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Random word fun while comfortably numb

All the things you denied w All the things you denied were ever happening
are now falling at your feet in piles and heaps
You said it wasn’t & isn’t true
what was being pushed from the wave to the left of you,
Everyday you exclaimed fake news fake news!
But now whatever shall you say?
Children ripped from mothers arms because of the color of their skin & land of origin...
taken in their sleep to bathe in gas like the boy in striped pajamas again

You justified it...

Beautiful brown skin harassed & murdered by all the angry white skin
for simply being
audacious enough
to be brown while simultaneously being... human while at home, or even picnicking,
selling lemonade, being at work
or maybe wearing a hoodie walking down the street.

And YOU justified it
Gender undefined or redefined ..:does it really matter that much?
Did anyone ask you to do it or be it or if you could be touched?
If not, who are you to care what they do at home?
But your judgement likes to be insidious
& it likes to roam
Beyond your own home
& laced with the toxic & the bittersweet
of “do as I say... but not
just like me!”

& how about kids dying at schools
or people in church or even at concerts?
All mowed down by hate & baby killing AKKKs,
& did you mourn them? oh yes yes yes! you say...
Thoughts & prayers & buy MORE guns son
because those white mass murderers weren’t “our kind of Christians”

We need good guys with guns to save our friends!

All while more Christian gun toting men
kill women & kids
The wealthy with their , jewels & over-combed hair
wearing coats into hell that scream the singular truth in the air
they have openly stated “I really don’t care”
while the poor starve & die alone...
it’s damn near xrated ya know?

& you justify it ALL it seems
Claims to make it great again
have brought so much hate, pain, & death again
& yet you all cheered & screamed in ecstasy
as he took a stage & boys flashed signs that said “OK” you see?

How can you justify it?

You claim a Christian god of love
but you add your Orwellian twist
of pigs being more important than the rest. While you spew hate for anyone who isn’t “your own”
because you claim your God only meant you & yours alone.
You get angry when you’re called racist, bigot, or sellout
but you do nothing to prove that it’s false.
You support & defend these acts & crying out “Maga!” Boss
But all that proves you ARE the shit you defend
A brainwashed magat To the end
So when it all plays out, the music dies & party’s over
where will you stand?
With politicians in prison who lied to your face?
Or will you wake up & make up & rejoin the human race?
Until that day, I’m sure your party will be all the rage

but..I just gotta ask....

does your mom know you were proud to elect a prez that rapes?

What does it feel like to hate so many
all based on beliefs of the previously angry?
Who do you think told you the stories you believe? The 2000 year prepping of your “Christian” history?

All collected and edited by fallible men in history
They wrote & rewrote rules to fit their agenda and their “needs”
God never said women are less
but the men who wrote the book made them
as a form of control like they are just some birthing cattle
They told stories of fear to keep the believing
Thinking they must behave to avoid their demons
When all along God shook her head & said
You’re just a universal speck of dust blowing in the wind

You won’t have an afterlife there is no room for YOU

Go on, Get mad, stomp your feet & deny deny
But we aren’t blind
to the truths of yours & mine
your continued support hides something darker & more sinister.

And you’re about to be crushed by patriots & reSisters

And you’re blinded by Q & a red X.
But in the end you’ll learn & maybe even feel regret
But by then it will simply be too late.

Like having Stalin to dinner
Just to hear him say
“oops My bad, I’m on your side, pass a plate!”
It doesn’t work that way. Not anymore.
The time for waking was yesterday...long before.

But now today you can only know
When those end times come
don’t be surprised you’re all alone


• • •

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Aug 8, 2018
@CarmineSabia Umm.

I hate to have to do this. I will try to make it painless.


She has been lesbian for well over a decade at least

And what does it matter if characters are gay or straight or black or white or male or female. Even IF they were rewrites?
@CarmineSabia What about the changes bother you? Not ENOUGH testosterone heavy Caucasian heroes left for liking?

why is that?

Do you not have enough “White...Male...Power” in the real world?

Must you have it fully take over the fictional world?

If not, maybe you’d fit in here:
@CarmineSabia Maybe you are just angry because you’re a “Purist”. You like these fictional shows to stay fictional white washed and singular to the original target demographic?

Ok. Sure. I can see that. Pure unadulterated original pieces of white male leads. Any other requests?
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Jul 26, 2018

@OrangeSparrow suffers from such a pathological case of Narcissism, he truly believes that he is popular, believed, and beloved.

He also believes his base “The poorly educated” that he loves, enjoys regularly stirred bullshit koolaid specials.
He forgets that only 3 days ago he reminded us how great his meeting was with Putin.

He also forgets that we have receipts

For example...where his champion Putzskiya clearly states Russia has live for Trump and want him to win and asked his own govt to interecede (You know... that pesky interference that Twitler can’t seem to decide did or didn’t....would or wouldn’t happen
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