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My recent posts on the 6% of the population being psychopathic or sociopathic. Has got me thinking. Being extremely ADHD I constantly forget how different we or I think. So I would like to make a thread on a topic that I’ve always held dear.

How to deal with evil.

Whenever I talk about a subject or react to a statement the first thing I do is research what the words I’m saying or that are being said to me mean. So first have to understand what is the difference between a psychopath and a Sociopath.

How to deal with evil.

The first argument I would like to get out of the way is that you can be a psychopath or a Sociopath and at the same time not a bad person.

How to deal with evil.

By definition a psychopath feels no empathy. Which means when you hurt they don’t. Similar to Diane Feinstein crying she is only crying because she lost power. Not because she tried to destroy us.

How to deal with evil.

By definition a sociopath feels some empathy knows that what they might do is bad but choose to do it anyway. Unlike psychos who don’t see it as bad. Evil acts give psychos pleasure.

How to deal with evil.

I was born with this gift I’m gonna call a curse. I am extremely good at knowing the personality of the people I am involved with or surrounded with. Psychopaths understand this ability of mine. They do not like people like us.

How to deal with evil.

Similar to the lunatic left despising Trump & @GenFlynn.
They understand we understand them so they can’t hide from us. They try to destroy us. In essence they love sheep.

How to deal with evil.

A true alpha male identifies as acts of courage, generosity and humbleness as pleasurable. Helping weaker ones, less fortunate ones, being noble fills us with joy.

How to deal with evil.

Psychopaths know that about us and they despise it. Psychopaths repeat our patterns and sheep fall victim every day, look at some of these college kids.

How to deal with evil.

So 6% of the population is either psychopathic or sociopathic which means you run into a lot of them daily. Odds are they are your boss your local and federal politicians. As stated they love control.

How to deal with evil.

So the best way to deal with psychopaths is to not play their games, do not trust someone that continually lies, sells you short, belittles you, set you up for failure.

How to deal with evil.

I know this thread was about dealing with psychopaths the reason why I wanted to make this thread was to bring awareness to how evil some of these horrible people are.

How to deal with evil.

And with a population of 6% of them the psychopathic. The evil elite have a pretty decent army to choose soldiers to commit their Heynis crimes to mankind.

How to deal with evil.

We are dealing with evil that Hollywood does not make movies about. If every day man knew what hides in the depths of hell they would never sleep again.

How to deal with evil.

I’m nobody special but for whatever reason I can deal with going to the pits of hell and facing demons. Only because I know I can and I want to help man. We are all placed on this earth for good reason it is up to you to find your path. 🇺🇸

How to deal with evil.

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