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Know what people don't realize? The consequences that come with labeling someone, something they're not. Even if #Kavanaugh is proven innocent, the label itself will stick with him the rest of his life.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my situation.....cont.
When I was 12. Maybe 13. I had one good friend that I hung out with. Day In and Day Out. We were inseparable. He stayed with me, I stayed with him. For some reason, even though he was the one who was considered the "bad kid", his parents never really liked me.....cont.
He got in trouble at a young age and was sent away. To where, I've never known. His little brother, a couple years younger, used to get bullied all the time. While my friend was away, I stuck around and protected the little brother. Even stayed and hung out a couple times...cont.
One night while playing Sega, (yes, that long ago) His Mom come bursting through the door, threatening to kill me, threatening to to have me arrested and beat up, etc. For what at the time, I had absolutely no clue. I was scared with nowhere to run....cont.
I remembered that we used to jump from the bedroom window, to the parch awning next door. We did it as one of those "If you do it, I'll do it". I ran home and never went back. Few days go by and there's a Card left in my door from a Detective....cont.
My Mom calls and talks for a good while. Few weeks later, I'm sitting in the office of Susan Mortakis (Juvenile Judge), being questioned about that night. Supposedly at that time, I was being blamed for sexually assaulting my friends baby sister, who was still....cont.
in diapers. They decided it was in my "best interest", to be enrolled in to a youth services program, just down the street from me. There, I was questioned, given tests, asked about school, home, hobbies, crushes, etc. Still unsure of what was going to happen to me....cont.
Shortly after and even during my time at the service center, I had Adults and Classmates labeling me as a "Child Molester". This was 20yrs ago. Do the math and that makes me 33 now. Back then, I was chased, bullied, made fun of, insulted, threatened (Even by Adults).....cont.
This was during my middle school years. It wasn't until High School that I found out that my friends Dad was the one sexually assaulting that little girl. But by that time, nobody listened. Nobody believed me. Always made out to be a "Child Molester". Again, I'm 33 now....cont.
I don't attend ANYTHING locally. Fairs, Sporting Events, Car Shows, Concerts, etc. Every where I go in my city, I have to look over my shoulder, because to this day and to most of the people I grew up with, I am to them, some kind of monster. Every relationship....cont.
I've been in over the last 2 Decades, If there were children involved or around, I've had to re-tell this story, just so these new people in my life wouldn't think differently of me if someone found out and told them otherwise. To my old classmates and others in my city....cont.
for the last 2 decades, I've been nothing more than a child molester to them. No Court Hearing, No Private Testimony, No Juvenile Record, Nothing. This is the type of shit people like @SenSchumer and @Alyssa_Milano can't grasp....cont.
If you're labeling someone and considering them guilty before being proven innocent, the outcome could produce lifelong consequences. Depression, Anxiety, Job Loss, Distant Relationships, Fear, Paranoia, etc. This shit isn't a game. I live with this. All because of who I....cont.
chose to be friends with as a young kid. I have my own daughter now, who just turned 11 not long ago. Know how hard it is and how bad it hurts, that I have to decline going to school plays or other special events? Daddy/Daughter Dances are out of the question.....cont.
Local Movie Theaters, Public Pools, Skating Rinks, Festivals, Concerts. It's definitely not because I don't want to go. It's because I fear for not only my safety, but for hers as well, because I was Guilty until Proven Innocent 20yrs Ago. Because of Slander and Lies....cont.
Because some sick bastard couldn't stop himself from sexually assaulting a young female who was still in diapers! Nobody believed me then and after 20yrs of Rumors, Even less people believe me now. This "Guilty until Proven Innocent" shit has to stop!....cont.
This shit comes with life long consequences. I know. I'm living proof! #IStandWithBrett because I know exactly how he's feeling right now. Being of accused of horrible and unthinkable acts, wondering what's gonna happen, how long this will last.....cont.
Wondering what he did to deserve this, etc. It really is a shame that so many people are so quick to assume he's guilty already. What the #Democrats have been putting people through lately is absolutely vile. They have no care for anyone but themselves....cont.
and they've proven that to be true, day in and day out. I'm hoping some of you actually read all of this to get a better understanding of what your actions could actually do to peoples lives! @SenFeinstein @SenBlumenthal @SenKamalaHarris @SenBooker @HillaryClinton @Alyssa_Milano

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