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Prior to Trump's speech at the #UNGA, White House officials told the press that his speech would focus on US national security interests. He did not disappoint, with his speech delivering threat after threat to nations across the globe. Video here:…
The most immediate threat delivered by Trump was addressed to Iran. After ludicrously arguing that Iran is responsible for funding all terrorism across the globe, including in Syria (where it has been fighting US-backed terrorists), Trump stated his intent for further aggression.
In the naked tongue of imperialist barbarism, Trump stated that he will continue US sanctions and that "more will follow" those due in November. The objective of US policy toward Iran nothing less than the complete destruction of its sovereignty. #HandsOffIran
Another immediate target is Venezuela. Although this has been known for a considerable period of time, the rhetoric Trump used today was extraordinary, expanding the US campaign of aggression in Latin America to openly include Cuba, who he refers to as Venezeula's "sponsors".
Trump went on to frame the US' attacks on the Bolivarian revolution as a war on 'socialism, or communism'. He then went on to say that 'all nations in the world should resist socialism' and that he is 'calling for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela'.
Venezuela has been the target of escalating US aggression since the beginning of the Bolivarian revolution. However, Trump's remarks today tell us something: if Venezuela falls, Cuba will again be forced to stand at the frontline. #HandsOffVenezuela #HandsOffCuba
Trump's remarks on trade begin by addressing China. It is clear that he intends to pursue continued economic aggression toward the nation in order to prevent it from developing any further economic or political weight. #NoWaronChina
However, it is significant to note that Trump generalised at this point, stating that the US 'will not be taken advantage of' by anybody and that it will 'systematically' review every trade deal it is in. This clearly pertains to China, but also to the US' supposed "allies".
There is a linchpin to understanding Trump's more opaque remarks throughout this tirade of aggression. It is contained within a simple sentence: 'We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.'
These are not empty words and they clearly demonstrate that Trump has understood something of the essence of the moment. "Globalism" is something of a dogwhistle. What Trump means is that US imperialism rejects the economic and political alliances developed since 1945.
This is essential to understanding the imperialist crisis. Since 1945, the US has been the world's dominant economic power and this dominance has enabled a relative peace between imperialist powers. The exceptional economic conditions of the post war period enabled this.
The economic period known to bourgeois economists as "globalisation" (1974-2016) represented a period of rapid imperialist expansion and a slow return to the kind of volatile conditions that existed before the first imperialist world war.
This period has ended. What remains is a stagnant, decaying imperialist economy, desperate to find profitable investments. With the world all but entirely divided between imperialist powers and economic conditions worsening, imperialist nations are again competitors.
Trump's rejection of "globalism" and his embrace of "patriotism" is a statement of how the US is adapting to these conditions. He is rejecting any notion that the world can continue in the manner in which it has and embracing this return to competition and open nationalism.
This is not a new element of Trump's strategy - elements of it were visible prior to this year's G7 (see article for detailed background analysis). What is striking here is merely the clarity with which it is expressed.
This is central to understanding two elements of Trump's speech today - that is, how he addressed Europe and the absence of any direct reference to Russia throughout the entirety of his speech.
Trump prefaced his remarks on Europe by stating that the US has become the largest energy producer in the world and that it is ready to begin exporting this immediately.
He then went on to reiterate the criticisms of Germany he made at this year's NATO summit, without naming Russia. He stated this bluntly, arguing that Germany needs to diversify its energy supply: 'You need to do it for your own protection.'
After this, he named another EU nation - Poland - citing the pipeline it is beginning to build as an example of good practice. Why? Because the pipeline will be filled with US LNG gas.…
This is a very delicate framing which emphasizes divisions within the EU without engaging in confrontation with Russia, which Trump would prefer to reach a detente with. There is a clear demand here: buy US gas or suffer.
Trump utilizes this framework to launch a further attack upon the EU. After rejecting outright the International Criminal Court as an encroachment on sovereignty, Trump stated 'In Poland a great people are standing up for their independence, their security and their sovereignty.'
As Trump knows, Poland is now at logger-heads with the EU over its judicial system. By framing this remark in relation to the ICC, Trump was criticizing the EU as an illegitimate body. He can, however, get out of this by pretending to refer to Russia.
Ultimately, Trump's speech today was a clear declaration of the US' intent to wage "great power competition" across the globe. A survey of those areas he covers demonstrate the speed at which US imperialism is escalating its barbarism. Its dominance will be enforced everywhere.
Imperialism has entered a terminal crisis. It is clear that this crisis will not spare any corner of the earth. Let us answer thus: if Trump and the imperialists wish to wage war on socialism and the world's people, the world's people must wage war on them with socialism.
Note: Tomorrow's Security Council meeting will be chaired by Trump and will be incredibly revealing. In it, he will address Iran, Idlib and the Skripal poisoning.…
Note: Iran's point here is absolutely correct.

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