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(1) Story time: “The Liberal Mentality”

So there’s this person I know, let’s call her “Stacy”... and she were raised in a very conservative/religious home. They suddenly decide that they’ve found the meaning of life and everyone surrounding her was wrong.
(2) you couldn’t convince her of anything but what her “path” was... and it wasn’t a good one. She insisted her friends and family had verbally abused her, and refused to let her “grow”.
(3) Soon after, she left and never came back. She deleted everyone from her life. Her family, her friends, and moved in with some other people. Ones that encouraged this behavior.
(4) she became a liberal, she changed all her views, rides the fence on every issue, and walks on eggshells not to offend ANYONE. Even “accidentally”.
(5) this all stemmed from a rebellious upset - because she didn’t like consequences. She didn’t like being told what was right or wrong. She says she’s “tolerant”, but refuses to tolerate others views unless they align with her own.
(6) from most sane people’s view - she had a breakdown. A complete mental breakdown. But unfortunately, we see this exact same pattern in the every day liberal.
(7) the men/women who dye their hair every shade of gank green, and shout obscenities on capital hill. The men/women who block decent conservatives from entering businesses and restaurants.
(8) the men/women who just don’t make a lick of sense. The latest in liberal hysteria breakdowns, is when @RealCandaceO, a young black conservative woman - wasn’t allowed to sign a banner against White Supremacy...
(9) WHAT?!

So this comes back around to my point.

Most, don’t make sense. Most, come across as crazy.

Like this:
(10) Now, don’t get me wrong - not EVERY liberal is a psychopath, and I’m not suggesting that they have mental disorders (okay maybe a little), but they consistently preach about tolerance, unity, peace, love...
(11) and they give NONE of it, to conservatives.

I only have to wear a shirt with the name “Trump” on it. It’s in small lettering, and the rest is just solid blue. They lose their minds. I get 1000 bad looks in a day. I get flipped off, I get challenged.
(12) how many conservatives do you know that would just accost a liberal for no reason? I’ve never met one.
(13) I’ve never keyed anyone’s car over a bumper sticker. I’ve never cut someone’s breaks. I’ve never called someone an idiot over their “I’m With Her” shirt. I might think it...but I wouldn’t go out my way to address them.
(14) you know why? Because I practice what I preach. As do most conservatives. We believe in YOUR RIGHT to believe WHATEVER you want. We don’t preach things we don’t practice.
(15) So Stacy, and people like her... are the true face of the liberal party. They will do and say, whatever they want - while your rights are restricted.
(16) they want absolutely NO consequences attached to their actions, while you’re jailed (twitter or real life) for your beliefs.
(17) Welcome to 2018. You’re not allowed to have an opinion.

Are you okay with that?

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
(1) Midterms are around the corner... Gotta say, the waters are changing. Reaction of today’s news is mostly POSITIVE. Even under liberal twitter feeds. They’re losing. Big time.
(2) Liberal celebrities, CNN pundits, Etc... are being chastised in the comments for expressing their views. The people are waking up and realizing they DON’T MATTER. We matter.
(3) the people who break their backs every day, the underdog, the average American. They feel good. I’m watching even hardcore liberal friends and dems, #walkaway. Those who call that a conspiracy theory, are mistaken.
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Oct 6, 2018
(1) A Spongebob series for Libtards:

That moment you realize maybe you shouldn’t get the surgery...
(2) Liberal have friends too:
(3) The ultimate soy boy #BetaMale
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Oct 4, 2018
(1) All of this was planned. The more I see, the more convinced I am. The more I’m in awe of Trump’s pure genius 😌

Kavanaugh, the investigation, the press conference, delaying the FISA docs, insinuating he’s got dirt on senators...
(2) He is single-handedly DECIMATING the Democrats before midterms. They look like idiots. You couldn’t get better plot lines from the worlds best movie.
(3) THIS is exactly why I voted for him. I knew he was a genius, I could see it in the way he carried himself and consistently outdid everyone in his path during election season.
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Sep 26, 2018
(1) Tapes and books. Something that seems to be dominating our newsfeeds recently. We had Omarosa (that just fizzled, didn’t it?), Cohen, Clinton’s book tour, Michelle Obama’s upcoming book, Stormi Daniels and the “cd”.
(2) Funny enough, she has a book coming out too! 🙄

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty...
Why so much talking? Why the tapes?
(3) Remember this?
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Aug 24, 2018
(1) Interesting stuff today. Took some time to go through it all but I’m so pumped.

Okay. Buckle in. It’s good.
(2) First, stop talking about the Sessions debacle. I’m not going to theorize one way or the other, but let’s put it this way...

Do you think Trump is really *that* stupid? The man that won an election against all odds and has proven TIME AND TIME again, he’s more than capable?
(3) If Sessions really wasn’t doing his job, he’d be gone by now. He’d have been on his ass MONTHS ago. Why would Trump, if he’s so badly being *whooped* - allow a do-nothing AG to stay?
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Jun 26, 2018
(1) Liberals speaking of civility?

@RepMaxineWaters encouraging people to confront Trump staff.

Threatening @DonaldJTrumpJr ‘s child.

@iamfonda saying he’d like to see Barron in a cage with pedophiles.

@kathygriffin holding up a fake severed head of @realDonaldTrump

Shakespeare in the Park fake stabbing Trump.

Signs outside Trump Tower saying “Rape Melania”.

@SteveScalise - nuff said.

@TheView Joy Behar mocking Pence and his faith.

People sending powder in an envelope to @MrsVanessaTrump
@RedHenLex refusing to serve @PressSec

Media insinuating Trump beats his wife.

Our own @FBI calling Trump supporters “Retarded”.

@iamsambee calling @IvankaTrump a feckless c*nt.

Media/journalists making crude jokes about incestuous relationships between Trumps.
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