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Is there a reason we’re rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody ahead of the #GoodOmens panel?
Some thing make zero sense. #nycc
Whoopi Goldberg enters to We Will Rock You. I’m beginning to assume the #GoodOmens soundtrack is All Queen All The Time
It’s a toss up between Tennant and Hamm for biggest audience response upon entrance. #GoodOmens
The #GoodOmens panel
Gaiman says he’s seen the project through for Pratchett #GoodOmens
David Tennant admits he didn’t know #GoodOmens before getting the audition. His first time reading it was the episode 1 script
Tennant calls his part with Michael Sheen as a double act. He calls the script “delicious.” #GoodOmens
Miranda Richardson calls herself her own double act. She too hadn’t read #GoodOmens before being cast.
Michael Sheen read #GoodOmens when it came out.
Jon Hamm says he’s doing it for money. #GoodOmens
Lies! He read the book when it came out. #GoodOmens
Jon Hamm also pretends to never have heard of #DoctorWho. Tennant pushes back “well you lost that good job.” Jon Hamm looks very sad over #MadMen being over. #GoodOmens
Jon Hamm has never done a comic con before. When everyone tells him this is the first day of the rest of his life, he says “terrifying.” #GoodOmens
Clip time! Phone goes bye bye. #GoodOmens
Gaiman and Pratchett used to have a running joke about any cassette left in a car turned into the Best Of Queen before they ever wrote the book because both had a copy in their cars, despite neither of them ever having bought it. #GoodOmens
Gaiman is now pontificating on the nature of humanity. #GoodOmens
Sheen and Tennant never worked together until this project, and the chemistry was immediate. #GoodOmens
There can be no Aziraphale without Crowley. There can be no Crowley without Aziraphale #GoodOmens
Jon Hamm says Gabriel is that boss you don’t like because he’s so certain of his correctness, despite being wrong. #GoodOmens
Clip 1 was Aziraphale and Crowley. Clip 2 will be Gabriel. #GoodOmens
These clips are reminding me of 2016’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell #GoodOmens
Richardson explains Madame Tracey and compares her to Whoopi in Ghost. A fraud who turns out to be able to do the thing she claims. #GoodOmens
Clip 3 is not Richardson. There is no clip 3. Whoopi figures this out by reading aloud the stage directions in her notes. #GoodOmens
Audience question time. Ugh. I’ll tweet any that are worth it. #GoodOmens
Tennant says this is unlike any project he ever signed onto before. Sheen says they kind of clung to each other to get through it, which is exactly the story anyway. #GoodOmens
Gaiman says his favorite Pratchett book is Nightwatch #GoodOmens
Sheen and Tennant loved the History of the World segment which will happen in #GoodOmens Episode 3
Richardson says the child actors in #GoodOmens are fantastic.
Jon Hamm says his favorite part of #GoodOmens was the paycheck. “AMAZON ARE RICH.”
Speaking of Strange and Norrell, we have a question on how they dealt with the footnotes.
Gaiman says they basically had to make the book a character, and that’s the Voice of God.
Last question and then we’re throwing to the trailer debut. #GoodOmens
The panel overruled Whoopi and have declared they can do 10 more minutes. Of course the first question is “can I take a selfie with you.”
I hate audience Q&A. #GoodOmens
We officially have a showrunner claiming this is not a TV show but “a six hour movie.” #GoodOmens
Jon Hamm is asked if he want lay to play Batman. Neil jumps in and tells the question asker the first rule is not to talk about wanting to be the Batman. #GoodOmens
Tennant really wants a Jon Hamm Batman.
Gaiman says #GoodOmens has a beginning, middle, and end. (And now even more end.) So no Season 2.
Gaiman would really like time to be stretchy so you could lean on it and fit extra stuff in. Hamm would like it to be squishier so you could get through bad parts faster. #GoodOmens
Gaiman knew nothing about Bentleys when they wrote the book. The 1926 Bentley in the book was pulled out of thin air.
He had to actually research it once the show went into production, and they wound up with a 1930s era Bentley. #GoodOmens
The trailer is TO DIE FOR Y’ALL. And set to Queen.
Here’s the #GoodOmens trailer. Get Hyped!

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