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The original #ChristineFordLetter is out and I have some questions .... let’s break this fucker down... I’m going to start at the beginning with my questions. Please feel free to add your own.

Let’s hit it...

“Maintain confidence until we have further opportunity to speak”.

Feinstein has indicated she was asked to keep the letter confidential... period. This statement indicates confidentiality until the two speak. So when did they speak and what was said?

“...high school in the early 1980’s”

She doesn’t give a definite year and Feinstein doesn’t question that?

She’s specific about Kavanaughs “close friend” but vague on details of time, place, the name of his school, his age. This is her first official “victim statement”....
she’s been waiting 36 years to tell this....she can’t remeber anything but names?

“.....a gathering that included me and 4 others”.
Why not name everyone in attendance? Who’s house was it? What was the reason for the gathering? Had she met any of them before? What time of day? Did she drive or walk? Was there food? Was this a date?

Was there a bathroom on the first floor? Had she been to the house before? How did she know there was a bathroom on the second floor? Was Kavanaugh & Judge already upstairs? Did she know they were upstairs when she went upstairs?

How did he allegedly push her? Did he use both hands? Where did he touch her when he pushed her? What was her response? Did she scream then? Did she ask for help then?

“They” locked the door? Kavanaugh & Judge locked the door together? What was she doing when they locked the door? Did she scream? Where was she? Who turned on the music? Where was everyone in the room when the music was “played”?

What was the music “played” on? What music was played? Where was she in the room when she tried to scream? Where were the other two? Where was the device the music was played on in the room in relation to the door? What did she yell?

When did Kavanaugh allegedly get on top of her? Was he on top of her the entire time at this point? How was he positioned? Where were her hands? Were they fully on the bed or partially on the bed? If partially how?

Describe how Judge “periodically jumped on Kavanaugh”. What did she do when this happened? How many times did it happen?

How was he trying to disrobe her? Was he using both hands? What was she wearing? Was there buttons? Where were her hands? How does she know they were inebriated? Had she seen them drinking? How many drinks? How long were they drinking?

Had she been drinking? How long had she been in the house when she went to the bathroom?

Which hand was over her mouth? If he had one hand on her mouth and was undressing her with the other, where were her hands?

“From across the room”. But she said Judge was “Jumping” on how far was he “across the room”? Which side of the room. This indicates Judge was not holding her hands so she should’ve had two free hands... what was she doing?

What was Kavanaughs response to the statements Judge was making?

“At one point”... how long had they been in the room? What was the state of her clothes? Which side of the bed did they fall onto? Which side of the bed was the door? Where was she when they “scrapped”? Did they fall to the floor? Describe scrapped.

How many other times had she tried to get away? How? How long had they been in the room at this point? What kind of lock was on the door? You said “the pile toppled” and now “I got up” so did you topple with the “pile”? Where were the other two?

Did they follow her to the bathroom? How long was she in the bathroom? What did she do in the bathroom? Did Judge & Kavanaugh talk while she was in the bathroom? What was said?

What kind of lock was on the door?

How were they being loud? What were they saying? She said it was her and “4 others”.... where were the other 2 when this occurred? Who were Judge/Kav talking with downstairs? How long were you in the bathroom?

How long was she in the bathroom? Where was the door in relation to the stairs? How did she get home? Where were the others? What time of day is it now? Did she have a curfew? Where did her parents think she was? Was it a weekend or week day?

What year did she see Judge? Describe “extremely uncomfortable”. What kind of car did she have? What kind of car did he have? What is she get there? Did she mention the assault? What was the conversation? Did he remember her?

Who was the local official? How did she contact them? What did she say? What was she told to do? Was she told to scrub her social media? When did she do that?

She was “currently” vacationing... she wrote this on vacation? When did the vacation start? Was it planned or spur of the moment? Who did she travel with? When did the local finial get back with her? How did she get to the “mid-Atlantic”? Where was she?
As a side note.... twitter locked my account 6 times when I was trying to post that thread. #StopTheBias #TheLeftIsACrimeSyndicate @ChuckGrassley I hope you’re happy that you played their game. @GOP #ConfirmKavanaughNow #ConfirmKavanaughMonday
I was thinking ... did anyone say anything to her as she exited the house? Did anyone follow her? Did anyone ask her the next day why she left? Did she say anything on the way out? What was the state of her clothes?

• • •

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