If the US were divided in two- Liberals on one side and conservatives on the other, with a BIG WALL in the middle. How many years would it take for the liberal states to be a 'third world' country in the same position as Venezuela?
2) They could tax people at whatever rate they wanted, elect whatever leaders they wanted, impose whatever laws they wanted- literally just turn it into the liberal utopia that they have tried to impose on the rest of us for YEARS. I bet people would be dying to move to LIBTOPIA.
3) They would have the perfect culture of diversity and tolerance they dream of- they would all gather in the streets at night and sing kumbaya together. They would have no need for police, because everything would be perfect and everyone would be just a big happy family.
4) LIBTOPIA would be the envy of the rest of the world, because everything is free and there would be no guns- so there would also be no crime. There would not be a drug 'problem' because there would be vending machines for the drugs and needles in the 'shoot up' clinics...
5) .... It ALL would be provided by the government of LIBTOPIA of course because the gov't could afford it from taxing the citizens at 90% and of course that would be 90% of a $15/hr minimum wage rate too. So that is a LOT of extra money that the gov't would have to spend.
6) In the country of LIBTOPIA, there would be housing for everyone, so no one would be homeless- that would be gov't provided too. In fact, they could just build HUGE apartment complexes for everyone to live in rent free & that way they could all share food- true socialist style
7) There would be no need for doors on any of the apartments- since there is no crime, and there is no need to protect what is yours because in reality, nothing is truly YOURS right? If one citizen of LIBTOPIA had something that someone else did not, then that would be unfair.
8) The gov't of LIBTOPIA would NEVER allow for there to be social injustice and unfairness among it's citizens, so everyone would get EVERYTHING THEY WANTED FOR FREE, as long as EVERYONE got the same thing. Freedom, right? LIBTOPIANS would ALL be so free together.
9) Every citizen of LIBTOPIA would work for the government, so that no one would have a 'better' job than anyone else- and besides the government would have to 'own' everything in order to keep ugly capitalism from ever corrupting the culture of LIBTOPIA.
10) If LIBTOPIA allowed business owners, then those people might make more money than the rest of the LIBTOPIANS and then you start going down that path of social injustice again. Anyone being allowed to 'own' anything would be unfair to everyone that did not own things.
11) LIBTOPIA would be such a wonderland. Literally, everyone would be just as rich as everyone else. There would be NO classes of people- no rich, no poor, no middle class, no homeless, no one living in mansions. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???
12) The president of LIBTOPIA would be Obama, and technically he would not be a president- he would be more like a king because everything would be so awesome that NO CITIZEN would EVER want to question the leader of such a great society- LIBTOPIA!
13) In LIBTOPIA, you could stand for the anthem or kneel if you wanted- but of course NO ONE would WANT to kneel, because hey- this is LIBTOPIA- it would not have social issues that need to be protested against, right?
14) In LIBTOPIA, there would be no societal constraints. You could just be whoever you decide to be that day. Straight, gay, man, woman, child, adult, etc. You could wear whatever you wanted everyday too, because no one would judge you because everyone would have the same clothes
15) People from all over the world could just flow into LIBTOPIA too, because they would have no borders. Can you just imagine how amazing it would be to have a melting pot of cultures from all over the world living together in perfect harmony?
16) Of course, there would be no religion in LIBTOPIA- That would cause too many social injustices and barriers for people to become on with each other. So instead of religion- ALL LIBTOPIANS would just worship nature. The beauty of creation from big rocks smashing together.
17) In LIBTOPIA, women would be heard, believed and respected by all of the other LIBTOPIANS too. Because hey, I might be a woman and I would sure want other people to listen to me, believe me and respect me too. It could happen to any of us- depending on how we feel that day.
18) If for some reason you have a rogue bad actor citizen of LIBTOPIA commit a crime- NO WORRIES. That person can just move to a different city. Because in LIBTOPIA- ALL CITIES ARE SANCTUARY CITIES!!!!! YEAH LIBTOPIA- Let's dance!
19) All health care would be free in LIBTOPIA of course. So everyone would have the same great health coverage- because it is all paid for by the gov't. If you feel a little sad (how could you living in LIBTOPIA???) you could just go to any doctor and get free medicine.
20) And if since you can go to any doctor in LIBTOPIA free of charge- YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU WANT TO. Isn't that cool!!!
21) Here comes the really cool part about getting to live in LIBTOPIA:
All cars are electric- but there will be HIGH SPEED rail systems that connect every city- so you will not need a car- plus the trains are all electric too.
22) All of the restaurants in LIBTOPIA are TACO BELL's too. The menu is much different than you remember from the old racist US Taco Bell's from back in the day- but hey- you can't have each restaurant having menus that some might get offended by. Plus since they are all owned...
23) ... by the gov't of LIBTOPIA, it makes it a LOT easier on them to just have one business model to follow- gotta keep the costs down so the gov't can pay for free college.
24) There would be no retail stores like you are used to either. They would all be gov't owned so no need to label them with different names- Just call the clothing store the clothing dispensary, the grocery store would be the food dispensary and so on and so forth.
25) So, as you can see- getting to live in LIBTOPIA would be a complete DREAM COME TRUE- as long as you are a liberal and support their beliefs. If this does not sound like a wonderland to you- then you can live in the conservative part of the old United States.
26) This country is simply just called AMERICA- Still- WHY? Because @realDonaldTrump became President of the United States and he made America Great Again! All of the people who believe in freedom FROM government decided to live here instead of LIBTOPIA.
27) When @realDonaldTrump was elected as president of the United States- instead of consolidating the power structure and ruling OVER the people- he decided to give the power TO the people. To trust in the people's ability to thrive without gov't being the nanny or interfering.
28) In America, you can be anything you want to be- a doctor, lawyer, military, business owner, construction worker, hairstylist- whatever. You just have to be willing to WORK for what you want.
29) In America, capitalism rules because everyone understands that capitalism drives innovation and invention. Everyone is striving to be better than the competition each and every day. Competition makes EVERYONE better.
30) With each individual striving for improvement and being responsible for their own lives, society as a whole is lifted up and improved. Every man, woman and child are taught from the very beginning that nothing in life comes free and you must work for what you want. EARN IT.
31) So now let's get to why I started this parody of a thread in the first place.
32) Within 5 years- probably way sooner- LIBTOPIA would be bankrupt, in debt to their eyeballs and overtaken by whoever the lien-holder was. Crime would be rampant, poverty would encompass ALL, and you would have death and squalor in the streets.
33) LOOK at the LIBTOPIA cities worldwide that have been operating with a moderated version of the liberal utopian policies. Have you seen San Francisco? Paris? London? Tent cities, trash and feces in the streets, rampant crime and terrorism?
34) Here are some photos for you- just in case you cannot picture it in your mind.
Here is a San Francisco slum encampment.
35) Here is city of San Francisco workers cleaning up an encampment.
36) Another San Francisco street
37) Here are some photos of the streets of Paris- The city of lights....
38) There are hundreds of cities world wide that have been attempting to create a LIBTOPIAN society and culture and all you have to do is look at the photos and listen to the citizens of those cities to know that it is anything BUT a utopia.
39) So here is where the rubber meets the road: Liberals want to hang on to their idea of THEIR UTOPIA- LIBTOPIA- and fight for all of the LIBTOPIAN policies- BUT they expect the people of AMERICA to pay for it all.
40) Imagine that AMERICANS are the rich uncle and the LIBTOPIANS are the spoiled child that wants everything handed to them for free- they are unwilling to WORK for what they want.
41) Imagine that the rich uncle (US) has said- 'I am sorry, but you are going to have to go out and get a job, because I am NOT going to support you anymore.' Then the spoiled child falls on the floor and starts screaming at the top of their lungs "THIS IS NOT FAIR."
42) "You have all of this money and you will not support me?" and then proceeds to attempt to destroy everything that the rich uncle has on their way out the door. The LIBTOPIANS CANNOT survive without the people that they are constantly fighting against.
43) Without Conservative morals and principles, the LIBTOPIANS would ABSOLUTELY live in a third world 'shit hole'. They fight against the hands that feed their idiocy- don't believe me? Take away ALL gov't funding for their idiotic social programs and see how long they last. FAIL
44) The US gov't funding these America hating groups and programs is no different than us giving funding to Hamas, Palestine or Iran. They freaking HATE AMERICA, why would we give them money to do so?
45) Look at the amounts of money that organizations like Planned Parenthood donates to the liberal agenda. If they have money to donate- WHY ARE THE TAXPAYERS FUNDING THEM?????
46) My mom and dad supported me as long as I was going to school- including college. But you know what I DID NOT do while they were supporting me? Fight with them and tell them how shitty they ran the household. You know why? Because my funding would have immediately ceased!
47) AND, I realized that, while I may not have agreed with everything that my parents did in the operation of our household, I had to respect their rules.
48) So, when the LIBTOPIANS want to scream and yell about how the conservatives are RUINING AMERICA- they need to remember that the capitalists are the ones that pay for all of their stupidity- the same way my parents provided for me when I was too stupid to fend for myself.
49) The difference is- I was GRATEFUL for my parents taking care of me while I was 'growing up' & I eventually made that transition into adulthood. The LIBTOPIANS are NOT grateful- they hate us for it- & they have NO intention of 'growing up' as long as we provide for them
50) Long story LONG- WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of the LIBTOPIAN insolence and we WILL fight to keep AMERICA from becoming LIBTOPIA with every fiber of our being. We KNOW what your policies will do to ALL of us & WE THE PEOPLE do NOT want it. It is time to GROW UP & be adults
51) Understand that I UNDERSTAND- The LIBTOPIAN agenda IS to destroy AMERICA. The Globalists designed it that way. This thread is driven to reach the young people who have NO IDEA what they are supporting and how EVIL their 'leaders' actually are. They will know soon... #QAnon
This tweet from @TomFitton speaks to EXACTLY what I am saying here.

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
[Meeting between Comey and Coleman on October 4]
The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Is Likely Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick

It is absolutely inconceivable that anyone, let alone leaders in the FBI and DOJ could forget a discussion related to ‘crimes against children’. The odds of this are none to zero. As the report states, EAD Coleman and FBI Director Comey seldom if ever met one on one.
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Oct 5, 2018
LOGIC- Those who argue against #QAnon (usually) fall into two categories.
1. The 'journalists', don't like getting 'scooped' by citizen journalists or having their spin/fake stories independently investigated. They do NOT want you to question, they want you to trust.
2. People who did not 'buy-into' the #QAnon movement early. They did not believe it possible that Q was real then and therefore they are entrenched in their stances now. Kudos to those who use logic and have actually changed their position on Q later in the game.
What I also find interesting is that there are a LOT of people like me, that have studied EVERYTHING #QAnon related for the past <Year and when we are asked about it, there is NO DOUBT that what Q is sharing with us is legit intel and leads us down valid research holes.
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Oct 4, 2018
I am normally a VERY even keeled person. I avoid highs and lows like the plague because I KNOW that reality is not contingent upon emotion. I also have a well educated understanding of how to read people & see through them. Watching Graham the last few weeks......
.... It is REALLY hard not to get caught up in liking him immensely. I have despised him as a RINO for a VERY long time, so I am highly skeptical. But- I truly believe that McStain had something REALLY REALLY bad on him or something, b/c he has been a PITT BULL since no McStain.
The way he conducts himself in what should be stressful situations tells me that he is EXTREMELY comfortable with who he is (as presented) and you can tell that it is NOT an act. What he is saying just flows out of him as if intrinsic to his being.
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Russia collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on dossier before surveillance warrant💥🔥💥⚖️
Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the DNC’s private law firm. 🤭😮🤯thehill.com/hilltv/rising/…
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Baker was interviewed by lawmakers behind closed doors on Wednesday. Sources declined to divulge his testimony, other than to say it confirmed other evidence about the contact between the Perkins Coie law firm and the FBI.
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Oct 4, 2018
Here is an example of #HowFakeNewsWorks
Slate Misquotes Kavanaugh, Then Attacks Him over Its Lie.

The Sunday piece by Molly Olmstead is titled “Kavanaugh, Who Said He Had ‘No Connections’ to Yale, Was a Legacy Student.”

2) So, Molly Olmstead from Slate quoted Kavanaugh as saying, under oath, that he had no connections to Yale and that he got in because he busted his butt.

She attacked/accused Kavanaugh for lying under oath, and blasted it out on their website as 'news'.
3) The point of 'fake news' propaganda outlets is to steer the mind. If they can tell a lie enough, your mind will absorb it and even if you later find out it's a lie, it still affects your thought.
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Oct 3, 2018
No doubt if you go all the way back. Specifically, their movement organized greatly when Reagan was elected. You had the Muslim Brotherhood, the nazis, and the communists all join forces under one umbrella- Progressives. This organization was the final puzzle piece for the NWO.
Once that puzzle piece was in place- they just needed to subvert the US government through candidate insertion and purchase, creation of thousands of NPOs to steer political correctness, and then ultimately methodically remove the individual rights of Americans to create sheep.
Once the America people had been oppressed long enough, they 'gave up' for the most part because they felt like their voice had been silenced. How many people stopped voting because they felt like it no longer mattered.
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