I got a story to tell about these black nikes and they involve my dear friend @thecoachchris_

The internet is a powerful tool when used wisely.
About a year ago,

I had a pair of busted running shoes 😂😂😂

I’m gonna see if I can find the tweet that had em because woof those shoes were fucked up.

But I kept working out in em.

I was unemployed as most of you know so Buying new workout shoes wasn’t a priority.
Found it 😂😂😂

And I wasn’t doing it for charity, I just didn’t realize how much I needed new ones because there was so much other stuff going on.
Chris immediately responded and was like bro, we can’t have you out here looking bad. You the homie.

Chris dm’ed me the same day and asked for my address and I gave it to em.

About a week and a half later I had these black nikes show up.

Completely free.
I’ve never met Chris in person.

We’ve only ever talked to each other online.

We’ve been working with each other for a year and a half though.

A complete stranger for all intents and purposes sent me a new pair of shoes for absolutely free.

Didn’t want anything in return.
When you contribute and add value to the lives of others,

Blessings pour down on you.

And this is one of the few reasons that even though Chris and I have never physically met each other, I consider him family.

Family is supposed to look out for you when you’re down.
Chris did just that.

I’ve never forgotten about it.

I never will.

Because he didn’t have to do that.

He did it because he’s a genuinely kind person.

He did it because he knew what it felt like to be down and out. He tells his story quite eloquently in his book.
You can get it here -> amazon.com/Major-3-Grow-Y…

His story is so amazing.

And he’s done all of it on his own.

In reading this book, I learned a lot about Chris.

More than anything,
I learned that you can meet actual factual real people on the innanets.
Chris is the kind of person you want on your team.

He is the epitome of kindness and sincerity.

He’s hardworking and driven.

And even though I’ve never met him, we’ve done some really great things together.

I’m looking forward to ya racing Ferrari’s together.
But for now,

I’m happy to just say that I know the kind of person that he is and I’m glad that he’s seeing the success that he is.

I’ve lost 25lbs in those shoes.

He gained a friend for life.

#Followfriday #ff @thecoachchris_

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
Better sports brawl?
Aight so I’ve seen hot takes on both sides.

Here’s my take.

Conor went too far. But he’s been going too far.

That’s part of why he makes the ufc so much money.

Conor is a real life internet troll that just happens to have hands.
Conor is the perfect personification of the culture today.

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Thread time ladies and germs.

I thought that in the wake of Hurricane Florence, people should be aware that a secret chemical byproduct has now been spread across the state from the Bladen county.

The water in Wilmington has been poison for decades.

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you’re aware that hurricane Florence fucked NC up.

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Get you like 2-3 solid women in your life, have the paper and the patience to support em all, and get up out this game shawty.

It’s only getting worse, especially in the West.
Getting a lot of interesting responses from the wimmenz out here so let’s make some polls.


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Sep 4, 2018
What if I told you that the law of attraction that is sold to you commercially is trash?

Would you believe me?

The body of attraction. M

A thread on how several elements are missing from this vital law.

I talk about this on my email list daily -> bit.ly/LoAEmailList
The law of attraction is the sexiest of all the universal laws.

It’s not the only one, but it’s one of the more important ones because you can control it directly.

Anything that you can control directly should always be your priority.
What things guide this law?

🧠 thoughts
👄 speech
💪🏾 action

All 3 fit together and they are all critical pieces.

Any hint of inconsistency between these 3 things and you will to attract what it is you truly want.
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Aug 28, 2018
Why you should actually want to be the smartest person in the room.

A thread

Everyone always says that “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

But akshually,

You might be in the right one.
Let’s discuss. #tjto50k
Before we go further,

Sign up for free daily emails where you get insights like this everyday from me.


Now I wanna say that smarts is relative, but as a whole, we go to places where we can learn.
Some people go on twitter so they can learn about more shit to be outraged about.

Some people go to the library to learn more about history and shit like that.

All of that is cool.

It also means that you could possibly end up being the smartest person in the room.
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Aug 22, 2018
A lunchtime thread with some insider tips on forgiveness and self reflection.

Why seeing the old versions of people will make you miss out on new blessings.

I talk about stuff like this on my email list that you can subscribe to here 👉🏾 bit.ly/LoAEmailList
Sometimes it’s incredibly hard for us to see the change in others.

Myself included. I’m pretty fucking stubborn so if I can do this, you certainly can too.

We have a lot of emotional stuff floating around that clouds our vision and our judgement.
Most of this comes from our need to be right all the damn time.

We’re so scared of being wrong that we cling to anything that makes us right. I used to be super bad at this and I had such a slick mouth,

I could convince people that they were wrong when I was wrong 😂😂😂
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