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1.) Okay, the jabroni in these photos - note the identical ear and eyebrow shape in both - is an @Boston_FS member called "Chest." His real name is Trevor Carey, and he lives in the Stoughton, MA area, formerly Shrewsbury. And he's bad news. But there's SO. MUCH. MORE. <thread>
2.) P.S. On the left in that photo above is Chris Hood (red hat) from @PatriotFront_ and on the right is @Resist_Marxism's Mark Sahady (grey hat), btw. Even a random photo will show you how connected these groups are.
3.) The tl;dr-- Trevor is a violent racist, he carries a concealed handgun and knife to protests, he's been arrested for pulling a gun on a protester, and he's a believer in "MGTOW," which the @SPLCenter has classed as a "hateful ideology advocating for the subjugtion of women."
4.) First, we're going to go through some evidence linking Trevor Carey to a series of sock accounts, and then we're going to talk about how misogyny and toxic masculinity bring men to fascism. This is *critical*. Without feminism, there is no antifascism.
5.) Trevor Carey was also the guy who ran the fake "North Shore Antifa" YouTube account. You can listen to the voice in those and in Chest Guy videos to compare. Left is a still image of him from the YouTube, right is Trevor from an old dating profile. Same eyes and eyebrows.
6.) Here he is fully unmasked after the 8/4 rally in Providence, still wearing his Boston Free Speech shirt and white rope backpack.
7.) At protests, he typically wears a backpack with rope straps crossed over his chest. He's got two that we've seen, so far-- the white straps, and another one with neon green highlights. And he's almost always got a camera with him, too.
8.) He posts some of the videos he takes on his YouTube channel, "Chest Guy MGTOW." CW: Here he is threatening to sexually assault a couple of protesters at the March for Our Lives back in March:
9.) And here he is harassing another protester at the March for Our Lives. CW extremely graphic threats of sexual assault:
10.) We're going to get to the MGTOW part of his channel in a second, but listen up-- he carries a concealed handgun with him to @Boston_FS's protests. At a BFS rally in August 2017, he was arrested for pulling a gun on a Black counterprotester:…
11.) And here's an article that mentions his name:…
12.) Just for context-- here's @Boston_FS member Trevor Carey's Reddit account, u/TheChestGuy, posting on r/racewarpreppers. He thinks we're in the middle of a race war. If the cops had bothered to investigate Trevor, they could have made the case that it was a hate crime.
13.) Here's a picture from June 2. See that bulge on his right hip? That's a concealed handgun (see the next tweet).
14.) Look closely at some of the pictures and footage from past protests. In this video still from June 2, 2018, you can clearly see a bulge on his right hip. That distinctive L shape is a handgun.
15.) And here's Trevor on August 18, 2018. Again, see the bulge on his right hip? (And if you zoom in, you can see he's got a knife clipped to his pocket, too.)
16.) And here's Trevor counterprotesting the May Day celebrations in Boston. The bulge here lacks the L-distinct shape, but he's definitely armed with something like a large knife or pepper spray.
17.) At 2:22 in this video (from the June 30 anti-ICE Keep Families Together protests), Trevor tries to charge some protesters and has to be pushed back by a cop. Watch his right hand:
18.) I made a GIF of it. Watch Trevor's right hand. As he goes to confront the cop, his right hand springs to his right hip. Even as he gesticulates wildly with his left, his right hand is rigid directly above his right hip. @Boston_FS, @WeirdLittleBro, what is he reaching for?
19.) What we know about Trevor Carey so far-- he's masked, he's armed, posts on r/racewarpreppers, and he keeps his hand on his gun when he's talking to cops. But he also runs a Twitter and YouTube channel dedicated to misogyny.
20.) This is him, as "Chest Guy MGTOW":…
21.) The videos are mostly about him being angry. Like in this video, where he sets up a fake Craigslist account looking to hire a sex worker. He's absolutely infuriated that a worker would try to negotiate the price and/or work conditions:
22.) You can listen to Trevor rant about not being a "slave" to women here:
23.) So what is "MGTOW"? It's short for "Men Going Their Own Way," one of the handful of loose groups that the @SPLCenter has classed as "male supremacy":…
24.) We don't talk about the links between fascism and patriarchy enough. But there's substantial ideological and material links between white nationalists, white supremacists, and men's rights activists.
25.) First, the ideology-- the birthright entitlement, the biological determinism, the subspeciation of anyone outside their group, the disingenous victimhood at the hands of the state (or the wider culture), etc. This explainer goes into it:…
26.) Tactically, too. #GamerGate, an explosion of male rage, was a testing ground for the tactics now used by the far-right. White cis male gamers positing themselves as victims, the suspicion of the mainstream media outlets, doxxing, harassment, etc. It's all there.
27.) One of the YouTube personalities who became famous during #GamerGate was Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin. He was a men's rights activist. He still does that, but lately, he's started talking about theories of racial intelligence. Eugenics, basically.
28.) @datasociety just put out a report by Rebecca Lewis, "Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the reactionary right on YouTube," tracing the ties between mainstream conservative pundits and open white nationalists like Richard Spencer:…
29.) As you can see from diagram above-- from the excellent @datasociety report-- Sargon stands right in the middle, serving to connect the optics-minded alt-lite with the open white nationalists of the alt-right.
30.) For the argument in a nutshell, @Kotaku had a good interview with Rebecca Lewis, the author of the report, yesterday:…
31.) In fact, here's Sargon himself palling around with @WeirdLittleBro, which is John Medlar's new Twitter handle since I exposed his fascist ties. In April, Medlar organized a Proud Boys rally in Concord, MA, with Sargon as a speaker:
32.) @Boston_FS gets along with Sargon because they serve largely the same purpose he does. They're an umbrella organization that serves to connect the disparate parts of the far right.
33.) @Boston_FS connects the misogynistic MGTOWs like Trevor Carey with the white supremacist @PatriotFront_ members like Chris Hood and Matt Smaller and Proud Boys like John Medlar.
34.) How much more will it take to convince the media that @Boston_FS is a hate group? Hey, @WeirdLittleBro, why is everyone you know a Nazi?
35.) And hey, @Patreon-- can you cancel Trevor Carey's Patreon? He is literally using it just to make videos about what the @SPLCenter calles a "hate ideology":
36.) </thread> Tagging some folks now that might appreciate this. If you'd RT and tag some of your friends, I'd appreciate it. @Boston_DSA @RIagainsth8 @ElmCityAntifa
37.) Also, fuck it-- let's tag in @thechestguy, watch him piss his jeans about getting ID'd.
38.) And if you liked this, check out some other threads I've done exposing Boston-area fash, like last week, when I exposed @Boston_FS member Matt Smaller as a white supremacist:…
39.) Or when I exposed the fascist connections of @WeirdLittleBro, aka John Medlar:…
40.) Or when Matt Smaller tried to intimidate me with a fake account after I exposed him, and then he ran away to go piss his jeans:…
41.) Anyway, it's been fun exposing some fascists from @Boston_FS today. Stick around for next week-- I'll be coming after @Resist_Marxism, showing off their ties to violent white supremacists.

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