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@BetoORourke calls for putting partisanship aside and to bringing people together. #TexasSenateDebate
Ted Cruz claims religious liberty is under assault. Yes - for atheists, Muslims, etc #TexasSenateDebate
@BetoORourke lists Federal Judges that are not qualified that GOP has put through to push their agenda. #TexasSenateDebate

Also Texas is 50th for voter turnout.
Ted Cruz is pretending that he doesn't want a court that doesn't impose his wants and realities.
@BetoORourke explains the difference of Senate and House regarding Supreme Court nominees to Ted Cruz.

Beto definitively says he is not opposed to the 2nd amendment.

Ted Cruz keeps tying Beto to Hillary Clinton using misogynistic dog whistles. #TexasSenateDebate
Per @BetoORourke weapons of war don't belong at our concerts, churches, or schools.

Ted gives thoughts and prayers to Santa Fe HS - paraphrase.

Ted claims that Santa Fe students that just survived shooting didn't think gun control was the answer.

@BetoORourke talks about teacher of 29 years/marksman. Bringing weapons into classrooms wouldn't have saved their lives.

Ted wants to HARDEN our schools. #TexasSenateDebate
Ted is reminded of how he and his family were debased by Trump in the 2016 election cycle by moderator.

Ted reminds people of how he participated in #GOPTaxscam


I now know there are 28 million people in Texas.
@BetoORourke would like to know where Ted was during Helsinki summit, the trade war, invasion of Russia into out democracy.

We are still a nation of laws.

Ted says Democrats are consumed with hating Trump.

yeah, okay

@BetoORourke asked about DUI, did not try and leave the scene of the crime. Was given a 2nd chance. Acknowledges white privilege and second chance he was afforded.

Brings up challenges faces by African Americans in this country. Wants criminal justice reform. #TexasSenateDebate
Ted brings up that Beto wants marijuana legalization.

Fentanyl is legal, Ted.

Beto says he doesn't want to legalize heroin and cocaine.

Ted against debating the legalization of narcotics. Against debate?

Uses older sister's overdose to hit home something that Beto has said the he is already against now. #TexasSenateDebate
Ted pushes that @PolitiFact is a left leaning source, making life hell for all Twitter users trying to get people to not spout fake news.

Ted refuses to acknowledge that Trump has torpedoed the ACA. Lies and says they are going to protect pre-existing conditions.
@BetoORourke people that are medically complex are just as worthy to live as everyone else. Expand medicaid for Texas.

Cruz says that pre-existing conditions should be protected. GOP plans do not back that up.

Ted says the S word Socialized Medicine. #TexasSenateDebate
@BetoORourke brings up the trade war with allies - Canada.

Ted - Free trade. Says he told Trump that we should be expanding access to foreign markets. I don't think Trump listens to Ted. Repeatedly talked to Trump.

Beto has asked for impeachment. (Good)
Ted pushes the Beto is far left narrative.

Beto says he will work with whomever he needs to do better for this country, talks about veterans.

Ted claims that he represents Texas values,

Ted talks about the "hard left" filled with hatred for Trump. Doesn't he want us to be hardened like the schools? 😑

Ted trying to say that Beto is farther left than Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi.

Is he campaigning for @BetoORourke?

Ted spent more time in Iowa than Texas.

Ted tries to makes fun of @BetoORourke for getting out and meeting with the people of Texas.

Ted lists cities in Texas to prove he is still familiar with the state.

Ted just dropped George Soros. 😂😂😂😂😂

@BetoORourke brings up tax bill - for corporations, written by corporations.

Beto thinks there should be affordable community college, pre-K, invest in broadband internet.

Believes in communities and people, not corporations.

Ted was stalking Beto in El Paso, I guess
Beto balanced budget each year of 6 years on El Paso City Council.

Beto talks about having employees and how he had to make payroll everyone.
Beto says that he thinks Ted Cruz wants to do what is best and that he sacrifices time with his family. Ted says same about Beto. Ted calls Beto passionate - digs at expanding government and higher taxes, brings up socialism

Beto: "True to form."

Ted final thoughts: blah, blah, Bernie Sanders, socialism, doesn't understand what Medicare for All means, brings up the false narrative of open borders, talks about people leaving CA (CA = BAD)

Texas still has 28 million people.

Beto- thanks everyone that made debate possible, for citizens that he has met with.

This country is not founded on fear, but courage, imagination, and unstoppable determination

They are running FOR the country.

County jail system is #1 provider of mental health in Texas
Thanks the people for encouraging him and inspiring him
10/9 Registration deadline in Texas


h/t to @KarlieCaliforn1 for tweeting that the debate was on.

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Sep 5, 2018
I was 17 the first time I was raped.

I didn't say anything to anyone. It wasn't like I put up a FIGHT. I just said, "No" then everything happened so fast and I didn't know what to do.

Actions were happening faster than my brain could process it.
I didn't remember anyone telling me how to say No - to someone you knew. Someone that was friendly.

We learned self defense in physical education. They separated the girls from the boys in HS PE. I have a vague recollection of how to shove someone's nose into their brain.
I was raised by a woman that was raised to think that her position relative to a man was important.

When a boyfriend and I broke up, she would ask me what I did wrong. It is only from the perspective of adulthood that I saw she was doing what she was socialized to do...
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Jul 27, 2018
Let's play a game.

Which numbers would tell us more about how Americans are *really* doing than the unemployment percentage?


It's About Americans, Stupid... 📉
How about the number of American families that are struggling to make ends meet? 50 million…
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Jul 2, 2018
Whenever progressives speak up for refugees, the GOP pushes the propaganda that we don't care about the impoverished people of the United States.

We do care. We care a lot and the things that we advocate for proves that.

(Thread) /1
Living Wage reduces poverty. Although in every conservative article, it will say the opposite. Of course it does! It never occurs to them that workers should make more instead of the 1% getting more wealthy off their workers' backs. /2…
Healthcare for All means that families aren’t going into bankruptcy to save their family members from the treatment of medical issues. /3…
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Jun 18, 2018
When Trump said he would make Mexico pay for the wall, we all assumed he meant with money. ~paraphrasing @pru_fallows

Trump is making the children and parents of Central American families seeking asylum pay for his wall in anguish, grief, and sorrow.
Trump is hoping to exchange sorrow for money to build his wall. The wall that has been proven in studies to be ineffective and costly.…

So now the exorbitant cost of his wall is no longer just monetary.
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May 14, 2018
"The enemy of my enemy" is a phrase that no longer works in our current world order. The enemy of my enemy is probably still an enemy and with Donald at the helm, those who used to actually be our "friends" no longer rely on the US. /1

The USA, China, and Russia have had a complicated past. Add in Donald's personal conflicts into the issues affecting the country and it gets messy, fast.

USA withdraws from the TPP, which helps Russia, China, Japan /2…
China gives Donald & Ivanka provisional patents after he supports One China Policy (and withdraws from TPP) (2/2017). This specifically helps the Trumps, and few others. /3…
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Apr 22, 2018
With or without humans, the Earth will still continue. It might not be the home we recognize it as, but it will continue. If we don't care for our home, we are making it uninhabitable for OURSELVES and the biosystem which sustains our lives as we know it. 1/8
With or without humans, the Earth will still follow the known laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. An Earth with unchecked levels of greenhouse gasses will continue to rise in temperature. 2/8…
The shift in weather patterns, growing seasons, rise in sea level, decrease in clean drinking water, emergence of diseases laid dormant in permafrost now melting, doesn't care if you believe in climate change or not. 3/8…
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