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1. What follows are my show notes from first 2 hours of this AM’s show. 26 callers, all first time callers, all women. We screen out only drunk/crazy people. ALL of them want #JudgeKavanaugh confirmed. Many furious at his treatment:
Meredith in LA✅
Lucy in New York✅
2. Connie in San Antonio✅
Debbie in Dallas✅
Margaret in Hawaii✅
Irene in Saratoga✅ 85. Thinks DiFi has gone far left
Jenna in Denton TX ✅ homeschooling history teacher 2 girls/1 boy
Kim in Illinois ✅ truck driver 7 kids widow
Cindy in San Antonio✅ paralegal/2 Boys
3. Jan in St Pete’s ✅
Melissa in Dallas ✅ today will show which way country going
Beth in Michigan ✅ homeschool mom, soldier son deploying
Kelly in VA✅ prosecutor of sex crimes
Kim in Columbus ✅ “so angry”
Sally in LA ✅
4. Pam in Delaware ✅ survivor/psychiatrist “no evidence against him”
Renee in Pittsburgh ✅ court reporter for 25 years.
Penny in VA ✅
Melissa in Winschester ✅Dem Qs ludicrous. Man fighting for life.
Michelle in Grapevine TX ✅ he showed righteous indignation
5. Myra in Palos Verdes ✅
Carol in WI ✅ losing due process
Helen in Philly ✅ “too convenient the way her testimony came in”
Marla in Tampa ✅ pure factual point...the facts are clear
Melissa in Detroit ✅ scares me to death as I have 3 teenage boys
6. Coleen in Pittsburg ✅ I am appalled at what has happened to him 54
More calls ahead even as I speak with Dr. Matthew Spalding, head of @Hillsdale @KirbyCenter, but clear #BlueBubble newsrooms have
7. not communicated this POV well, if at all this week. It is why MSM is not trusted. Many reasons for these #BlueBubbles but when a searing event occurs, anger at media bias soars. #JudgeKavanaugh will be confirmed if senators listen to everyone not just demonstrators.
8. More calls from hour 3 when Dr. Spaulding from @Hillsdale joined me:
Christine in Canton MI ✅ mother of 2 sons
Kimberly in Brooklyn NY ✅ outnumbered, very scary to express opinion
Melissa in Cleveland ✅ Catholic, 2 teenage girls
Paige in Spartanburg SC ✅ he’s innocent,
9. Laurie in Alaska ✅ texted and called Lisa Murkowski to vote yes
Kelly in NY ✅ “I am furious. If you have a father, brother, husband...”
Ann in Minneapolis ✅ licensed psychologist who works with victims
Roberta in Philly ✅ senior, worried about CNN filtering
10. Kerry in Arizona ✅ a victims advocate
Harriet in Atlanta✅ so easy for protestors to be heard too much
Kerry in New Hampshire ✅ such a critical moment. Need due process
Theresa in Missouri ✅absolutely.
Leftists sneer at these voices out of malice and ignorance, but that
condescension and contempt drove the country away from the Left in 2016 and will do so again in November. You can always count on #BlueBubble elites to ignore, mock, dismiss everyone who doesn’t fall into line. Facts are stubborn things, though, and these are voters, angry voters

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Oct 6, 2018
I invite and welcome @sbg1 on my show almost weekly because she’s a smart, I formed, funnily liberal, but her conclusion in this piece —“For his part, Kavanaugh will take a seat on the Supreme Court forever shadowed by allegations that few will believe fully disproved”— is wrong.
In a nation of 330 million a few percent will always talk about the allegation as though it met the minimum standard @SenatorCollins described, but there will be no shadow as that will be a distinctly #BlueBubble point of view. @SenatorCollins spoke for the fair minded and the
reasonable, not those bent by ideology, and insisted that accusations must meet the “more likely than not” standard we live our lives by every day. The noise from the left, indeed the screaming of the mob, hates that standard, but it saved #JudgeKavanaugh and his reputation is
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Oct 4, 2018
It will keep falling because Americans are fundamentally decent and fair minded, #JudgeKavanaugh obviously qualified, he and his family tortured because the left demanded it, and the process so transparently deceptive. I hope his daughters and wife can come to forgive the Ds.
Of course I am assuming his conformation based on early, whispered assessments that —as expected— Dr. Ford’s account could not be corroborated. But the nomination could still fail and, if so, the GOP’s majorities and perhaps the party will be shattered for years. Because of the
manipulation of a woman who wanted only to be anonymous, who could have remained anonymous, and because of the unleashing of the worst McCarthyism since McCarthyism. It is a sober lesson on the frailty of due process and the rule of law that this is even close.
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Sep 28, 2018
Good morning. Today's show is a replay of the high and low points of yesterday's hearing on #JudgeKavabnaugh, from the high points of his opening statement and @LindseyGrahamSC to @SenBlumenthal mangling "falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus," Senator Spatracus w/ a focus on choice
facing Senate, and the hope that all 51 @SenateGOP --aware of @JoeManchinWV rule: "There has to be more than just an allegation"-- will vote to confirm #JudgeKavanaugh, defend his honor, his family's reputation, future nominees and the reputation of the Senate. First full Senate
vote is Saturday at noon. An allegation that is 37 years old, which didn't even become verbalized for 30 years, cannot grow in significance because of the obvious trauma the accuser has suffered. Hoping @JeffFlake leads the way with his explanation in Committee today, and others
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Sep 27, 2018
The senators involved in this charade and ambush have set for themselves, their children and grandchildren the inevitable trap —“Didn’t you/your father/mother/grandparent vote against #JudgeKavabaugh based on a mere allegation and one much rebutted. And
you are asking us for fair play?” Decency, ethics faith will protect many of them but not all people are decent as we have seen in this process. Some scheme to destroy. This is ammunition in the slander wars, a playbook, and it will haunt those who don’t reject it loudly.
When @LindseyGrahamSC invoked Justices Kagan and Sotomayor he was sending up a flare that those days are over if this works. It’s going to burn down the remaining courtesies of the Senate. Beginning with the next nominee —if #JudgeKavanaugh isn’t confined— who will move in
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Sep 26, 2018
Judge Garland is a fine man, as Judge Kavanaugh has testified. @senatemajldr, using majority, declared #NoHearingsNoVotes, pursuant to the “Biden Rule” and the people voted. The smearing and politics of personal destruction never directed at him, or Justices Kagan/Sotomayor. And
lest you forget, though I doubt you do, the maneuver of nominee blockade was invented by then Judiciary Chair Leavy in 2001-2002, and of judicial filibuster by Leahy and Minority Leader Reid in 2003-2005, until threat of nuclear option by Leader First brought about “Gang of 14.”
When Harry Reid deployed #TheReidRule —that rules of a continuing body could be changed by simple majority— Harry Reid brought down all remaining guardrails and made judges simple majority votes. Now @senatemajldr should —if smears against #JudgeKavanaugh work— use #TheReidRule
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Sep 18, 2018
“HH: Now it has been suggested that because all members of the Republican side are white men that you ought to appoint a special counsel to conduct the questioning of Professor Ford should she appear, say someone like former Senator Ayotte, who was New Hampshire attorney general.
Any consideration to that, Senator Grassley?
CG: I would say that everything should be considered now. And all those things are being taken into consideration. So I don’t, I don’t really, in other words, you’re raising legitimate questions that are still on our minds,
and so these details are still being worked out.
HH: Have you discussed, there is a great concern, because all of the Republicans are men and some are older, you know, Ben Sasse, I don’t think, is shaving, yet, but many of you are older, that there will be insensitivity or
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