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There are some women who get pregnant and don’t want the child for whatever reason (financial instability, maturity, mental illnesses, life endeavors, etc...) and i feel like abortion is an option that shouldn’t be frowned upon.
Ofcourse, there are many people that believe abortion is murder and that you’re going against god’s will or way or whatever. But i honestly feel like it’s not god’s will for a child to be born to starve, or to get abused or neglected.
On another note, there are people that feel like if you aren’t ready to have a child then don’t have sex. And as logical as that may sound... it’s foolishness. Sex is a pleasurable act. Sometimes you don’t want to have sex to procreate. Simple.
Every person you have sex with is not a parent. Parenting is a tough job and in some cases, people can barely take care of themselves. So why would you force a woman to birth a child that she’s not ready to care for? At this point you’re just making things worse.
By forcing a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want, you’re putting her in a state of mind where she feels she has no control over her body. She may not be financially ready and the partner may not even want to be with her in the long run.
In order to understand this you’ll have to be open minded and know how free will works. If not, you won’t get it. In other words #prochoice

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Aug 23, 2018
I hate how some men think women dress a certain way for them. For example, I pull into work today. There’s this guy that’s sweet on me or whatever. And i get outta my car and he gets outta his. We’re walking into the building and he sees my underwear peeking from my work pants.
(Keep in mind, I’m wearing tommy hilfigure boyshorts underwear)
[SN: i don’t fuck with tommy hilfigure like that.. the shits was on sale @ marshall’s.]
Anyway, this boy notices them & says. “You still wear little girl draws? Lemme getchu something a woman wears.” Like Excuse me?
Like... when i tell y’all. I was confused af. Because i, for one, didn’t even know my panties was showing to begin with. But when i did figure it out, it was too late. So I’m like nigga, i got thongs and shit but what makes you think i dress to please you? Like... the audacity.
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Aug 17, 2018
You’re up late at night scrolling on ig and this fine man that you didn’t know you followed appeared down your TL. His dark skin and chiseled jaw caught your eye but his miraculously carved body kept your gaze. You tap on his page and notice that there’s a photo of a young woman.
She’s cute, hair laid, clear skin, large eyes long lashes, and pouty lips... you read the caption below and it reads “I love her to the moon and back, i hope she never changes up on me 😘❤️”
“Damn... Ofcourse he got a girl 🙄“ you think to yourself.
But you go out on a limb anyway. You send him a dm “if she ever changes up, hml 😘” You know sending that dm was risky but who cares? Yeah... she might, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. You see that he’s online because he has the green bubble next to his icon.
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Jul 19, 2018
I remember i had this best friend my freshman year in highschool, her name was Alana. We were goofy AS THE FUCK. 😂😂💀 nothing else mattered more to us than cracking jokes.
I remember one time we both got put out of class for laughing too hard. It was in the middle of January, and i had a cold. I had that type of cold where if i coughed i couldn’t stop. And there was bit of a wheeze to it too. 🤣🤣 IT WAS BAD.
Anyway, my teacher had the class split up into groups and Ofcourse Alana and I were partners. We link up in the back of the class and instead of doing our work we joke out about stupid stuff. Eventually, we get our work done (not sure about accuracy).
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Jul 17, 2018
It’s my bitches 20th bday and i already know she gonna be misbehaving. Happy birthday boo! @suupahero
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Apr 8, 2018
Your MCM texted you @ 10am “Hey babe, imma be busy today, workin with my dad imma text you when I’m done”
You replied “okay baby, be safe, love you” thinking about how loyal and sweet your man is to let you know ahead of time that he’ll be busy all day.
Meanwhile, at 2 pm he posts a pic on his sc story of a menu at Olive Garden and you see freshly done acrylic nails across the table from him. Your nails are chipped and snaggly.
You text him “didn’t know your dad wore acrylics” he replies later that night at 3am “what?”
You text back immediately “that picture on your ig story... who was that girl across from you” you scurry back to the app to screenshot the pic and it’s gone.
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