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Too lazy to read our 30 page Summary For Policy Makers and report? Well here it is in tweets @IPCC_CH (1/n) where n is likely greater than 10 and less than 30 - now trying to thread them together - #twitterincompetence : real thing is here ipcc.ch/report/sr15/
A1. At 1.0°C global warming already on course to pass 1.5°C in ~2040. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (2/n)
A2. Risks higher at 2C than 1.5C. They depend on where you live and whether you manage to adapt. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (3/n)
A3. We are locked into long-term sea-level rise and other impacts, but not yet locked into 1.5°C. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (4/n)
B1. Clear differences in climate at 1.5C and 2.0C: 2C would have more very hot days & depending on where you live you could see heavier downpours and/or bigger droughts. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (5/n)
B2. Keeping to 1.5C will save 10cm of sea-level rise in 2100 and more thereafter. Sea-level rise would be slower and give us more time to adapt. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (6/n)
B3. Staying below 1.5C will save thousands of plant and animal species in our seas, on land and in our coastal regions. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (7/n)
B4. Staying below 1.5C will help ocean temperature, acidity and oxygen levels: saving some coral reefs and the fishing industry. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (8/n)
B5. There are ever-increasing risks to health, food, water, security and the economy as we approach 1.5C and higher temperatures. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (9/n)
B6. It will be easier to cope with 1.5C compared to 2C. At 1.5C there is lots of ways we could manage risks. But there are limits to how well some sectors can adapt. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (10/n)
C1. If we are serious about limiting warming to 1.5C, we need to halve CO2 emissions within 11 years and go zero carbon by 2050. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (11/n)
C2. Going for 1.5C requires much more effort. Investments in energy production, industrial processes, the building industry and farming are needed to deliver an unprecedented scale of change across a menu of options. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (12/n) @JoeriRogelj
C3. 1.5C requires 100-1000 GtCO2 of CDR between now and 2100. Anything more than a few hundred GtCO2 is wacko. Better to stay at low-end of wacko by starting deep emissions reductions now &achieving CDR through planting forests and improving soils. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (13/n)
D1. Implementing mitigation plans within NDCs would lead to 52–58 GtCO2eq per year in 2030. Fast forward 11 years and if these NDCs is all we have achieved it will be too late for 1.5C. If we are serious, ambition and actions are needed now, #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (14/n)
aside: "NDCs submitted as part of the Paris agreement" or "submitted pledges in the last few years"? (aside/n) Photo by IISD/ENB | Sean Wu enb.iisd.org/climate/ipcc48… …"
D2. There is a right way and a wrong way to achieve 1.5C. A 1.5C world could be more sustainable and more equal than a 2C world and it could easier to eradicate poverty. But only if we get the solutions right. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (15/n)
D3. Carefully thought through adaptation options can also help development and bring people out of poverty. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (16/n)
D4.1.5C mitigation options would affect other Sustainable Development Goals in both good and bad ways. Careful management and starting ASAP helps achieve more of the good. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (17/n)
D4. 1.5C mitigation options would affect other Sustainable Development Goals in both good and bad ways. Careful management and starting ASAP helps achieve more of the good. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (17b/n)
D5. Across the piece, more investment, better policies and acceleration of new technology coupled with behaviour change is the best way to implement effective solutions. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (18/n)
D6. Sustainable development would generally help the world achieve 1.5C. #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (19/n)
D7. International cooperation is critical for achieving 1.5C. Supported by actions from civil society, the private sector, local communities and indigenous peoples #SR15 #IPCC30 @IPCC_CH (20/n)

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