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Thread: #TrumpRussia there’s something rotten in #Ohio politics.

I believe that a foreign agent is trying to get elected to the position of Montgomery County Recorder.
My biggest question is: Why Ohio? why Dayton?
He’s been identified as being involved in the Azerbaijani laundromat, receiving $250k from the government days after he was elected to the Dayton school board.

Does he even have kids?…
It’s important to remember that Azerbaijan is part of the former Soviet Diaspora which has been supporting mostly Republicans
Baguirov claims on his Biography for Worldwide Strategic Partners that he was Curt Weldon’s Russia aide in 2003-2004
This is the prriod of time where Weldon was involved in the formulation of the Lozansky doctrine #TrumpRussia…
I dubbed Weldon as Putin’s “first congressman” last year.…
And I broke the location where the Weldon-Rovt plan was born!…
There’s no doubt that Weldon and Baguirov are close. They’ve got a long history together.
What IS interesting however is that Baguirov never actually worked for Weldon. He’s not on legistorm and was not on the payroll. Was he Weldon’s FSB handler?

How can #Ohio republicans vote for a money launderer who lies about his employment history?
How was he donating money claiming an address in Virginia while he lived in Ohio? What is that truth!
Wait -He went to #Trump university? And liked it?
He also appears to know Rudy Giuliani, having served on the board of director of Wsp with him AND having donated to his campaign.
He went to the Trump inauguration too
And he appears to be engaging in social media trade craft, with five twitter accounts
He’s being backed by what looks like Internet Research Agency Trolls
@emil_sanamyan covered that his family appears to be KGB. #TrumpRussia
Why would someone with a Doctorate from the most prestigious university in Moscow settle for Dayton Ohio? Why are people supporting this nonsense?

A lot of credit goes to @esrati for his hard work uncovering this corruption locallly.
His candidate finance report reveals that over 90% of his donations come from outside Ohio.…
@ZarinaZabrisky pointed out to me that MGIMO Is the university people with FSB connections get into.
@esrati uncovered today that Adil has hired a law firm to scrub the internet....This comes shortly after he scrubbed his social media accounts.…
It turns out that Curt Weldon's trip to Russia where he joined the Russian Academy of Sciences....was paid for by Russian Mobster Victor Chernomyrdin and the Moscow International Petroleum Club...

Which Adil's Father Togrul...was the VP of.…

I think I know why Adil chose Dayton - or at least part of the reason.

I just need to do more research but it’s a doozie.
Guys, I have knowledge that the reddit section of the_donald was run by a Dayton native AND I know that they were invited to the White House because of the work they did.

Maybe Adil was the go between...
We know that they have been promoting Russian Propaganda recently…
We also know that the internet research Agency utilized reddit in 2016…
We also know that the_donald organized massive groups to manipulate polling.

If this was based in Dayton and Russia was involved, maybe it’s time that somebody look into it.


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Oct 7, 2018
My thoughts on this whole Kavanaugh debacle.

Brett Kavanaugh does not belong on the Supreme Court. He’s a partisan hack in a way no SC Justice has ever been. Not only did he involve himself in the Vince Foster conspiracy bs during the Clinton years but he literally represented
the Bush campaign in the 2000 Election Debacle and he also wrote the torture memos - and lied about it.…
He has also stated in the past that presidents shouldn’t be indicted, and has some severe dubious Russia connections.…
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Oct 4, 2018
Kavanaugh doesn’t belong in the court because of his views on presidential power.

Kavanaugh doesn’t belong in the court because of raging partisanship and involvement in torture, the 2000 recount, and Clinton’s impeachment
Kavanaugh doesn’t belong in the court because of his mysterious financial issues.
Kavanaugh doesn’t belong in the court because of Merrick Garland .
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Sep 30, 2018
I find the idea of “coastal elites” to be a completely bullshit made up idea. You can’t tell me that elitism is limited to people who border oceans, or that to know the “real America” you need to spend time in a state like Kansas.
I’ve lived within 50 miles of Boston my entire life, in five cities/towns and I’ve experienced such a cross section of different groups of people that It’s silly to lump them all together
There are dying mill cities reminiscent of anything you’d see in the Midwest littered all over New England. You go there, you find communities rife with drugs, poverty, and people feeling abandoned.
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Sep 23, 2018
Two weeks ago I speculated that Columbia Gas will not be done fixing the gas explosions until Thanksgiving.

On Friday, they agreed with me.

This is going to become a humanitarian crisis VERY VERY quickly.…
They’re already talking about giving hot plates and space heaters to people to get them through it.…
They’re also saying they’re going to reimburse the costs of switching to a different source, which is expensive.

The document makes it VERY clear they customers effected by the gas explosions will be reimbursed for reasonable costs.…
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Sep 23, 2018
Thread: I once went to the police to report an Identity theft committed against me by a close member of my family.

The cop spent 20 min bullying me and basically calling me an asshole until I agreed to say that I did not know who committed the crime.

I’m an affluent white male.
Now imagine for a second you’re a woman, and someone sexually assaulted you.

Or you’re a minority and someone stole something from you.

Or or or.

This is why rape is underreported. This is why Kavanaugh was not arrested 35 years ago.
I’ve said before that I’m pretty moderate.

What I haven’t said is that white male privilege never really made sense to me until this whole kavanaugh bs.

Now I get it.

Stop shaming a victim who was afraid to report a crime because the system is biased against her.
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Sep 22, 2018
24 months after some of us started talking about #TrumpRussia, the New York Times does...and they do a terrible job at it.…
I’ll admit, after the first few sections I only parsed the story for names but there is just so much missing.

What about the Russian mob?
They say none of the convictions have to do with Russia which is complete and utter horseshit. They miss the decades of conspiracy. They miss the religious right. There’s no mention of Weyrich.
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