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I am on record in media having warned starting in early 2016 that we were under atttack on a broad level w regard to our social media + that Russia was deep in our election related shit. Because US gov has not forcefully pushed/put hard money into fixing// we are in same place.
It is time for every state and locality in #USA to take it upon themselves and fix it. Put emergency funds into if you have to. This is a national crisis. 2016 was proof of concept now more substantial cyber attack occurring will occur by Russia #electionhacking #PaperBallots
.@cyber @DeptofDefense @NSA @FBI @CIA can only do so much to stop nation state based cyber attacks on our election systems in states/localities. States need to put aside partisanship to work together collaboratively to warn, help and have a emergency response team ready now
This is not a joke. Roughly 2/3 of States use electronic voting. None of the systems from 2016 have undergone any public scrutiny specifically any digital forensic auduts that have been released publicly. We are at real risk of seeing repeat of votes flipping in certain counties.
It is time for all 50 states AGs and Secretaries of State to ensure all Americans vote is counted and is/was not hacked by a hostile foreign power like Russia. This is not a party thing. This is about being a citizen of a great country that rises above partisan politics.
It is time for all 50 States to offer paper voting upon request+ issue a printed receipt like an atm receipt showing your vote as what it was.

Today is time to raise alarm.
It is imperative that Americans come together, put aside political BS, roll up our sleeves+ get to work

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Oct 3, 2018
Given that the Trump Org has hundreds if not thousands of llcs, many owned by his children, how much does anyone want to bet that the same tax avoidance schemes are alive and well, same strategies? The thing that worked before, keep doing it until you have to change...
I think this NYT story is the blueprint for not just the past frauds, but the current and future ones too. Guessing that this will not only show the emperor has no clothes, but no money either after all his debts to deutsch bank and the russians taken into account.
Serves as blueprint for public facing money laundering trail that Mueller can introduce into court. Whether cyber criminals, bank robbers, tax avoidance schemers, they follow their own patterns. If pattern works for a while they do it. Mueller just had his job made much easier
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Sep 25, 2018
So much seriousness... so to lighten it up a bit for everyone, I am going to tell a campaign story. If you are not laughing in a few seconds there may be something wrong with you. continued....
So. in 1992 just out of college, I was fortunate to get myself on @BillClinton campaign for President. Because I was from east Pennsylvania area, + I knew the area, I was assigned management of two field offices, one in Montgomery County (PA) and one in Delaware County (PA) cont.
Presidential campaigns are pretty crazy to begin with. Field offices in the middle of "hostile territory" which this was bc at the time both counties were majority republican voters. I usually put in 15-18 hour days. One night, I was alone in the Mongtomery County office cont...
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Sep 24, 2018
A couple things after getting attacked by trolls/bots for now 12 hours straight.
1. @twitter still has lots of work to do to get rid of fake accounts and bots. Happy to help if they want some advice.
2. Trolls work by threats, intimidation, psyops. Part of game is to overwhelm...
By overwhelm, I mean to "gang up" + try to make it seem there are more than there really are.
3. Besides the low to no information shared, almost always resort to threats/memes/both when pushed back
4. Timing, timing - rapidity + # of tweets directed @ you + accts attacking...
Timing of how quickly their friends run to their rescue is also a major tell
5. Some of the insults are just plain stupid, bad english, bad composition
6. However most insults designed to try to get in your head. To scare you. To make you question your beliefs. To mindf×ck you...
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Sep 21, 2018
Having been correct + on record about Russian interference through cyber attack/psyops on the United States during the 2016 election it is great to see other's books come out. Each one has a different side of a complex prism that is still spinning since we are still under attack.
The more books come out, easier Robert Mueller's job is because there will be less reliance needed on classified sources/having to work around methods to make his cases. Now much information is already dribbling out... in pieces. But. Also related. Mueller is still on it. 🇺🇸
There is and always has been hard digital forensics whether money or data or both/ sometimes voice/video/sms/email/encrypted messaging/ \that gets sucked up with ss7 exploits, spyware exploits with keyloggers, also people taping/| mirage that there was no conspiracy to collude bs
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Aug 2, 2018
After having been in and around U.S. politics now for 25+ years and attended 100s of rallies, what we are seeing now is faked. Fake outrage against media. Faked attendance # + always the same level of anger towards media no matter what city. #Followthemoney to craigslist ads.
Search "crowd fillers needed' on Craigslist and google. Tie those ad dates to a week or so ahead of rallies... bang. There it is. Probably in plain sight. Djt rallies being propped up by paid actors being told to scream at media. Not all actors and actresses are beautiful ppl.
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Jun 26, 2018
After years of dealing with cyber bullies in cyber security; reputation management, I will say emphatically that you need to push back on bullies, always. They stop when they realize their power challenged. This applies to information warfare too. Reveal the trolls. Shine light.
If someone uncivil for several years suddenly turns around + calls you uncivil, make sure not to bow down. Show them you are not afraid of bullies. Push back. Talking to everyone who is not trump cultist. If you are worried about creeping fascism, speak up, push back. Now is time
I call bullshit on anyone, everyone telling others to be civil. We are in time of children being ripped from parents illegally, put into child concentration camps, for profit, then being "given" to adoption agencies who will turn around adopt out for $. We all must be outraged!
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