. Trauma programming just like alters. "96% DARK matter they say." Dark psychology. Tesla Yes. Lizard No.
@StormIsUponUs Scientism is real. You know this. Einstein was not the hero we assumed he was when he was around. Relativity was a media psyop. If you are having trouble shattering the illusion of science. Watch this... The 10 Dogmas of Modern Science ->
@StormIsUponUs You are a Paladin on earth. Look at these 2 words and see truth...
Use your gnosis to unlock your Tesla Electric Universe. Shut down relativity. Stop spinning 10x the speed of sound. Feel the stillness of your true power. You are awakening and you are beautiful.

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Oct 8, 2018
Gnosis. Dr Ford incident had nothing to do with Kavanaugh. The cabal already knew they lacked the votes. Dr. Ford was placed on camera as a trauma thumper; a pied piper calling the inner victim of injustice in every one of us. The voice of Dr. Ford sounded that way on purpose.
You can weaponize body trauma by insisting it's a celebration. This causes dissonance that many are simply not in touch with their bodies yet to discern. We are crammed full of propaganda in school. You can create a class of trauma survivors with pictures and sound.
You can activate this trauma army later with a simple story or a facial expression. This technique is far from new. It's not accurate to relegate it to #mkultra. We are all Manchurian voters thanks to academia and tribal pressure. This proves we are not in touch with our bodies.
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Oct 7, 2018
It is a psychological trauma to have an abortion. It's not reproductive as much as it is a form of self-mutilation. If you don't think a life is growing inside you, at least admit it is a part of your body and that you demand the right to mutilate yourself.
Look at how we hide self-mutilation behind "healthcare"...
Abortion = reproductive health
Circumcision = body sanitation

But what are the psychological effects of both? Is that care? Is that health? Why do you think so many are so angry?
Consider the first known cult; the cult of the phallus. This is carjacking the body so we retreat to the neck. We are ruled by our vision crammed in the skull. The all-seeing-eye controls us. What's a little mutilation between the brothers Osiris and Set.
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Oct 6, 2018
Our first lady is standing in front of the Sphinx. She is standing in front of its underground ceremonial chamber. I keep telling you guys to follow @2ndfor1st #QAnon
What were they looking for in Indiana Jones movie? What's in the Ark?
1.) Golden jar of manna
2,) Aaron's staff that had budded
3.) The stone tablets of the covenant.
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Oct 4, 2018
Trauma is epigenetic resonance. How far back does it go? There was a first trauma... the first supper. The reason for the Hajj. This is the beginning of "The Satanic Reverses."
There is no guilt. There is only a vibration of trauma. We crucify ourselves for being hollow. We retreat underneath the flat crevice of our own feet. That time is over now. We agreed to a new era. A new gear has engaged the transmission. We are bodies again – not heads in jars.
[Please share the full thread above so people can read about Saturn first. ]

Why does the entire world participates in genital mutilation?

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Oct 3, 2018
If your cellphone sent you a message tomorrow afternoon telling you to go somewhere would you? False flags use drills as cover. You should have your cellphone with you. More information is always better than less. @MattyBoz3 was suggesting otherwise, but i disagree. Trust...
@MattyBoz3 Here is my hierarchy of trust...
1.) my gut
2.) my head
3.) my heart
4.) @realDonaldTrump
5.) Q
Q is tough b/c the comms could be hacked. So could Trump's twitter. But 1, 2, and 3 are fully encrypted and safe if you listen. Make sure all 3 are in tune! Listen to them.
Just to clarify, i dont mean to speak for @MattyBoz3, i had retweeted his thoughts earlier and it gave me a lot to think about. Red October is a time for each of us to consider these things.
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Sep 28, 2018
Anger is a natural reaction to injustice. Both people were credible. Dr Ford was sexually assaulted a long time ago and Kavanaugh wasn’t her perpetrator. The assailant was Feinstein who took Ford as her victim and forced her up the steps of the capital.
Feinstein is the assailant Kavanaugh, Ford, and America are the victims... Fantastic video from Amazing Polly! Please share, she knows exactly where/what the enemy is.
I am triggered. Put a saddle on me and i will deliver mail. False allegations only hurt the man who spends his life working on his honor. It is the slimiest form of rotten tomato that only hurts the impeccable. Feinstein is a slime ball.
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