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Wait should I live tweet how this film (Lean on Me) is not only a great film but a great representation of the antithesis of intersectionality? Should I??
Intersectionalists would explain the beating up (and in some cases, near sexual assault) of teachers as the natural product of systemic racism or something. In contrast, Principal Clark stated simply, "give me the names of every hoodlum, miscreant, etc. on my desk by noon today
It's also interesting how Principle clark very explicitly believes in broken windows theory.
Aka all of you are now expelled. Bye.
Clark introduced the concept of discipline + pride back into the equation. One takes care of what they have pride in. He believed in them. And when you believe in someone, the excuses that come from the "grievance studies" department simply will not do.
"If you do not do well, I do not want you to blame your parents. I do not want you to blame the white man. I want you to blame yourself. The responsibility is yours!"

What's interesting about this is that it is only once you accept that you're responsible that you can change.
Which isn't to say that you won't need help. This was Clark's blindspot. Saying that one is responsible for something doesn't mean that that person won't need help or guidance. It's not a binary. But its only when you know that youre in large part responsible that you can change.
The mom whose son was expelled proclaiming that Clark "has declared war on his own people" is prescient. Its precisely what #wokeness is about: the notion that demanding excellence is a declaration of war against your own people; how insulting that she did not believe in them.
"Do whatever you have to to transform and transmogrify this school into a special place!" lol Clark channeling his inner @jordanbpeterson who always says "conceptualize the highest good, strive to obtain it."
Sams is the prince who must slay the dragon and Clark is his yoda master. Okay I'll stop with the @jordanbpeterson references for now.
"Self respect permeates every aspect of your lives. If you don't have it for yourself, you're not gonna get it from anywhere."

-- challenges the intersectionalist doctrine that an external cosmic force known as whiteness (read Coates) is responsible for personal "oppression"
Clark sometimes confused disciplinarianism (I know that's not a word) with tyranny and really needed to calm the hell down at times.
what strikes me about the intersectionalists is that they don't really seem to be interested in in the intimate lives of the people they claim to care about -- which are much more complicated and real than portrayed
The fate of Kid Ray was definitely one of the saddest. He gave up on himself.
When they sing Fair East Side, you can see the pride building. Because they built that. It's proof they've finally begun to take pride in what is there's. And when you do that, you make something beautiful.
The part where Clark makes his teachers hold their hands up totally transforms the image that #BlackLivesMatter has used as its symbol of resistance. (aka hands up don't shoot.)
"These are my white children! They are the same as the rest of you...we meet our fate together! are not inferior! Your grades may have been, but show them what eastside high is all about. A spirit that will not die!"

Fin. 🙏🏾

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My spiritual development has been anchored in Jewish life. It has a Jewish orientation about it even though I am not Jewish. This means I view the world through the lens of Jewish time.
By Jewish time I mean Shabbat (though I'm not particularly observant in the orthodox sense), the holy days (yes I'm in shul all day for most of them), and kosher style (which I've kept since I was a child). This paradox exists for a few reasons:
One is I was raised in a Christian sect whose doctrine stated that things found in Torah should be kept. I no longer identify w/ the church I was raised in, but some of its structural claims still resonate with me, and my "map of reasoning" is partially Jew-ish as a result.
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Aug 28, 2018
I've just finished Francine Klagsburn's 'Lioness' and like all good books I read, once I am done I always feel like I have lost a good friend but am grateful for the journeys we had together. 🤗

Here are the some cool things I learned along the way:
Statecraft is hard; it often entails navigating good policies vs good policies and that is exceedingly difficult. Golda Meir sometimes succeeded, sometimes failed, but she was one of the titans of Israeli leadership and embodies a type of leadership that is needed everywhere.
Today there is a great amount of rhetoric in domestic politics; Golda was involved in actually building something -- which is hard and takes a lifetime and is far more interesting to me than what passes for politics in today's zeitgeist.
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Aug 28, 2018
As a Brand Ambassador at Jerusalem U I'm currently producing a YouTube series on identity in Israeli society and the more I learn, the more I'm convinced that generally speaking misconceptions about Israel are the norm in the West and especially in America.
Granted I haven't done a study of other western countries and their level of Israel awareness but in America, it seems like there are basic misconceptions that pass as "truth" which are either false, or only partially true, or largely irrelevant in understanding Israeli society.
For example the notion that Israel is "Western" is only partially true; it is as Middle Eastern as it is Western and if one only views it through the prism of western eyes, one would be confused. The majority of Israeli Jews come from North Africa.
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Aug 19, 2018
The steps necessary to build and maintain healthy relationships is completely thrown out the window when it comes to maintaining good relationships in a political context.

This is perhaps most obvious when we see how the extreme left & right talk about race relations.
Consider this incredible advice on self-mastery and relationships by @jadapsmith recently posted to her Instagram:
This approach applies to almost every type of relationship I can think of. Yet in another world, the political world of our time, people are encouraged to quote literally allow their traumas and fears dictate how they interact with people who don't look like them.
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Aug 12, 2018
I learned something instructive about human psychology today. I had to go to this timeshare seminar for 2 hours. I initially had some interest but then when another sales rep came in to seal the deal, something switched in my brain and I realized I didn't want it
It happened when my friend said, "she doesn't need it" and then the sales rep said "of course, it's not about needing it it's about wanting it." It was at this point I realized that the rep and I fundamentally didn't understand each other. For more on this first a little info:
This sales rep -- let's call her Jackie -- you could tell she was successful. She was the woman who sealed the deals. She had lots of plastic surgery (one of her eyes couldn't open) & for her the concept of "luxury" defined by a hotel chain brand really mattered in life.
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