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Oct 7, 2018 10 tweets 2 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
You guys I want to tell you the story of a #Resistance wedding.

No pics of the wedding itself bc of reasons that will soon become clear, so lemme paint you a picture.
Bride & groom both heavily involved in Indivisible, and there's an election in a month. So they went with a straightforward courthouse wedding.
Except it turns out courthouse weddings in Fayetteville are actually kind of complicated

1) lots of bureaucratic red tape

2) they're not in the courthouse. The magistrate who handles marriages is INSIDE THE COUNTY JAIL
So imagine, if you will, a wedding party going through jail security & a rigorous anti-prostitution dress code
No phones or cameras allowed inside the jail, so they got locked in a crusty jail locker for the duration & there are no pics.
At one point they were doing a metal detector wand scan on the bride w her arms out & everything, which is both sad & kind of hilarious
So a lil old lady in the wedding party who hadn't gone thru security yet put her phone up on the bulletproof glass window to get some pics of the bride getting wand scanned

and the security dude starts bleating MA'AM. MA'AM THAT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL

ahhh blessed nuptials
I tell you this event was 100% classic southern charm

Also kind of classic Fayetteville. Groom is an Iraq veteran of the 82nd Airborne, bride is a new American
Anyway, immediately after the wedding we all rolled down to run the county rally against Kavanaugh because it's 2018 and love is real
Have a rad marriage you guys, you're already off to a kick-ass start.

To the left, the rally. Up on the sky, the 82nd Airborne on a training jump.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
Fun fact you learn after working in ag for a while: family farms run by a man who's really into conservatism, rape culture, racism, and hating women are *the most likely to fail.*
There appear to be lots of reasons for this.

#1, running any business takes a basic level of empathy. You have to put yourself in customer's shoes enough to figure out what they want & give it to them.

Rape culture & racism teach you how to NOT put yourself in ppl's shoes.
#2, to run a business successfully you also have to be able to put yourself in your employees', contractors', etc shoes to figure out how to engage them successfully to get the result you want.

Again: hard to do that when your mentality is shaped by ... hating other people.
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Oct 8, 2018
This is interesting. This account fairly likely to be a bot- number salad after the name, interactions w other bot accounts, & a 50/50 mix of folksy farm observations & Russian talking points.
Usually when I post on political topics, it draws some bot fire. Brett Kavanaugh & removal of UNC's confederate memorial got especially botty.
But for those of you who remember the Great Tractor-Turning Incident- that was a post that got a lot of angry responses from real live humans.

Responses from real live angry humans are very different from bots.
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Oct 6, 2018
A buddy was handing out some apples he got from a little farm stand up in the mountains.

These local farm-fresh apples were uhhhhh coated in fungicide.
They had a light powdery coating, which *can* be innocuous- often it's just dust from the field, or an inert clay like Surround (works as a sunscreen to keep apples from getting sun scald on the tree, and repels bugs too).
But! Not in this case. Right out of the bag they had that really juicy fresh apple smell, but as soon as that wore off there was that garlicky metallic "pesticide storage shed" smell that ag folks know & love.

Also featured a garlicky metallic pesticide aftertaste. 🙄
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Oct 5, 2018
This morning #ICalledMyReps and they wouldn't pick up.

Thom Tillis has several offices in NC.

All of their phones are shut down. There's a "we just help with hurricane Florence stuff! Stay safe!" message & no way to leave a voicemail.
Which is funny, bc they were answering their phones when I called to them last week. They weren't "shut down for a hurricane that ended weeks ago" back then.
This has nothing to do with Florence. This is a communications shutdown because they *don't want to hear from constituents.*
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Oct 2, 2018

One of the farmers straight-up told @RyanLizza "if they were legal we'd have to pay them more."

If you're confused on why farmers keep voting for bad immigration policy (even though they swear they "don't agree,") that's it right there.
To your face they'll say oh, it's just so terrible that ICE is doing raids!

But if it weren't for threat of deportation, farmworkers would actually be able to fight for higher pay.

Deep down, farmers know this. If you watch what they DO, instead of what they say, that's clear.
They know their biz model can't survive w/o threat of deportation. So instead of fixing their biz model, they vote for ICE raids.

Then they cringe and fuss about how dreadful it all is.

They can't even sack up to be proper bastards about it. It's chickenshit all the way down.
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Oct 1, 2018
I do a lot of food safety audits. That means rolling up to farms w clipboard in hand.

Farmers get real annoyed when people w clipboards annoying.

But their workers get TERRIFIED.

That's in a good year when there aren't ICE purges. This year is different.
A big part of food safety audits is talking to the folks picking & handling the food. We have to confirm that the farm's done the basic due diligence like communicating when & how to wash hands *in the right language,*" etc.
Every once in a while you'll run into a picker who's way too nervous to respond. They keep looking at their boss & not saying anything. Or if it's an orchard, a lot of pickers climb way up to pick at the very top of the tree & stay there till the inspector's gone.
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