Christine Blasey Ford listens to Judiciary GOP chair Grassley falsely claim he’s done everything possible for a fair process and it’s Democrats who obstruct. He falsely equates what she’s been thru w/ Kavanaugh, falsely says Senate has already investigated so FBI doesn’t have to.
Dr Blasey Ford’s voice breaks detailing her sexual assault by Kavanaugh. “I believed he was going to rape me. I was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone… I tried to suppress it b/c recounting it caused panic and anxiety.” She’s breathing heavily, powering thru. What a hero.
Blasey Ford is being essentially cross-examined by Maricopa County Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell. Mitchell asks if her texts to WaPo & her letter to Senator Feinstein are accurate.
Blasey Ford tells Feinstein about her claustrophobia and panic, PTSD like symptoms, after her traumatic sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, where she feared for her life. She is certain it was him. “Absolutely not a case of mistaken identity.”
Christine Blasey Ford tells Senator Leahy about her memory of Brett and Mark Judge laughing while Kavanaugh was on top of her. “They were having a good time. At my expense.”
After Dr Blasey Ford described indelible memory of Kavanaugh & Judge laughter during the attack, she tells Durbin she’s “100% certain it was Kavanaugh who assaulted me.” Ford is visibly shaken as Durbin commends her bravery in coming forward. He says it will help other survivors.
@SenatorDurbin Insanity: "It's Senator Cornyn's turn, so Ms Mitchell, please proceed," says Grassley. His is the only GOP senator's voice we hear. They don't have the decency to even ask their own questions. They are Kavanaugh & Judge assaulting & pinning down America & Supreme Court under them
@SenatorDurbin I can't help but see Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and this deeply perverted confirmation process as a symbol of our country pinned & under assault by Trump & Republicans, abusing power in 2 branches of govt in order to gain more power in the 3rd. We're all survivors of this trauma.
Dr Christine Blasey Ford isn’t just a credible witness about her own experience of assault & subsequent trauma b/c of SCOTUS nom Kavanaugh. She’s a scholar & teacher, adding more depth & credibility as she weaves cognitive psychology & brain science into her testimony. Respect ✊
This hearing isn’t a trial. Yet a GOP hired gun—prosecutor Mitchell—is cross-examining Dr Christine Blasey Ford trying to impugn her memory, her trauma, her motive. Ford’s memory is clear—it was Kavanaugh. Her trauma is documented. No one is paying her. Her lawyers are pro-bono.
That was nuts. Mitchell took one last shot, saying Blasey Ford should’ve had a forensic interview—(like an FBI investigation?!)—like victims do. GOP gave Mitchell the oxymoronic task of discrediting a victim—something prosecutors don’t do. She failed. And pretty much admitted it.
Now come the spin/lies. Graham:
—Ford gave no time/place of assault❌
—She was paid for a polygraph❌
—There’s no corroboration❌
—It’s only an emotional accusation❌
—It’s all political❌
✅ He makes no sense b/c everything he says demands an FBI investigation—which GOP refuses.
Lindsey Graham is outraged that Christine Blasey Ford was credible & Kavanaugh’s in trouble. He’s fuming about Democrats wanting delay—a few days. From the same Republicans who delayed a YEAR, then screwed Merrick Garland, Obama & America. This is now a coverup of unfit nominee.
Kavanaugh fixes his name card in hearing room, in preparation for testimony before Judiciary Cmte to refute Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s powerful testimony describing her sexual assault by him when she was 15 years old.
Kavanaugh is shouting about left-wing conspiracy to smear him. His face is contorted by anger. He says the 10-day delay harmed Supreme Court & destroyed his family’s lives. Says Democrats have made the confirmation process national disgrace. Not addressing any Blasey Ford’s facts
#Kavanaugh: There’s no corroboration. I’ve been in the public arena for 26 years and not a hint of anything came out. Now I’m evil? This onslaught of last-minute allegations doesn’t ring true. I didn’t do this to her or anyone. It’s not who I am or was. I am innocent. (Chokes up)
If Kavanaugh has been “totally and permanently destroyed” by “left-wing partisans,” as he says, I can’t imagine that in itself doesn’t disqualify him from being an impartial arbiter on the Supreme or any court. He’s always been too partisan.
Kavanaugh: “Going to church on Sunday was like brushing my teeth—it was automatic.” This is the choir boy image he presented in friendly FoxNews interview, where he talked about going to church, doing public service, and being a virgin for many years after HS.
“I like beer”—Kavanaugh explains he drank during high school but never assaulted anyone. “Drinking beer isn’t equavilent to sexual assault. I was proud of being a virgin. It was a matter of faith. (Sniffle) I have many women friends. They text me “You’re a good man. A good man.”
Kavanaugh: I’m a mentor to women. I have more women law clerks than anyone. I love teaching, coaching girls. Thanks to what some of you on this committee have unleashed, I may never be able to teach or coach again. Judging me by this allegation abandons rule of law & due process.
Feinstein: if you’re so confident in denying these allegations, why aren’t you asking for FBI investigation?
Kavanaugh: I wanted a hearing the next day. Whatever the cmte decides. Just so you know, FBI doesn’t reach a conclusion.
F: I’m talking about evidence.
K: I’m here now.
Kavanaugh came out hitting—loud, tough, angry, indignant, emotional—in opening statement. But in questioning, he seems quite weak, hesitant, even inarticulate. Arms crossed, defensively. Republicans want he-said-she-said, painting truth as unknowable, to justify dismissing Ford.
Leahy: Would you like to hear Mark Judge testify? Kavanaugh hesitates, then talks about MJ’s “fictionalized” account of HS. Leahy asks for an answer, Kav angrily interrupts: “NO NO, I going to tell you about High School. I was number 1 in the class, captain of the football team”
🔥Durbin: Tell Don McGahn you want an FBI investigation. It’s the only way to clear your name and get the truth. Do you personally support FBI investigation?
Kavanaugh: That’s a phony question. Durban asks again.
Kavanaugh: (Long pause) I’m innocent. I’ll do whatever Cmte wants.
Lindsey Graham goes for best supporting Oscar in this show of belligerent, angry old entitled men. After that fit (he’s been raging all day), now John Cornyn’s up and immediately invokes McCarthyism. Putin was right. He knew Republicans were craven & crooked—more than we imagined
Just insane gaslighting about FBI & investigations. Kavanaugh echoes Grassley (who quoted Biden from Anita Hill hearing) saying FBI doesn’t make conclusions. They clearly don’t want it but know how bad it sounds to admit it. So they interrupt, get angry, pivot to cmte Qs are same
What happened to “female assistant” Ms Mitchell asking the questions? Not angry & belligerent enough, it seems. So now we have pure political theater. Lindsey Graham is auditioning for Attorney General, btw. That explains his role of late as full-on Trump propagandist. #Kavanaugh
How pathetic. White House thinks Kavanaugh’s angry denials hit the mark, and are sticking with him. Everything & everyone Trump touches eventually takes on his grotesque character flaws and demagogic politics playbook. Republicans will pay for their deplorable war on women.
“The FBI only flags issues.”—Senator Mike Lee. Republicans are still trying to push this incredible gaslighting point, that the Federal Bureau of >>Investigation<< doesn’t gather evidence for investigation or re-open investigations when new facts come to light. 🤯 #Kavanaugh
Senator Crapo doubles down on GOP gaslighting: “The cmte immediately and thoroughly investigated [Blasey Ford] allegations. We received & reviewed testimony”— referring to Mark Judge statement. That’s misinformation. There is no testimony. There’s a letter. He wasn’t questioned.
Senator Hirono: Is your former college roommate lying about your being a sloppy belligerent drunk?
Kavanaugh: Look at my academic record. I got into the Yale Law School. I got there by busting my butt in college. I studied every night, and I played basketball every day.
Gaslighting GOP Senator Tillis: We’ve investigated everything the minute we learned it. We’ve done our job. It’s the Democrats who haven’t investigated. They don’t want to investigate. Grassley did everything to run down every single lead presented to us.
Senator Booker: Do you think people who believe Dr Ford are legitimizing despicable things, as Lindsey Graham said? Ford gave meaningful testimony. She’s not a pawn. She’s not Clinton pawn to get revenge.
Kavanaugh: The evidence isn’t corroborated; Witnesses say it didn’t happen.
Kavanaugh is distorting the stated facts. He keeps saying that the statements say Ford’s sexual assault “never happened.” The witnesses only say they have no memory of it or don’t remember. Is Kavanaugh lying to Congress, if he’s intentionally & repeatedly misstating those facts?
Senator Harris: Are you willing to ask the White House to conduct an investigation by the FBI? As you are aware, the FBI conducted a background investigation before we were aware of these allegations.
Kavanaugh stonewalls.
Harris: I take that as a ‘no.’
Wow @SenKamalaHarris asks if Kavanaugh watched Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. He said he did NOT. He wanted to, he said, but was preparing for his testimony. You’d think a guy wrongly accused would want to see & hear his accuser. Kinda goes w/ not wanting investigation/truth.
Trump tweets support for Kavanaugh. Why should this time be different from other terrible people he’s supported & lied about? Dr. Blasey Ford was not lying about that attempted rape. So Kavanaugh is. And it’s not disqualifying—even for the Supreme Court—for Republicans. Stunning.
🚨Need more proof Kavanaugh is lying?? WSJ: “Among those watching Dr. Ford’s testimony was Judge Kavanaugh, a committee aide said, from a monitor in another room in the Dirksen Senate Building.”

Kavanaugh is unfit & will taint the legitimacy of the Supreme Court

H/t @lukeadcox
Kavanaugh’s more like Trump than we thought. He lies about big things & small, is belligerent w/ Democrats, pushes absurd partisan conspiracy theory about Clinton supporters framing him. And who knows how many he’s assaulted. And Republicans think he’s entitled to a SCOTUS seat😨
.@LindseyGrahamSC & Republicans claim FBI can't investigate w/o a time or place. Well @pbump might've pinpointed those key facts based on an entry in a Kavanaugh calendar that matches Blasey Ford's description of the party attendees. Tobin's House=Location…
ICYMI Senate Republicans spread disinformation hours before Kavanaugh hearing – @thinkprogress @atrupar…
🎯@CarlBerstein: There’s a clear avenue to find the truth about Kavanaugh. It’s an investigation. But Republicans are preventing an open inquiry into the truth. It’s the same thing Republicans have been doing with the Mueller probe into Russian interference. It’s very dangerous.
Correction: @carlbernstein made that spot-on comparison between Republicans' stonewalling on an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh and their efforts to derail the Mueller probe. In both cases, they're damaging critical institutions by ignoring democratic norms & process.
#BREAKING: American Bar Association (ABA) calls on the Senate Judiciary Committee to HALT Kavanaugh vote until an FBI investigation is done. (Per @mkraju @CNNTonight)
🔥ABA: "Deciding to proceed without conducting additional investigation would not only have a lasting impact on the Senate's reputation, but it will also negatively affect the great trust necessary for the American people to have in the Supreme Court"…
🔥(Trump Ally) Alan Dershowitz: Postpone Kavanaugh confirmation until FBI can investigate accusations against him, via @FoxNews…
>> Catholic Jesuit Review: "It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn"… via @heathershorn h/t @Sulliview
ICYMI @LindseyGrahamSC's academy award performance of rage & indignation, hijacking the Kavanaugh hearing and turning it into a political circus…to prevent an FBI investigation citing as "the gold standard" the ABA…who tonight urged an FBI investigation…
@LindseyGrahamSC Lindsey Graham's rage rant today was a Hail Mary—a desperate play to save Kavanaugh after devastating questioning by @SenatorDurbin. Asking Kavanaugh so skillfully about an FBI investigation, Durbin stunned Kavanaugh into silence at one point. Momentous.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
#BREAKING Nikki Haley Resigned as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations via @NYTimes…
Nikki Haley resigns as UN ambassador, after meeting with Trump in WH—reportedly planned for 6 mos. Odd timing, tho, for Trump to lose a top woman after Kavanaugh & right before midterms? She’s been a notable loud voice against Russia’s malign acts. Will her replacement be also?
Nikki Haley profusely praises Trump and the family. Ivanka’s great and “Jared is a hidden genius that no one understands.” A bit over the top. But you can’t work for Trump unless you blather on like a sycophant. I bet she can’t wait to get the hell out of the embarrassment admin.
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Oct 8, 2018
⚡️Mueller is unraveling a MAJOR & dark thread in Russia investigation. (Dead) GOP operative Peter Smith apparently wired money to hackers as "Russian students" at same time Clinton emails were released by Wikileaks. Elaborate secrecy & planned projects suggest foul play. THREAD👇
So GOP operative PETER SMITH had an elaborate & well-funded scheme to get Clinton emails. In email w/ apparent hacker, they discuss wiring $150k to "Russian students" & being pleased w/ released Clinton emails just days after Wikileaks releases in Oct.…
This is the first reporting I've seen casting some doubt on GOP operative Peter SMITH's suicide. Hours before his death, he spoke w/ a financier about another anti-Clinton project. He was excited & brainstorming about how to proceed. Financier was stunned when he heard of suicide
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Oct 7, 2018
🕯#OTD Oct 7, 2006: Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya murdered to silence her fierce voice on Putin mafia state corruption, atrocities, propaganda. Her truth is louder today: Putin's guard dogs hurtling Russia back to USSR abyss…Journalists risk death, bullet, poison, trial.
#Politkovskaya was a journalist & human rights activist, not distinct in authoritarian Russia. Anna said journalists owe duty to tell the truth about the state. One last investigation was into mass poisoning of Chechen schoolchildren, authorities gaslighted as media mass hysteria
Before Trump, Americans might've read #Politkovskaya reports of gaslighting officials who blame media hysteria to cover up the poisoning of schoolchildren as absurd. We see now that gaslighting propaganda is a hallmark of illegitimate authoritarian states.…
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Oct 5, 2018
Oh gawd. Collins is repeating a Republican talking point about Democrats deciding before Kavanaugh was named to oppose him. So, folks, there you have it. OK for Republicans not to let Obama nominee have a hearing for a year, but Dems can't oppose a man, now credibly discredited.
.@SenatorCollins, what a disappointment. She's reciting Kavanaugh's judicial record, but nothing about his overt lack of judicial temperament. Truly shocking. It's not just Trump. Republicans behave like Soviets, believing the ends justify the means. Every damn time. Wow
@SenatorCollins Collins now sounds like Senator Kennedy: "I asked him point blank if anyone influenced his decisions…he said NO" "Judge Kavanaugh fits w/in the mainstream of legal thought." Now she's citing ABA, who just announced they're reopening their evaluation. What a farce. Sorry, America
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Oct 5, 2018
Grassley: “In another era, Kavanaugh would’ve been confirmed with a unanimous vote.” He ain’t wrong! And blames “left-wing” conspiracies. NEWS for Mr Grassley & Republicans: Women are constituents NOT conspirators! The era of dismissing women, our stories & our rights is OVER!
Schumer: Kavanaugh was problematic from the day he was named by hard-right special interests. The dam broke with Dr Ford’s sexual assault allegations. Republicans blame Democrats bc they have a flawed nominee. It’s the shameful culmination of scorched-earth politics of hard right
Schumer: Kavanaugh was evasive bc he knows his views are deeply at odds w/ the progress America’s made in the last century of jurisprudence & at odds w/ what most Americans believe…If you have doubts abt his credibility, don’t confirm. Ask Pres for another name. Save the Senate.
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Oct 1, 2018
More on that bar-room brawl, adding to a pattern of a belligerent & aggressive drunk/Supreme Court nominee: Kavanaugh wasn’t satisfied w an answer a guy in a bar gave him, so picked a fight, threw a glass of beer in the guy’s face. There’s a police report.…
Yale classmate who witnessed a bar fight: What the incident illustrates about Kavanaugh “is just the aggressiveness that came along with the alcohol, the hair-trigger machismo… [T]hat was kind of Brett’s shtick. He was aggressive… belligerent” when drinking.
The most 80s thing ever: They were drinking pints at a bar after a UB40 concert & Kavanaugh was sure some guy was the lead singer Ali Campbell. He wasn’t but Brett started a fight b/c of how the guy talked to him. (BTW UB40’s big hit was “Red Red Wine”🍷)
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