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Just heard Darth Raab describe #Brexit as “Our moment of coming together as a nation”...
Perhaps the single defining feature of the whole #Brexit clusterfuck is the extent to which it’s DRIVEN THE COUNTRY APART.
Not just the fact that it’ll almost certainly drive Scotland and possibly NI out of the Union, at grassroots it’s destroying friendships, dividing families..
Whatever happens in the next few years there’s one thing I will NEVER forgive the Brexiters for.
They’ve done what the Nazis and generations of terrorists tried and FAILED to do.
They’ve turned us against each other.

Fuck them. Fuck them all forever.
We Remainers are always being told we have to step outside our “liberal echo chamber”; to believe that Brexit were having a UNIFYING effect on the nation, you’d have to be living in a fucking sensory deprivation tank

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Jul 8, 2018

1. First of all, my mute button is practically glowing: any Trumpers and transphobes been screaming at me since yesterday and wondering why I’ve stopped responding it’s because I can’t hear you any more.

But I’m gonna say this by way of clarification:
2. First of all, I didn’t jump into the trans/Pride “debate” in order to take a side EITHER way on the legitimacy of the protest at Pride, and I’m sorry if I mischaracterised the *specific* grievance of the protesters. God knows you gotta be meticulous on this one.
3. What I took issue with was Graham’s disingenuous framing of the incident as “Lesbians not Welcome at Pride”; as if ALL lesbians were ejected from the event just for being lesbian; as if Pride was now a pro-trans anti-lesbian movement. Absurd and (deliberately?) misleading
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Jul 2, 2018
We saw this last week with the snark aimed at #PeoplesVoteMarch; the Brexiteers on both sides KNOW they lost the argument months ago, so the only thing they can do is try to disqualify the opinions of Remainers by dismissing them as “middle class” (as are they, for the most part)
Now it’s easy to throw shit like that at me; university educated BBC Radio trained smart arse that I am (also working class parents, state school & non-Oxbridge & chronically skint, but whatever) but someone like Eddie poses a problem…
He’s too obviously NOT some sort of bourgeois fop to be dismissed; he might even - horrors - be taken seriously when he points out that Corbyn is gleefully sacrificing the well-being of the working class on the altar of his ideology...
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Nov 26, 2017
Aw come on Bill, you know that’s not how General Elections work; rightly or wrongly the LDs aren’t thought of as a potential govt. at the best of times, and June was NOT the best of times for the LDs.
The LDs were in a slump in June as a. they had a thoroughly unconvincing leader in Farron and their base still hasn’t forgiven them for the coalition. You can’t assess the possible fortunes of a pro-Remain Labour based on how the LDs did in June.
Labour’s surge in June was at least as much a reaction to the shambolic & dishonest Tory govt. as it was enthusiasm for Corbyn and this shambolic dishonesty was most strongly manifest in Brexit. What we have with Labour…
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Nov 9, 2017
1. May DAREN'T sack Boris because she knows getting himself fired from the front bench is all part of his plan for taking over the party.
Remember, Boris wants to be Churchill. He wants to come to power the way Churchill did.
2. That's why Boris keeps floating alternate Brexit formulae despite this being way outside his ministerial remit, and possibly also why he's not apologising over this. It's an ESSENTIAL PART of his plan to get himself demoted BEFORE 2019 and Brexit proper kicking in.
3. Boris needs to be on the back benches during the Brexit transition because he - like everyone else in the government- knows it's going to be a clusterfuck of Biblical proportions. He needs NOT to be a part of its implementation.
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Nov 6, 2017
Yes it does; the wall is never gonna happen. It's totally impractical and unaffordable. But the *pledge to BUILD the wall* was a deliberate…
… effort to exacerbate - and capitalise on - racial tension. See also the "Muslim ban"; it bears no relation to which countries ACTUALLY…
… pose a terror threat. If it did it would start with Saudi Arabia (but of course Trump has business interests there). It's an arbitrary…
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Nov 3, 2017
We are judged - correctly - on the choices we make. That's not prejudice. That's not bias. You made a choice. Justify it, don't whinge.
Leave/Remain isn't an abstract difference of opinion; the vote had real practical (and, it's increasingly apparent) disastrous CONSEQUENCES.
It's ALREADY making life miserable for EU residents in the UK and their families; the social & economic costs are incalculable.
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