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Whereas @ChuckGrassley begins the hearing by lying.
I cannot imagine what #DrChristineBlaseyFord is feeling.
It is 22 minutes in and I am filled with rage and have tears in my eyes.

I want to say to Dr. Ford and all who have shared #MeToo stories that I am humbled by your courage

This does not end here. Stand Tall.
#DrChristineBlaseyFord begins, voice trembling, by saying that she doesnt want to be here and she is terrified.
As #DrChristineBlaseyFord recounts her experience, she is becoming visibly more upset. I can hear her breathing. This is agony for this woman.
#KavanaughHearings She wanted a second front door.
I would have loved to have seen shots of GOP faces when #DrChristineBlaseyFord got technical regarding brain memory function and trauma.
@SenatorLeahy "Bravery is contagious"
#KavanaughHearings Asked by @SenatorLeahy what her strongest memory is...
"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter."
With what degree of certainty do you believe Brett Kavanaugh assaulted you?

She ran into #MarkJudge once in a Safeway.
Prior to the assault he had always been friendly.
6-8 wks when she ran into him, he was visibly uncomfortable. "He looked ill"
6-8wks after the assault*

@amyklobuchar asks #DrChristineBlaseyFord what she doesn't forget:

The stairwell, livingroom, the bed on the right side of the bedroom, the bathroom in close proximity, the uproarious laughter, the multiple attempts to escape & finally the ability to do so.
Lindsey is havin a poop
Immediate impact - first 4 yrs the worst.
Longer term impacts of anxiety and relationship challenges.
The younger you are the worst it is - brain not fully developed.
@SenBlumenthal reads from @LindseyGrahamSC book:
I learned how much courage it takes from a deep and hidden place for a sexual abuse victim to testify against their assailant.
Would you like #MarkJudge to be interviewed?
She says she could be more helpful if she knew when he worked at the Safeway but concedes it's not up to her.
@mrbromwich objects again to Mitchell's question seemingly asking for info that is privileged
recess 30min
It's been 38 minutes...
@maziehirono is taking no shit from GOP and their prosecutor.
Mitchell asks who paid for polygraph. Both lawyers step in and say, let us put an end to this...her lawyers paid for her polygraph...as is routine.
(that was an awesome moment...just sayin)
Mitchell keeps questioning her about whether someone spoke to senators or staff.. Her lawyer objects and says you told her not to guess, now you are asking her to guess. Ask her what she knows.

Mitchell: do you know how that letter became puplic?
Did you reach out to Wapo after it leaked?

Ford: Once reporters started showing up, I agreed to sit down.

Booker is up
@CoryBooker Reminds R's and minion that this is not a legal proceeding.

calls her heroic.
I agree.

"You are speaking truth that this country needs to understand."
"Your brilliance, shining a light on this is nothing short of heroic"
@CoryBooker How do you feel about things that have NOT been honored?

Ford: she wishes she could be more helpful and others could be more helpful to get more information out.
TrollLawyer: Who helped you pick your lawyers?
Ford: Friends and families. Feinstein office suggested a few.

Troll: Both?
Ford: No not both.

(Kavanaugh should be paying for her costs ffs.)

Both her lawyers are probono
Troll: Did you get any info, questions, prior to today, in advance and while you're there wtf did you have for lunch on Aug 5th 1997?

I want to smack this woman.
M: Describe all the other social interactions with JudgeDread

Ford: 4-5 parties sophomore year.

Troll: Did anything happen?
Ford: No THERE WAS NO SEXUAL ASSAULT if that's what you're asking
@SenKamalaHarris You are not on trial. You had the courage to come forward. I was struck in your testimony - you reached out to your own rep, hoping they would inform WH BEFORE Kavanaugh was named. Persuasive. I believe you.
Harris: Trauma and shame and the fear of consequences cause survivors to delay, if they come forward at all.

You have passed a polygraph, asked for witnesses, outside experts, FBI investigations...Kavanaugh has not (to all items)
@SenKamalaHarris The FBI COULD HAVE GATHERED FACTS ETC ETC...STANDARD PROCEDURE. Mitchell's county website even has info supporting this.
oooh...Mitchell just let out a big sigh.
says they are almost done.
Are you aware the 3 ppl at party gave statements that contradict you?
Ford: yes. Leland has significant health challenges. She let me know she had lawyer take care of for her and apologized right afterward.
Mitchell: Have you researched the best practices of interviewing victims of trauma? Would you believe this is not the best setting? lol.

The best way is one on one in private to just let vicitm talk.
Mitchell: Did anyone ever advise you to go get a forensic interview?
Ford: no
@SenFeinstein Judge doesn't want to testify, we can't test his memory. She's bothered that he wasn't even asked to testify.
Everyone is submitting letters, docs into the record

Kennedy the russian pawn:
Statements were taken by maj staff, why didnt minority participate?

Pols are fighting and @mrbromwich asks for Ford to be excused.
Grassley says be nice to Ford.

FFS Adjorn 45m

• • •

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