Personalized #FF in a thread.
@WylieNewmark for bridging the Gap between cultural and political academia to operations.
@DrunkBinary for the constant onslaught of crowdsourced and community effort.
@hacks4pancakes and @jfslowik for the human side of ICS infosec.
@CharlesDardaman for being a malware reversing trooper and an awesome drinking buddy.
@HumanMalware for staying real and putting the warfare in cyber warfare.
@QW5kcmV3 for talking about tough subjects and being operator af.
@notdan for giving me the other perspective.
@oscaron for humility.
@DAkacki for being a human and a defender first, above all.
@Chazb0t for community effort.
@RobertMLee for being ICS sec philosopher.
@cnoanalysis for doing the ugly work with no recognition.
@mzbat for being a fed but speaking the truth despite it all.
@blackroomsec for flipping the bird to the haters, always.
@NicoleBeckwith for doing the thankless job with no hope for any thanks.
@mubix for community work and development.
@lorenzofb for being sus af.
@Bing_Chris for infosec reporting sans FUD.
@alexstamos for being obviously irreplaceable.
@mkr_ultra for giving me motivation when I didn't want it.
@MalwareTechBlog for being the community conspiracy.
@JohnHultquist for being a literal new con-man and doing it bravely.
@ItsReallyNick for making infosec sassy again.
@dotMudge for being infosec's OG but still being a light in the dark.
@chrissistrunk for being the guy who talks about stuff I'll never understand and teaching me always.
@mayahustle for being the Rompered Reverser.
@TheVega for leading threat Intel in a field that I didn't even know needed threat Intel.
@jckichen for being the real AI-ML guy in a space where that's a buzzword.
@BrianPKime for kicking ass in general.
@cybergibbons for the McAfee memes.
@da_667 because tanks.
@evacide for being the human face of an awesome org.
@GlytchTech for awesome work in hardware that always keeps me wishing I knew hardware.
@HydeNS33k for being the real life fem James Bond.
@infosec_samurai for putting philosophy back into infosec.
@krypt3ia for just being a cool dude.
@just_some_d00d for burning an ugly road and staying honest about it.
I stand upon the shoulders of Giants. This isn't even half of the ones I would like to mention but I'll add more as the night goes on.
@0xMatt for being an engineer in the realest sense and keeping us safe from the bleeding edge.
@malwareunicorn for putting fashion and Fab back in infosec.
@irongeek_adc for giving access to people who wouldn't have it otherwise.
@pwnallthethings for speaking truth to power.
@_r00k_ for incredible work in the community.
@SwiftOnSecurity because corn.
@livefromtheabys for some awesome and weird philosophical rants.
@uncl3dumby for telling me #everyDayIsLegDay
@Viss for being a hacker in the old school terminology.
@ComradeCookie for having the weirdest career path I know but being a true weeb samurai and SME in all things.
@__winn for being an inspiration in all things #Chyna .
@ErrataRob for legendary sass and sarcasm.
@zackwhittaker for also taking the FUD out of infosec reporting.

There are still more I'll remember later tonight. Stick with this thread.

• • •

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Aug 24, 2018
Late night thread bomb? Why not?

Today I made a comment that I think everyone should vote third party. I seemed to get a good bit of pushback, which I expected because, well, it's a political tweet and politics are polarizing.

Here's why I am undecided but supportive of third party candidates.

I am firmly Libertarian. I feel as though individual liberty is the answer to the vast majority of problems, and while I think the Non-Agression Policy (NAP) is flawed, we could do with significantly less war.
Usually, when I bring up the fact that I'm Libertarian, the reaction to that statement is disdain, condescension or blatant irritation. Regardless, the reaction is usually something along the lines of:

"You know they don't stand a chance right?"
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Aug 23, 2018
Thread bomb!

"The U.S. is overly paranoid about China’s tech rise" @washingtonpost Opinion article.…
This one is... interesting. Authored by WaPo's Fred Hu, the article alleges first that China's technological rise is non-malicious both in foundation and in intent. It goes on to allege that it's not altogether that powerful, and still depends on the US for much of its tech.
The overall "moral to the story" is that the US is being overly paranoid by painting China's rise to technological superiority, using some honestly cherry-picked examples of China hawks such as Peter Navarro.

Read 36 tweets
Aug 21, 2018
What, you thought no threadbomb today?

This is a particularly important piece of news. It goes a bit further than "ZOMG OUR ENEMIES ARE FRIENDS NOW!" There are deeper implications and likely caveats, but this is surely a sign of a deepening relationship.
Right now, sanctions are hurting Russia, and the threat of sanctions and existing tariffs are hurting China. Decreased dependence on the US sounds good unless we're talking about nations that aren't strategic rivals and national security threats.
China is injecting billions into foreign infrastructure as part of the BRI. Russia has a crumbling infrastructure. RU and CN missile forces are some of the more advanced in the world. Both are focusing intelligence assets on HUMINT and offensive CNO.
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Aug 20, 2018
Daily Thread Bomb:

This one concerns the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, a bill criticized by China as being egregiously inflammatory.…
As a self-professed China hawk, I firmly believe that if China is mad, we're heading in the right direction. However, there was a particular quote in the BI article that highlights the perception that China has of their influence in the United States.
The US "must not let this bill containing negative Chinese-related content become law," he (Geng Shuang, Foreign Ministry Spokesman) added, stressing that the US risks "undermining China-US relations and cooperation."
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Aug 19, 2018
Okay, here's another thread bomb that's pretty much me geeking out on one of the better public #ThreatIntelligence reports to be released on #Chinese threat actors in recent memory.…

H/T to @__winn and Sanil Chohan of @RecordedFuture 's Insikt Group.
One of the bigger revelations of this report is the correlation between Chinese economic and political activity and cyberespionage, a clear trend laid out throughout the report using correlative analysis.

Basically, Chinese cyber activity directly correlated with BRI talks.
I had a tweet bomb that hinted at this correlation last night but was mainly concerned with the dangers of the BRI/SoP activity in general.

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Aug 19, 2018
Hey look, it's another thread on Chinese geopolitics!

This thread is concerning China's Belt and Road Initiative, better known by it's more sinister name and implication as the String of Pearls initiative.

So dating all the way back to Sun Tzu, the most infamously overquoted book on strategy in history (disclaimer: I have a Sun Tzu quote in my bio) China has based strategy on the simplest and most complicated board game in the world:

围棋 // Wei Qi // Go.
This is a board game that consists of black and white tiles, with the goal being to use strategy to surround your opponent (strategic encirclement) and occupy space on the board.

This has lead to Chinese strategic thought placing a massive importance on strategic encirclement.
Read 21 tweets

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