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As a woman I am sick of women not owning their part & responsibility. If you get insanely drunk & black out at parties, you bear some responsibility for what happens to you. If you are drunk or high & behave overtly sexual, to men you just met you put yourself in danger.
Let's face it young women in college act incredibly stupid and put themselves in a lot of danger. Does that mean that they asked to be assaulted no? But would they have been assaulted had they not put themselves in situations that made it much more likely that they would be, YES!
Don't go to a club, introduce yourself to a guy, shake hands, start dancing, rub your booty in his crotch, & then accuse the guy of toxic masculinity. Don't send out mixed messages! It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.
.@nedryun makes an excellent point. You should be confused!

If you want to know who is toxic, it's the #Feminists, professors, & victimhood peddling, racist left that is sending crazy mixed messages until our kids really don't understand what is okay & what isn't.
Ultimately, it is parents who teach kids values, but from a very early age a parents influence is minimal. Kids are going to do stupid things. Make sure that yours clearly understand the potential outcomes and consequences of their choices.
The @womensmarch is a prime example of toxic mixed messages. Sorry ladies, wearing a pussy hat on your head does not empower you. Making demands for equality, & then totally abdicating your personal responsibility, while blaming men is weak & sick.
These sick, transparent political sexual accusations waged against Bret Kavanaugh are the ultimate example of stupidity and do nothing but heap more abuse upon real victims. The left should not win another political race in 2018.
If I'm a highly educated doctor & spend my entire career studying PTSD, trauma, & mental illness, & fail to get help for 35 years for an alleged teenage sexual assault, I've got more problems that I'm not dealing with. The accusation doesn't add up.
If a college girl stays at a party where a guy waves his penis in her face or another college aged girl returns 9 times to gang rape parties and never reports it, then these are all very disturbed young women. They bear part of the responsibility for what happened.
These are such outrageous stories, with multiple inconsistencies, and no one else to back them up. The very idea that the #DemocraticParty and the members of the media expect these claims to be taken seriously is highly representative of the state of our society.
We need a dramatic change. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats2018

What more proof do you need?

Used the extraordinary powers of IC to illegally obtain FISA warrants, spy on U.S. citizens based on unsubstantiated opposition research from an opposing presidential campaign.
#DemocraticParty Lib Progressives:

Opened 100s of non-profit activist orgs for the sole purpose of usurping the majority will of the people by reversing the election of a legally elected president via impeachment or prosecution.
#DemocraticParty Lib Progressives:

Seek to normalize the election socialist candidates and create a socialist state in America.
#DemocraticParty Lib #Progressives

Manufactured false sexual assault cases to stop the confirmation of a widely respected, highly qualified, conservative justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

#WalkAwayDemocrats2018 #VoteRed #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
#DemocraticParty Lib #Progressives:

What more proof is needed to clarify the left's lack of intention to support a free society for American citizens.

We've given power over our information flow to leftist tech companies & media. What have they done with that power?
The #DemocraticParty, Lib #Progressives;

What have libes done since taking control of America's info flow through the media & tech companies?

Waged an all out assault on #FreeSpeech control election outcomes, grab power from the people/thwart success of conservative businesses

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Oct 9, 2018
Get ready for another Twitter purge. I just lost 300 followers.
Down 500 total followers now, not surprised that they would do this again. Frankly, I wouldn't even be surprised if they wiped us all out considering the level of insanity we've been witnessing.
Follow each other on this thread to fight the purge. We have to stick together and help each other out. Encourage others to do the same.
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Oct 6, 2018

Nanci Pelosi offers instruction about a political smear which closely resembles the #KavanaughHearings

"You smear somebody w/falsehoods, then you merchandise it, the press reports it, and then you merchandise the coverage.

It's called a "wrap up smear"
1/5 Background on Nancy Pelosi's Political 'Wrap Up' Smear…
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Oct 5, 2018
Our govt won't stop it now they say it can't be fixed.

STOP buying products from companies who do business w/China. Many of you have thought this too.

Our NAT Sec is at risk every time American companies do business w/nations who want to harm America.…
What are we thinking?

How much of America is now owned by our adversaries b/c of someone you or I voted into office? We wring our hands while our govt allows American land to be sold to some of the same people who kill our son's an daughters in war or plot terrorism here.
Now we're dependent on Google, the same company who's willing to build communist China their own internet. How can we trust a company who is willing to do that who also possesses so much of America's information? Think about how much of our infrastructure is now tied to Google?
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Oct 4, 2018
In 2015 Christiana Figueres, exe Sec U.N. FCCC., let slip the U.N.’s real purpose in pushing climate hysteria is to end capitalism throughout the world, citing China’s communist system as the kind of government America must have...…
"One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. What we’re doing has almost nothing to do with the climate. We must state clearly that we use climate policy to redistribute de facto the world’s wealth" UN Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer
"The progressive elites who feel that way – nearly all of whom are found in the Democratic Party, and 100% of whom live opulent, carbon-based lifestyles – also believe that far more of America’s wealth must, therefore, be forcibly “shared” (read: redistributed) w/poor nations."
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Sep 30, 2018
1) Thread: Our unelected ruling class is implementing the integration of a universal income strategy, to establish economic & racial equality in American society. Secretly.
2)The world that your children & grandchildren are about to inherit is predetermined & no one ever intended to give you, or them a vote. (As w/my other threads, keep in mind, the organizations discussed are but a few of thousands around the world so this is not a fringe movement)
3) Most of you know that there has been a longstanding western movement to transform global education by instituting a universal set of beliefs and values with the implied motive of creating equality and inclusion for everyone on the planet. Sounds noble, right?
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Sep 21, 2018
Thread: Considering Dr. #ChristineBlaseyFord’s decades long career as an author, researcher, & educator in clinical psychology, how does she expect the public to reconcile the fact that she chose to wait 35 yrs to deal w/an alleged teenage sexual trauma from high school?
When a woman comes forward 36 years late with sexual assault accusations, days before the confirmation of a U.S. Supreme Court confirmation it is nearly impossible not to view her as a political activist rather than the victim she claims to be.
Clearly, we are not talking about just any woman. We are talking about a highly educated Dr. who is an expert in the field of clinical psychology. Dr. #ChristineBlaseyFord has spent an entire career studying depression, trauma, PTSD among many other mental afflictions.
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