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#DidYouKnow How Congress screwed @isro? #nambinarayanan

Sometime in 1994 there was rift brewing in the Kerala Congress

The then CM K Karunakaran’s son had insulted Ramesh Chennithala, G Karthikeyan and Shahnawaz (all members of the I group faction that Karunakaran led)
Another Congress Factional leader A K Antony (leader of the A group - rival faction in congress) was planning to topple Karunakaran to install himself as the chief minister.

His hitman for the Job was Oomen Chandy, the FM in the Karunakaran cabinet
If Antony had to replace, they had to make, Karunakaran a formidable leader fall big.

Karunakaran had the sworn allegiance of the most of the Police establishment in Kerala, whom he had a special liking to
One of Karunakaran’s blue eyed officers was IG Raman Srivastava an exceptionally talented officer with impeccable integrity.

But Raman Srivastava was on the cross-hairs or another officer DIG Siby Mathews, who was Oomen Chandys close confidant.
Siby Mathews knew that he could never be DGP if Raman Srivastava remained in the force & was out to sabotage Srivastava.

Hence the plan was to bring down Karunakaran by framing Srivastava.

Wolves were looking for the perfect opportunity. Any collateral damage was acceptable
This is when a Inspector Vijayan came across an good looking Maldivian lady Mariyam Rasheedha who had come to the commissioner office to get her Visa extended

Vijayan wanted “favours” from Mariyam & was promptly rebuked
Seemingly she told Vijayan, that I will complain to your IG
At another level IB additional director Rattan Sehgal who was later discharged for being a CIA mole was looking at sabotaging the Indigenous Cryogenic Engine program of ISRO being worked on at LPSC(Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre) Mahendragiri
Rattan Sehgal’s target were 2 scientists who were critical to the program, Nambi Narayanan & Shasi Kumar
He let his deputy RB Sreekumar into this conspiracy. Sreekumar was close to Antony faction of the Kerala Congress
>Was already part of Antony team to bring down Karunakaran
Does the name RB Sreekumar sound familiar?

Yes, the Addln. DGP Intelligence of Gujarat during 2002, who made false allegations against Modi on behalf of Congres Same RBS!
All pieces of the game were failing together for RBS, Siby & Antony faction. They knew this would be at the cost of the lives of 2 Maldivian women, an honest IPS officer & 2 top ISRO scientists who were heading a prestigious program for India.
India was denied cryogenic tech by the US under MTCR & even Russian’s withdrew after pressure from the group
India had to develop its own Cryogenic engine. The task was given to Nambi Narayanan/Shasi Kumar of LPSC. They were the main people behind India’s space warhorse PSLV
The conspirators knew if these scientists are taken out of the picture, India’s Space prog will suffer!

For Antony, he wanted to take out his rival
For Siby Mathews, it was his promotion
For Rattan Sehgal, it was CIA $ which mattered
For RBS pleasing Congress bosses mattered
A grand conspiracy wascreated, a leading Malayalam newspaper was roped in as the chief propagandists The senior editor suggested that reports should have a mix of sex and sleaze

Writers who could spice up the police versions were pulled into write stories in the publication
One fine day Kerala & #India woke up to the story of two middle aged scientist from ISRO who were honey trapped by 2 Maldivian women, Mariyam Rasheeda/Fawzia Hassan
We were told the 2 scientist sold India’s cryogenic engine secrets in exchange for sex & millions of dollars!
The National/Malayalam media reported every version put out by the police. Leading Malayalam publication & its commissioned porn writers put our stories with vivid details of sexual encounters of the Maldivian women involving the scientist’s and a senior police officer in Kerala
Media starts insinuating IG Raman Srivastava as the officer involved & targets Karunakaran for supporting him
Was clear to every one involved that Srivastava did not even have a remote involvement
But the Antony group cabal had planned to get to the jugular of Karunakaran
HC took cognisance of the reports and passed strong strictures against the government for not getting IG Srivastava investigated

Oomen Chandy, who was the then FM, resigned from the ministry to pressurise Karunakaran.
Karunakaran relented and resigned as the CM
Saint Antony took charge as CM of Kerala
Antony cronies at Kerala Police knew that they had no case & they would be castigated by the courts when they present evidence

Hence DIG Siby Mathews recommends transfer of the case to CBI
Meanwhile the 2 Scientists #NambiNarayanan/Shashi Kumar undergoes humiliating torture under Kerala Police & by IB lead by RBS

Forced to confess a crime that did not exist
2 Maldivian women are sexually exploited
Narayanan's wife was kicked out from autorickshaw
Finally CBI admitted in court that it was well planed conspiracy by the Kerala Police and there was no case against the accused

Recommended action against KP officers, Siby Mathews, Vijayan, KK Joshua and IB officer RBS
SC of india discharged all the accused & ask the Govt to take action against the Police and IB officers
Subsequent governments didn’t act on the SC directions.

Siby Mathews, was rewarded with the Chief Information Commissioner by Oomen Chandy, when he became CM
The IB additional director Rattan Sehgal was later caught passing on India’s atomic secrets to CIA and was discharged from service. He fled to the USA

RBS made a career out of Modi abuse and can be seen in the Anti Modi seminar circuit along with Teesta Setalvad, etc
St Antony went on to become our Defence Min who single handedly led the decay in the infrastructure & preparedness of our Armed Forces.

2 scientist were never rehabilitated even after they were discharged by courts
They were given desk jobs & lived with the tag of traitors
Biggest victim of this conspiracy was national security and our space program.

Cryogenic engine program was setback by 2 decades & only in 2017 we were able to do a full system flight with this technology
Cong played with lives of our Scientists, Space prog
Helped CIA & compromised national security to win a petty inner party factional fight

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Sep 23, 2018
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In1555, Portuguese were at their peak
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Apr 17, 2018
-As per an RTI reply, the Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s home is spread over 15,181 square meters.
-It is bigger than the Prime Minister’s residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, which is spread over 14,101 square meters.
-In 2013-14, the expenses for the maintenance of electrical fittings at 10JP incurred were 7 times more than the previous year and amounted to Rs 51,43,318.
-In 2012-13, it was Rs 7,82,968 and in 2011-12 it was Rs 2,65,681.
These dubious figures have been revealed by CPWD in RTI
-These expenses are paid by the Government.
-In other words, the expenses for the lavish stay of the Italian Queen are paid by us, the tax-payers!
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#DidYouKnow What does TN Govt do with #Temple Money they get?
A short thread!

-Buying fully loaded Toyota Innova cars and other luxury vehicles using temple monies and then handing them over to Govt Ministers, Ministers' PA, Govt Secy, HR& CE Commissioner. 👏
-Even the fuel bills, drivers’ salaries and maintenance costs of such illegally given vehicles are met with temple funds.
-Building Conference Rooms, library, etc in the 2nd Floor of the HR & CE Department using funds from Sri Subramaniaswamy Temple, Tiruttani.
-Diversion of funds of Sri Parthasarathy temple for Tamil Nadu Government Tourism Exhibition.
-Diversion of funds from three temples in Chennai for buying General Brand 2-Ton Split Air Conditioners for the Audit Department in HR&CE Department, Chennai.
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Mar 30, 2018
Did you know that?
-Hindu Temples have to give Income Tax on all donations received; finances are controlled by the government;
-However, the same is NOT true for minority institutions which are 100% exempt from paying Income Tax
Did you know that?
-The government, by law, if free to interfere in management of educational institutions run by #Hindu religious bodies
-The government is, however, NOT free to interfere in management of educational institutions run by minority religious bodies.
Did you know that?
-Practitioners of #Hinduism in their #temples (you and me) do not have a a say by law in the management of the temple;
-However, practitioners of minority faiths retain the freedom to determine the management of their places of worship
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