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The lady need to be told, that there are not even so many men in India. Secondly, I didn't even know her until I saw your tweet. Hardly anyone know her. Forget abt sending something. If any sent, deserves punishment - after investigation. It is only about bollytards. Not all men.
Mark this. After Bollywood & support industries, the second grade filth is in Media & support industries. Matter of time, things come out from there. Many biggies will fall. High time.
Ask anyone in the industry, which media house conducts a famous party that none would want to miss. It has the saying goes... From booze to boobs to rubber. True stories will send shivers down the spine. Leave it to your imagination. Go figure.
I know at least 2 ppl in media who had their own version of #MeToo moments. One had to be rescued from depression. These are young kids from middle class family. Unlike few, these ppl can't even go & call out. Society would shun them. But...
We had the predators sorted - much away from limelight. Taught them a legal lesson.

The two young girls are doing well & one is happily married and settled abroad. (Her husband, is a gem of a person. Knows what she went through.)
Unfortunately, such good men will never be spoken about. We only want to talk of predator males. Do you know? Bollywood ecosystem has predatory females too? Have heard nasty stories. How an actress, got the producer to have an alpha male in an ad for...****.

That too, is bad!
It is better, I don't speak out more. I can go on in detail about what the ecosystem did to the two young girls, but, it'll inadvertently reveal their identity. I promised not to reveal it. So, I will let of this fancy storytelling that some are fighting back silently.
But, do remember this. For every reported case, there are at least 5 silent sufferers. They don't have the luxury to shout on Twitter. Ecosystem, protects their predators like anything. The girls had a tough time finding job after they were forced quit on flimsy pretext.
If at all, the girls want to reveal it themselves, let them do it on their own. Entirely their call. But, point is, don't think low crime is no crime.
And, let's not generalize this to all men. Ask any girl, who they trust in the most at work. It'll most likely be a male colleague in see level / subordinate. They'll be the first one to stand up for these ladies.
Likewise, ask them, who didn't help the most...answer will be...ladies of same level as that of the girl's predators.

I have seen all these chest thumping liberals from close quarters. First thing they try to do is to chuck the victim out of organization.
Luckily, I am very glad to be in an organization which is blind to who you are. If the case is proved, the predators & their support system is cleansed.
Most crusaders standing by the victim, are the same effing men, you dolts. You have zero percent of the grit that these men will have. Ever. Not even in 7 generations to follow. Think before you generalize.
And, you will see as it plays out. The ladies will expose, no men will come & claim that they stood by the ladies in the hour of need. No, they don't want credits. Coz, they didn't do for it. Standing by ladies is part of their MARDAANA. That's, not for sale. You can't buy it.
I am sorry to have got sentimental. But, I just relived those moments. Couldn't see ppl generalizing all men, so easily. These fuckers know nothing about "listening". They can't stand for a day. Some men stand for months together. Esp, in cases of depression. DO NOT GENERALIZE.
If someone is being called out by a victim, on Twitter, two possibilities. 1. The predator is a repeat offender. 2. The predator's boss know about this & chose to remain silent.

Or, the victim is lying - which is quite possible too.

Note: Gender neutral.
See, didn't I tell you? Female top bosses in corporate houses are the main enemies for victims. Almost everyone - very few exceptions there. Whereas, they're the safest, if the lady boss is a startup owner. Cultural difference.

What @TheRestlessQuil @MasalaBai @Shrabonti & loads of other ladies done today, is beyond words. Don't worry ladies, real men like bold & strong women. God bless you all! More so, those real men who stand by you - right now & in those dark times.✌
These things are beyond ideology & religious or whatever division that ppl are divided into. A wrong deserves to be called.

No man has any right or should have a guts to behave arrogantly like this with anyone. (If consensual, their personal matter.)
Yes, this may be more in left. That doesn't mean, it doesn't exist in right. Not entire left is like that too. One of my best friend, colleague & my boss is a leftist. He is more a brother to me. For 15yrs now. Am yet to find such a gem of a person like that in my profession.
Keep ideologies out of this. Strictly. Don't give these animals a lesser evil & larger evil thing! Draw a line for ideology.

You can joke a lot in josh. When real thing comes, show the grit to stand up to such thugs. Put your head on line, if need be. #YouToo can save people.
Sorry folks, this issue is close to me. How I wish I could tag the affected girl here. I know she is on Twitter. I don't want her to be reminded of those dark days. So, keep ideology BS clearly out of this. This is battle between humans & animals. Be humane. Ppl be investigated.
The Standup Villains.
The Standup Rapists.

Watch out for at least 2 big names coming up from TN.

It sends shivers down the spine, to see the thread @weeny has put together growing. But, am not surprised at all.
What is strange is that @Manekagandhibjp ji is silent. Why not start supper Moto action & order investigation from all the suspects named by their organization and later with police? What's stopping them?
See? This is the other side. Hear all, investigate all & then decide.
Guys, I resisted from saying a few things on this. But...urge you to get a detailed profile of the people involved (named). Something interesting factor emerges mostly.
Look around. For a 'yo man' type guy in every office? Full of attitude & ego? Full of westernised free culture advocate & completely rootless? Most if the guys named are such. Rootless wonders.
While profiling have come across ppl who are now complaining about something happened during a date. One even said, it was consensual. But I didn't like when did *that* or asked me to do *that*. How can he ask me to? Now, does that qualify as an 'advances' - I don't know.
Sometimes, you don't get an email approval for *doing it* - when both cross a line that is not defined, how will you categorize? I have doubts on law point here. What does law say? 🤔

@nationalizer - any idea?
What started off as a genuine account from affected ladies, later descending to trivial pursuit. Wrong. Let's not give such things and dwarf genuine person's complaint.
You pls start defining the line. Men should now be scared about innocent men hugging women - which is very common in North India, as crossing the line. I would limit it to namaste from now on. 🤐
What some ppl don't realize is, when they were complicit even 1% with the predator, they can't complain now. And, this is gender neutral.

Women should also not suffocate genuine young girls in need of help. Some of them did damage to that factor. 😒
If you have proof, come forward & take a route to screw happiness of the predators. Or else, it is just hit job with sleazy literature. Ya, that's what it is. Fact is, the lady who started all this, hasn't got a single complaint to @MumbaiPolice officially. With so much support.
I think, she even locked her handle. Why? It is here that it takes a suspicious turn. What was the agenda?🤔
Predators, in media is a well known one. 90% of those complained we're genuine ones who went through hell. I humbly request @Manekagandhibjp just to order an inquiry about this.
The remaining 10% are partly complicit & need to be taken to a counselor. They can't turn a genuine issue into a hitjob, after you were part of that too. What if few men turn against you on exactly same pretext? Wait, that too will come.
Again, in the entire issue, pls remember few things.

1. Don't trust blindly.
2. Always ask for an investigation.
3. This is gender neutral.

If false complaint, screw happiness of the original complainant - M/F. Law is supreme.

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Sep 10, 2018
Few rants. Don't mind. I have to say this. May at times find many ppl taking sides. I, for one, is a Democrat willing to listen. Don't bring commies. I can hear left tilted ppl too. Certainly not commies. I want a rules based society where rule of law is supreme.
Keep religion away from Govt & keep Govt away from religion. A crime is a crime. Why are we faking this "all are equal before law" when it is in real life hardly is? You messed up with a beautiful constitution. Q&A on Constitutional debates, should be made mandatory for our MPs.
I belong to no party. My preference is public here. I won't jump ship like ppl. For I know that this is the best India's got, with all my grievance. I can listen to my friends that this is working / not working. Best option is to stay put & weed out 'elements'.
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Aug 9, 2018
Signs from SM. Kerala flooding will be used as a plank to spew venom between States? Usual suspects leading charge. Not a single word on KL CM until now though. Same ppl who blamed CM for potholes. Fishy.

@rvaidya2000 @surnell
Yesterday, they were all praise for KL CM. Floods wasn't even an issue. So biased these leftist media is. It is down right sickening.

God save Kerala!
KL CM asks TN CM to reduce water level of Mullaiperiyar to 139.

Back in time, the day he took office, he said this. 👇…
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Jul 7, 2018
What was once called a theory, by our own ppl, here the facts. Go figure.


Ha! So expected this to happen. Chakan. Miles away from Mumbai. And closer home. Btw, you know why Chakan? Google, which major industry is based there & what growth it had. These are very minute details.


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May 23, 2018
@KirenRijiju Shame shame puppy shame.

"US disinvites China from Pacific Rim military exercise"
@KirenRijiju Indo Sino Border dispute and the solution to a resolution ahead. To make a fresh start, let us look at the natural boundary, and move ahead. For the Government of India to take it forward.

Via @Leopard212…
@KirenRijiju @Leopard212 China buckling or trying to save face?

Seems informal talks paying off. "Seems". 😁
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Apr 11, 2018
Job done. Tamil Nadu Police, rocks.

Seeman, who's thugs attacked TN police, issues a statement that it was wrong to attack police.

Me: Game has just begun. He'll be screwed with this.

"Sterlite protests has anti-social elements." - Thoothukudi DC

The pattern is same for Jallikattu, NEET, Cauvery, Sterlite, Neutrino Project. Just the cause, is changed. Chaos, remains. L&O is a problem in TN. Better realize it & crush it!


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Mar 14, 2018

PM won GE 2014. Lost Delhi.
Yogi won UP. Lost Gorakhpur.


All by polls, will be for corrupt. But, even uncharted territories will be won by BJP.

This, in no way means, any setback to BJP.

Hope above tweet makes sense. This loss, isn't as big as doomsday.

Relax. Do yoga! 🙂
This guy surely knows writing on the wall. Trying some monkey tricks. 😁

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