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Hey @thismorning #thismorning. Here's your guest Parker/Keen-Minshull posing with one Emily Zinos from US anti-LGBT hate group Hands Across the Ailse. Zinos is also involved with the Minnasota Family Council, and is a hardline anti-abortion campaigner.

You've been duped!
Minnesota Family Council is an affiliate of another anti-LGBT hate group, Focus on the Family. The founder of which James Dobson, funded a fake feminist group called Wolf, or Women's Liberation Front. Quite literally, a front for anti-LGBT activists:…
Parker seems to recieve funding from the US evangelical movement too. Almost as if she's a far-right activist pretending to be a feminist. Suspiciously like that, in fact.

Parker ran a very successful Crowdfunder campaign, under the guise of "fighting for free speech", which recieved a curiously large anonymous donation to the sum of £1,600. The proceeds of this campaign went on to pay for her billboard.

Who's funding her activism?

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Oct 5, 2018
Hey folks, I want to show you something interesting.

Remember when TERFs crowdfunded money to challenge Labour over trans-inclusion? Well, did you know that lot of these US evangelical affiliated groups that cropped up recently have all been running crowdfunding campaigns also?
They're getting huge sums of money for their political activities, most of it anonymously. Like this one from a prolific anti-trans activist, which was billed as "Fighting for free speech" and recieved a suspiciously large anoymous donation of £1600, and funded anti-trans ads.
The same person is meeting with hardline anti-abortion activists from the US, involved in evangelical hate groups that are promoting the aforementioned prolific anti-trans activist. Huh, it's strange isn't it? Suspiciously so.

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Sep 22, 2018
Ok, so a number of folks have responded to this by saying "finally, a party for TERFs!" in jest, but perhaps aren't taking it seriously as the logical endpoint for the kind of far right radicalisation we're seeing in TERF circles.

So let's consider gamer gate and Steve Bannon...
So, if you didn't know, Bannon worked for a time at a World of Warcraft gold farming firm, backlash to which clued him in to how the "monster power" of angry gamers could be mobilised as a powerful political force.

Cue 2014, and the shitshow that was goobergate...
Breitbart took the nascent harassment campaign and ran with it. While a lot of gaming press wouldn't even talk about it, they had constant coverage, did hit pieces on every minor GG target, indulged every conspiratorial notion the gaters had, and pandered to them in every way.
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Aug 31, 2018
I think this is right, there needs to be some sort of deradicalisation effort, and support for those exiting the TERF movement. What Helena here describes, having to go to the police because of harassment from her "allies"? That's a starkly similar account to other former TERFs.
I've mentioned before that I'm in contact with a number of former TERFs who've reached out, and some trans folks had asked "why aren't they speaking out?" and said they have a responisbility to do so.

The answer is that they are absolutely terrified of retribution if they do.
Quite frankly, I think that even a lot of trans people don't realise the culture of fear and intimidation TERFs have fostered in their own circles. We know first hand how abusive and threatening they are to us, but nothing of the level of gaslighting they inflict upon their own.
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Aug 28, 2018
Hey folks, here's the skinny...

There's a few things that people are expecting me to comment on or to write threads about, and I just can't. There's hatred I cannot wrap my head around, so abhorrent that it feels like it takes something from me. I quite literally, "Cant even."
Being a rather vocal member of the LGBT community with a somewhat large platform, I often feel a responsibility to speak out, but at the same time it is draining to reflect upon the kind of burning hatred some people have for LGBT folks. So, I need to balance my own well being.
But I also want to be considerate of the well being of my followers, because I don't want to fill all of your timelines with anti-LGBT hate, and while I do try to talk about less heavy things quite often (and really enjoy doing so myself), I sometimes feel that's not enough.
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Aug 24, 2018
Hey folks, today let's talk about one of the most overtly gaslighting claims in the debate over trans people's very existence; that women are being denied a voice.

This is something you'll see a lot of anti-trans ideologues bloviate about. So let's look at the claim, shall we?
First of all, they don't mean women are denied a voice. They of course mean anti-trans bigots like themselves, because they certainly don't want to hear from women that support trans people, oh no! Those women, they'll call handmaidens of the patriarchy, rape enablers, etc.
But the "we're being silenced" act, while anti-trans bigots speak from columns in national media and call trans people parasites in UK parliament, is itself quite an overtly fascist tactic. Even the imagery between the far right and supposed "feminists" is similar.
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Aug 18, 2018
Hey folks, today lets talk about stickers.

(First of all, heads up for some images I'll use in this thread.) Last year, my city was plagued with neo-nazi grafitti and stickers, and I spent a lot of time tearing these down these stickers anywhere I could find them.
I cannot underscore just how many of these stickers were being placed around the city. Me and friends would tear them down and the very next day, more would have appeared. The remnants of ones we tore down told a story, they were everywhere.
Now, to understand the purpose of this stickering campaign, you need to take into account their placement. They were being put up around the hospital, the college, and heavily around schools and playgrounds, and graffiti was done across from shops owned by immigrants.
Read 9 tweets

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