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'President Trump lashed out at left-wingers this week, ...'

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@vadum (full text, links below) frontpagemag.com/fpm/271528/ver…
'... declaring that the out-of-control leftist-manufactured controversies raging around Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court prove it is a “very scary time for young men.”
'It has been true for a while that men accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment on college campuses are tried by kangaroo courts.

In fact, railroading students accused of such things was official policy in President Obama’s Department of Education.'
'But now the same mob mentality has taken over the nation’s capital.'
'The idea of masculinity itself is under attack, as if being male were a disease.

Being aggressive and pushing boundaries, that is, being manly, is treated as toxic behavior.'
'Political lynchings of men, especially Caucasians and those to the right of center, have become increasingly commonplace.

"White men are presumed guilty because they are white men, because they are supposedly in a position of privilege," Ben Shapiro said recently.'
'In his comments Trump was addressing the morbid and skewed totalitarian puritanism that reigns in official Washington right now.'
'Sexual witch hunts targeting men with the wrong political beliefs or jurisprudential outlooks have become the norm in the Supreme Court confirmation process.

Just ask Clarence Thomas.'
'As the absurd sex claims against Kavanaugh have been fizzling out, the Left has shifted the goalposts, accusing the would-be justice of being an abusive drunk on the basis of his otherwise banal, totally ordinary youthful experimentation with beverage alcohol.'
'It’s not that left-wingers are opposed to the consumption of alcohol – they just want to come up with any excuse they can to prevent Kavanaugh (or any other Trump nominee to the high court) from moving forward.'
'Left-wingers have even claimed that Kavanaugh’s wholly justified righteous indignation at being accused with no credible evidence whatsoever of being a party to gang rape somehow shows he lacks the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court.'
'Whatever Kavanaugh says or does he’s damned in the eyes of the Left.

They will continue to attack him with a religious zeal whether the FBI’s redundant supplemental investigation turns up anything worthy of further examination.'
'Whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not, the hazy, still-uncorroborated allegations leveled at him by Christine Blasey Ford will have staying power.

This is because the character-assassins of the Left hellbent on sabotaging Kavanaugh control the culture.'
'They will continue to slander the judge till their dying days.'
'The Torquemada-style approach to sexual abuse claims has been in vogue for years and young men have become its frequent victims.

False rape claims are already distressingly common but in the #MeToo era of the 24-hour news cycle they get sensationalized like never before.'
'At least those accused in rape hoaxes in 2006 and 2014 were able to fight back and clear their names.'
'Stripper Crystal Gail Mangum's false 2006 claim against three members of Duke University's men's lacrosse team was initially believed and those who questioned it were demonized.'
'One of the reasons she was taken seriously was the fact that she was black and the lacrosse players were white.'
'Rolling Stone was forced to retract its infamous 2014 article falsely accusing members of a University of Virginia fraternity of gang rape.'
'But nowadays the accusations spread at lightning speed and get amplified in social media, allowing the Left to ruin a man’s reputation in mere minutes.'
'Which brings us back to President Trump and his defense of Kavanaugh.'
'A reporter said, “Your son, Mr. President, says that he fears more for his sons, at this point in the MeToo era, than his daughters.

Do you agree that men are under attack?”
“Well, it’s a tough thing going on,” Trump told reporters at the White House Tuesday.'
“My whole life, I’ve heard you’re innocent until proven guilty,” Trump said. “But now, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

That is a very, very difficult standard.”
'The president continued:
'As usual, President Trump is right.'

~ End ~

By Matthew Vadum @vadum via @fpmag
'Trump said Kavanaugh has been treated unfairly as multiple women have come forward to accuse the federal judge of sexual misconduct.'


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Oct 9, 2018
'Imagine the tiniest tip of the world's biggest iceberg.'

@Sultanknish (full text, links below) Like this? RT it!
'One that can crush cruise ships, major cities and political parties.'
'Linking voter registration to the DMV has certainly paid huge dividends for the Dems.

It's also structurally a trainwreck.'
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Oct 9, 2018
'There are rare things in this world.'

@Sultanknish (full text, links below) Like this? RT it!
'Waterfalls in the desert.

Sunny days in Seattle.

And something like a moment of honesty from Hillary Clinton.

It's very partial, but still entirely implausible.'
'We won't be civil to you... until we take over.'
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Oct 9, 2018
'Enough, or too much...'

This is too good not to read. And retweet. ~ O

@CEGrotius (full text, links below)
'Christine Ford, the brave new hero to feminists, expects America to believe she needed a second front door for her Palo Alto home because, more than three decades after Judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly tried to rape her, she was still feeling “claustrophobic.”
'Although, as she said, the two front doors are not, alas, “aesthetically pleasing,” at least the professor felt as safe as any snowflake college student with her coloring books and Play-Doh.'
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Oct 8, 2018
'When Democrats complained, Congressional Republicans didn’t back down. Republicans instead went wherever investigative leads took them. And oh, where these leads have taken them.'

MICHAEL GINSBERG via @FDRLST thefederalist.com/2018/10/08/dem…
Here's the full text so it's easier to read in one place:
Looking back on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, it is remarkable to see its similarities with the other story that has dominated our national conversation for the last two years:the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in the 2016 election.
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Oct 7, 2018
Eric Holder as Emperor Palpatine?

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@Sultanknish (full text, link below)
'I agree.

Sotomayor and Kagan have a lot of hard work to do.'
'Holder should consult with the ghost of Marc Rich and the racists of the New Black Panther Party before issuing such pronouncements.'
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Oct 6, 2018
'Senate Democrats and their radical backers knew that going after Brett Kavanaugh with a smear campaign was win-win.'

@Sultanknish (full text, link below) Something important to consider...
'Either they would keep Kavanaugh off the court, or hurt the Republicans politically, preferably both.

There was no down side.

Not for Feinstein.

And not for the activists behind the scenes.'
'If Kavanaugh is confirmed, Republicans may be tempted to let it all die down.

But unless there's a price to pay, then there will be sequels.'
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