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My last tweet for the night. I am going to take time to explain how I was conned in voting for Trump, as well as thanking those that guided me through this journey. As I recently said, I feel focused, determined, and accepted what is really right and real compared to "fake news."
As a conservative, the agenda is simple, it's about you and your own rights and what you think is right for the country. My rights i.e. the 2nd amendment which is really misinterpreted by conservatives thinking liberals want to take all guns, and they think it's a right for any,
and I mean any American has the right to own any weapon, even if the weapon was originally meant for combat. Many conservatives feel that "illegal aliens" are invading America under the gang of MS 13. Which I've later found out it's a gang started in the U.S. most immigrants are
mainly looking for a better safer life than where they used to live. Some are seeking asylum, and status shouldn't be based on the color of your skin. Conservatives especially the Trump supporting type condemns @Kaepernick7 and black Football players for exercising their free
speech right. Conservative media doesn't report police brutality or all the different stories of racism that exist today. I see why there is a black lives matter organization. And free speech isn't always about what you agree on, it's a right for all Americans. and
what was really wrong about this, we had @realDonaldTrump the President of the United States encouraging punitive actions over free speech. That is unconstitutional, and as a U.S. Vet who took the oath to the defend the Constitution, I will condemn him for that act.
Many conservatives fear Islam. A religion that many do not understand, people they don't understand, especially after 9/11. Being deployed twice to an Afghanistan was also had for me to see what Islam was about until after the dialogue I sought out t talk with Muslims, and
you know what, many Muslims are good people. Many with families, loved ones, right now who fear being deported because of their religion. We can't demonize an entire religion because of extremists terror activities in the other side of the world. Every religion has its lunatics.
Conservatives are under the impression that feminist hate men. That's also false. I had a nice twitter convo with @MarcieBianco a feminist who explained what they really expect from us men, not the exaggeration conservatives do. Also I have learned about the Kavanaugh hearing is
that I have asked how often does sexual assault happen, I couldn't believe all the stories, the thousands of replies of women telling me what happened or how many times, and from what they say, I believe Dr Ford and other survivors of sexual assault.
As far as Trump goes, he knew what conservatives wanted. He knew what they hoped for in a President, and saw how conservative media manipulated them into thinking how Dems and President @BarackObama were evil and willing to destroy America. He took advantage of them in the
election, and conservative media did the same to Hilary Clinton. They demonized her, he used that in his rallies encouraging the lock her up chants, and for many people that was enough to vote for him, they didn't really research, the hatred for Hillary clouded their judgement to
actually trusting a foreign agency that hacked her and the DNC's server and they cheered and supported that. The indoctrination of hate towards Hillary blinded so many people to the point of not even questioning if Wikileaks was wrong, they just cheered and Trump used this to win
which he did. I have learned after dialogue that President Obama, Clinton and many others are not as bad as conservative media brought them out to be. After the first generalization of liberals were debunked, I began to question everything. I have learned so much. This wasn't
an over night epiphany. This was several months of dialoging, not with that cool progressive girl that brought down my wall, but I have talked with many people off line. I went back to research past 8 years, finding more lies from conservative media that got debunked, and now I
would like to take this time and give shout outs to those who been there for me along this journey from the beginning until now. I have vented to them, learned from them, spent a lot of time to be able to make this hard decision. I would like to say thank you to
@NickMerrill @ZerlinaMaxwell @zakiscorner @jemelehill @ManInTheHoody @HillaryClinton @Alyssa_Milano I do apologize if I have left anyone out of those who have been very supportive of my journey. The shock and awe is over and I am ready to fight for decency and help the #BlueWave.
As a newly registered liberal Democrat, have a good night.

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Sep 3, 2018
Mr @BarackObama , I apologize for all of the nasty things I have said to you or about you. Thinking you were here to divide and destroy America from the inside. I have learned so much in these past several months my world has flipped upside down. I was part of the group who
thought you were Muslim, who thought you were born in another country. I was ignorant to truly do research about you that I did not make a proper informed decision. I trusted propaganda and thought you were the enemy of America. I thought you @BarackObama wanted to take all guns
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You know what, a part of me does feel at peace, but there is a part of me that is full of anger. Being angry at the fact that I have been lied to for so many years by conservative media, like Fox News and minor B rated media outlets. I am frustrated to find out there is a
Whole other America out there than the majority of white christian conservatives. I am angry to find out that there are lots of liberal Democrats that actually do support the Military and Veterans, because the conservative talking point reports that they don't care about Military
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First thread on Twitter for me being a Trump supporter and #DACA. I have had a hard time understanding why the left feels to protect illegal aliens and care about them more than Veterans. I decided to think outside the box and have a dialogue with a liberal Twitter friend of mine
This friend of mine who is none other than @SarahKSilverman. I Know many of my followers might not like her, but she has always treated me with respect from the beginning. We have had good discussions, so I really want to find out why they support this.
I know she is very busy and was kind enough to answer my questions, which I thought was a heart felt response. But, the comments I received from liberal followers of hers is what changed my view. I personally believe there seems to be fake news all round the media and here is why
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