Oh, honey. Y’all KNOW how I feel about gatekeeping, right?

Here is an example of it in the #ActuallyAutistic community. This needs to stop.

People say if you’re self-dx’ed OBVIOUSLY you’re not really autistic/don’t know about ableism, or else you’d be dx’ed. First of all 1/
Ableism is, often, the EXACT REASON we don’t have a formal dx. That and other forms of bigotry.

So many of us were labeled as “problem children” instead of getting the dx & supports we needed in school. This is esp true of those of use who were born before ~ 1995...2/
...as well as those who are not white and AMAB. Socioeconomics plays into it a lot, as well.

Not that it matters, but some of us have actually experienced MORE ableism than some formally dx’ed folks. A lot of us are misdiagnosed with stuff that carries horrible stigma. 3/
Bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline...this is especially true of certain POC, women, & poor folx. Because of the ableism that says autistics are white boys.

Despite showing textbook autistic struggles in school, I was labeled “socially re*arded”, punished for my meltdowns...4/
...& eventually dx’ed bipolar (which may or may not be true, but it ain’t the whole story).

My partner, despite being textbook autistic, was dx’ed schizophrenic IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, sent to segregated education, & horribly abused. But we don’t understand ableism?? 🙄🙄🙄 5/
A lot of us don’t have the privilege of getting a formal dx. But we have studied autism & have found great insight into ourselves & have found people like us in the autistic community.

Gatekeepers are trying to deprive us of community support. It’s ableism & it’s traumatic. 7/
(That should’ve been 6, sorry)
Gatekeeping in most cases is fueled by internalized bigotry and just plain hatefulness. It serves no goddamn purpose and causes so much trauma.

Being autistic isn’t about having some pedigree- having an allistic doctor’s stamp of approval. 7/
Being autistic isn’t about how much or what type of oppression we have personally experienced, either, because that will vary a lot depending on our specific circumstances. Being autistic is about self-discovery, finding community, & coming together to fight ableism. 9/
(I’m fucking up my numbering hardcore. Whatever. I’m upset.)

Gatekeeping is a negation of everything that the autistic community should stand for.

Self-dx’ed people are WELCOME in MY #ActuallyAutistic community. Gatekeepers are not. I don’t want that toxicity in my space. 9/
If, for whatever reason, someone self-dx’es and is not #ActuallyAutistic?? That doesn’t affect me. As long as they are not ableist & get comfort & self-knowledge from the label...I mean...identifying with autistic traits is what being autistic *is*, so.
I’d say self-dx’ed people who go thru the formal dx process and are told they aren’t...we all know how biased and uncertain the dx process is, right? It’s more likely the dx was faulty.

And it doesn’t. Even. Matter.

Self dx is valid. Period. /rant
Also wanna point out this person I QT’ed is extremely toxic so watch out.

One of those who thinks being ND is special snowflake syndrome...unless of course it’s them. Because they are obviously the specialist snowflake of all, & everyone else is a faker.

• • •

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