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1) What we witnessed today, if you could stomach watching the Christine Ford testimony was a horrible moment in time for this country. I would not doubt that something could have happened as described in her youth.
2) Without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, she is blaming the wrong man. It is entirely my opinion that most certainly she is blaming the wrong man intentionally. How could I say that you ask?
3) No specificity in details, unable to. Why? Such as the day she took a polygraph & how is coincided with a trip (That she flew to) to her own grandmothers funeral. Is is highly unlikely that she has taken many polygraph tests to have been uncertain the day.
4) Or is it? Maybe, she knows something they did not ask today. Such as, was this the first or only polygraph exam taken in regards to this situation?The potential for there to have been other exams later revealed on other dates would be costly, if lied about
5) Many people saw things differently, I saw clearly no evidence to support her claims. Which, honestly if she were right then it would be sad. Those lawyers/senators cared not about this victim. Almost as if she was not even a real victim?
6) Inconsistencies, flying, unable to fly, wouldn't fly, couldn't fly, and fly all over for vacations. Friends, not friends, friends with problems... The one thing she went head on at was strictly for sure it was Kavanaugh. But, don't ask her how she knew it
7) The average person may not even realize the importance of these details, the evidence, or that it is actually INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Many people just thought, how horrible for a person to live with this & no justice for decades.
8) A victim stood up to her assailant. Her assailant... It seemed the longer it went the more likely that it was she had created her assailant. Afterall, she was afforded the ultimate platform & audience for her story with what seems like no cost to her.
9) When introduced there was some key things one should have noted, she holds many distinguished degrees in "PSYCHOLOGY". She is an intelligent person, she knows her craft well. What you witnessed today was deployment of a very cunning display.
10) Many people overlooked the 100$ words which only those well versed in her field would use daily. It was second nature to her to be an "expert witness" one who discuss technical things about the mind such as this.
11) This was a well rehearsed & planned event. I actually doubt that it was the Dem senators who came up with much if any of this on their own. I believe she had the capability and she knew precisely what she would do. Then she did it.
12) It is my belief & I could only be persuaded with actual evidence that she is incorrect in this allegation against Kavanaugh. I do feel sorry for this person, as this went on & on. It became more evident to me. She is a miserable person, she really is.
13) Her arrogance at this time is not allowing her to display any remorse, one day it will hit her how wrong she was to do what she has done the past few weeks to any human being.
14) There was never any real intent to file police reports for this, was there? It would have happened. Why ask for the FBI to investigate? Maybe, because they won't or can't. Maybe, just for the drama? She's smart enough to know this will go but one place.
15) Destroying Kavanaugh, will only make her feel special for a moment. It will not last as long as she may have thought. In time those evil people that thank or encourage these acts will begin to weigh on her mind reminding her of what she was wrong to do.
16) None of that will help the Kavanaugh family though, there is absolutely no profit to be gained in the end for these bad actors. We watched an assault on men & women everywhere. If you are on the right team, with the right supporters you have carte blanche
17) To relentlessly pursue destroying people in the public forum that you do not agree, appreciate, or respect. Just because you feel like it's the right thing to do, your civic duty. This is unethical and immoral. Wickedness & in the end it's weak.
18) Brett Kavanaugh will always remain a decent & good man. He will conduct himself as such, respectable, respectful, and mindful of others. They tried to get him to give up, they counted on him doing so. They believed that he would be forced to
19) They KNOW he is such a caring & loving man that they miscalculated his & his families resiliency for doing the right thing. Tonight, whether they would admit it or not. They fear that they did not do enough, I shutter to think what could be next.
20) There is one thing that you can count on, @realDonaldTrump chose the right man. That this man will not give up & that he understands what this country has came to. It is time to put these bad actors in check.We need a man with the backbone he showed today
21) It was a good thing to hear someone say this after all the theatre we have had to endure for weeks now. Kavanaugh will not give up & you had better not either! Get out and vote, encourage others, give them rides, do all you can. But, never give up. #MAGA
22) We need everyone to do all that they can to expose truth, to support the right side, and keep those low life evil devils that support spitefulness at a nations expense out of office.

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Aug 6, 2018
1) @RealAlexJones .You can love him or hate him, may have been like me just caught some of his stuff here & there when shared. I can't say that I am or was a supporter of his. What I can say is this. Americans on the left & right are where the elite want them
2) Whilst, those who came out on the losing end of the election have been pushed into a frenzy. Then those on the winning end whipped into an uproar about the others. We have saw a division of the people like we never imagined.
3) Sadly, not many have cared enough to pay attention to what exactly has been going on. This has been developing since 9/11, if you're not aware then you should wake up & pay attention. There was leaders on both sides applauded at times that took advantage.
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Jul 22, 2018
It's a bad day for the pedo's, this platform may not do what it should. But, we're gonna speed life up for them. You're gonna pay if you're on that team, your time has came.
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Jun 20, 2018
1) Remember I said that the Dems, were not totally ignorant. That they were CUNNING. Well, we have Chuck Schumer leading the way making proclamations feigning outrage. Declaring @POTUS can just immediately fix this with a stroke of the pen.
2) We have idiots/sickos from Hollywood declaring that Barron Trump should be taken from his mothers arms, and caged up with Pedophiles? What in the hell is wrong with people, there is no comparison between illegals vs kidnapping.
3) Back to "Always Sucks" Chuck, Crying Chuck. If I were not just on a break at work & was able to get to my machine at home, I am sure there are so many examples at how I could show his immigration hypocrisy. (DO this PLEASE)
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Jun 19, 2018
1) Yesterday I mentioned that the genie was out of the bottle now. Here comes the pain guys. We will begin to see more and more things of this nature, this is why they need to manufacture distractions.
2) Not only did Trey Gowdy take them to the cleaners with some hard pressing today, which was actually common sense practice that any decent prosecutor would have done. Damning opening statement
3) He drove it home with an effective courtroom display, sadly this is not yet a courtroom or he would be barbecue their ass in molasses as the late great Buford T Justice would say. See this if you haven't
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Jun 19, 2018
The Democrats are not totally ignorant, actually cunning is what they are. The whole goal with the spin news that we are seeing about the separation of families. Which in itself is a farce, is just meant to overwhelm the news on all MSM fronts.
As it was with Bill Clinton & Elian Gonzalez, maybe the highest profile separation of a child & parent in history.Documented, a live removal by armed officers on nationally syndicated programs 24/7. This was under Bill Clinton's watch these laws were enacted.
The democrats know this, their goal is to enrage their base as well as the low information Trump haters that we are watching today. They have to control this narrative. Why? Why are they so interested in doing this? What is their angle?
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