An intellectual Turing test is when a person on the right tries to pass for a person on the left, or vice versa. We have long observed that most rightists can pass an intellectual Turing test, and most leftists can’t
This is not because of any innate tendencies, but because the consequences of failing the test are asymmetrical. My honest views on most topics could make my professional life very difficult
Some leftists hear this and accuse me of whining, but it’s just a sober assessment of the tactical landscape. Adapt or perish. On the left, when you lose to your enemy, it's their fault for being wicked. On the right, it's yours for being careless.
Hide your power level until it’s so great they can’t stop you and then, ONLY then, do you impose your values. Until then flash that #resistance gang sign IRL.
Your public face should be indistinguishable from an NPC. Post CNN stories to Facebook. Complain about Drumpf to your coworkers. Resist the urge to have small arguments along ideological lines
If a leftist is a communist in her free time, or an activist (activism is inherently left), she can display it proudly, even at her job, even to accolades from her employer
We all know the game, but one of the rules is you don’t explain it too clearly. Suffice it to say that many right wing views provide enough lawsuit leverage that no company will bother defending you
That’s why when you argue with a leftist on twitter, they are so fixated on your anonymity. If they knew your name they could hurt you. They can reveal their names freely, of course.
That should tell you everything you need to know about the allocation of political power in the West, but in the leftist mind, they are eternally the underdog, the resistance against an evil empire
“But isn’t this just an ‘underdog-ism’ of the right?” Why is it that only one side is anonymous in this war? Oh we’re cowards? And what are we running from? The “powerless” underdogs?
The political formula of democracy is that the consent of the governed gives legitimacy to the rulers, but it should be abundantly obvious, regardless of your alignment, that consent of the governed is secreted by the organs of memetic control
I often hear people observe that we live under "capitalism" instead of "communism", and this is somehow evidence of the right's political ascendance, but they are playing dumb, because the real vectors of left wing thought are in the memetic and socio-sexual sphere
Whatever leftism is, political entropy or metastasis of egalitarianism or merely a stubborn refusal to understand markets, it has for the moment turned its attentions from financial redistribution (easy to quantify, hard to move) to social status redistribution (nebulous, easier)
They control, if you'll pardon the idiom, the "memes of production", and on the right, we need to sieze them, which is partly why I write fiction. We have to create stories that are not explicitly political, but that are built on our worldview
At the same time we have to unroll the Gramscian march, and we do that by counter-marching, in both the private and the public sphere. Your scrappy blockchain-distributed alt-zine is never going find the audience of a major news network
You can't just kick the Overton window back into place, you have to steer it slowly, and you do that by being a publisher, an editor, a person who works in media. Dye your hair purple for camouflage and make every tiny decision you can to fight leftwing mind control
The truth is they're afraid of us. Scientific inquiry unchained from dogma reveals the emptiness and the nakedness of their idealism. They can't win with facts, only with feelings and censorship
Their fear is in large part unfounded; because they fail the intellectual turing test, they think we want for them what they want for us. In the leftist mind, we are evil, and we should be cast out of society, our assets should be taken, and we should be forcibly "re-educated"
I don't think leftists are evil, or even stupid, but I do think they are motivated by resentment and envy, and that they lack self-awareness of this, which is why they believe their lust for power is compassion. You might call this the human condition
I want to live in a world of personal responsibility. I want to live in a world where the smart and the strong provide leadership and live exemplary lives. The left wants to destroy all notions of superiority; No shepherd, and one herd!
On the left they think that any acknowledgement of inferiority leads directly to extermination camps: that's leftist morality. Murder the inferior! Everyone must be the same and everyone who isn't must die.
The right, unlike the left, is actually capable of accomodating difference, as long as that difference is ordered, and behaves in an orderly way. Hierarchy should appeal to all people in all classes because everyone has a place.
When leftists talk incessantly about death camps they reveal THEIR morality: the elimination of all differences between people using any means necessary.
Equality can never be satisfied until it is total equality.

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Oct 9, 2018
Yesterday I was reading about the ideas of Girard. His first big idea is mimetic desire: when you look for the source of your desires you find that most of them are imitative; you desire them because you see other people desiring them
Mimetic rivalry: If you have a mentor or a leader, you ape his desires, and especially because he is above you, he becomes a model for mimetic desire. This converts him into a rival, a competitor
We particularly emulate the desires of men of high status, men who are famous or powerful. By desiring the things they desire, we try to become like them.
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Oct 6, 2018
I have been asking myself, what, precisely, is the dark enlightenment? As with most names of ideas in our strange little corner of the world, the name has a certain cringey edgelordy quality, much like the words “cringey” and “edgelordy”
On top of that it’s an oxymoron, made possible only by the fact that the word “enlightenment” has lost all metaphorical valence. But nonetheless it captures something important
The enlightenment thinkers were theorists, and to take some license, the people who put their ideas into practice, men such as Robespierre and Jefferson, were engineers
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Oct 4, 2018
Let’s take a little break, let’s have some lighter fare; video games.
But first, my brethren, let us pray:
Oh lord, if it means having a house and a steady job and 2.5 kids in a heteropatriarchally normative society, then please please please turn me into an NPC
I made free to play mobile games professionally for a number of years, and as a child I did almost nothing but game. These are my qualifications. I didn’t write this out of antipathy to gamers, I was only able to write it because I used to be one
Despite no one anywhere being able to offer a cogent definition of art, no other medium of entertainment struggles with this question the way games do: Are video games art?
Related question: is golf a sport? Is cocaine?
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Oct 2, 2018
Nietzsche was the first and greatest Feminist! Truly! I will reveal this truth to you now. Who could forget the opening line of Beyond Good and Evil, wherein the old philologist says it plainly: SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman--what then?
That Nietzsche himself goes on to speak from a masculine perspective in no way detracts from his feminism, for he was the progenitor of all of "postmodern" thought, and without him there could have been no Foucault, or Derrida, or Deleuze
Postmodern--that much maligned word, which is clumsy because it refers to the attempts of men to articulate a fundamentally FEMININE way of being; for thousands of years philosophy had been an exclusively male endeavor, because its territory was the wild frontier
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Sep 29, 2018
The truth is sexuality is everywhere: the way a bureaucrat fondles his records, a judge administers justice, a businessman causes money to circulate; the way the bourgeoisie fucks the proletariat; and so on. Flags, nations, armies, and banks get a lot of people aroused.
The libido does not need to be de-sexualised, sublimated, or to go by way of metamorphoses in order to invest economic or political factors. --D&G
It is a very surreal moment to me, watching the past few days. What shall be sacred going forward? Can we really pretend to be above this spectacle, when it is so intimately bound up in the turning of life and death?
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Sep 27, 2018
Any time you draw a line, someone will accuse you of reductionism. "It's not a binary, man, it's a spectrum". My models allow for gradients of being, but when people play the binary/spectrum game, they aren't seeking clarity, they're seeking blurriness
Anti-reductionism fits with the "man the sly rule bender" hypothesis. Too much clarity makes hypocrisy too difficult, and we instinctively seek room for hypocrisy, it's the water in which we swim. Unprincipled exceptions are good, they are vital atom of social order
An attack on reductionist thinking is an attack on clarity. There is no difference between understanding and "reduction", because reduction removes mystery, and people crave mystery, because they crave ambiguity, see above.
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