Blood red FRAUD against the black sky.

Are you feeling it, #Resistance?

Are you ready to Protest?!

Day 85 at the #KremlinAnnex begins NOW

Come to Lafayette Park! The Neverending Protest has been described as Cathartic. Group therapy. Loud!

Live feed from @KremlinAnnex OF #KremlinAnnex Day 85 is here, if you're interested in watching from home.

"Hit the polls!" is the current chant as I type. And ya damn well better, is all I can say.

@KremlinAnnex You have to realize this is the only way to get the country right side up again, don't you?

It's #VoteThemOut.

A beautiful pic, by @ramseyfay, per usual. And the sign of the times.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay The daily @DailyKos shoutout has The Indivisibles FRAUD sign on the cover. The huge NYT article about how #TraitorTrump cheated on his taxes and basically stole millions from the IRS & NYC dropped in exactly the wrong week, alas.

#KremlinAnnex Day 85…
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos The NEW NPS rule about TAXING PROTESTS is only taking public comments for 7 MORE DAYS. So far there are less than 1200! We need WAY more input before they'll even THINK about axing that rule.

Comment before OCTOBER 15th!

#KremlinAnnex @KremlinAnnex…
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos Checking in with #StandOnEveryCorner, tonight a passel of folks in Pennsylvania gather, with one sign in particular that pretty much says it all. Our rights DO depend on this upcoming election. More people need to know that.

The #KremlinAnnex salutes you!
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos It does look damp and chilly in Minnesota! Good on you for being out there anyway! There's even a member of #DogsResist!

If you'd like to #StandOnEveryCorner, you just need you, a corner, a sign. Instant community awareness & interaction!

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos The following website lists Corners that already exist, perhaps near your home, or you can list a new one. There are helpful tips to get you started!

#StandOnEveryCorner is now in over 40 states and 225 cities & towns!

Find yours!
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos 🚨Deadlines for registration to vote on Nov.6th🚨
10/8: WA
10/9: AZ, AR, FL, GA, HI*, IL*, IN, KY, LA, MI, MS, MT*, NV, NM, OH, PA, TN, TX, UT*
10/10: MO
10/12: ID*, NY, NC**, OK
10/13: DE

* = Register on #ElectionDay
** = Register during #EarlyVoting only
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos This handy dandy chart has the last date for voter registration allowed in EVERY state, to vote on Nov. 6th. You do want to be able to vote on Nov. 6th, right?


Deadlines are starting to hit. Like, THIS WEEK.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos More about that rule change by the National Parks Dept and TAXING PROTESTS in DC.

This rule could go into effect soon. They're taking public comments ONLY until Oct. 15th.


They have on 1200 comments so far. 😤

#KremlinAnnex Day 85
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos PLEASE leave a comment for NPS, if you don't want to be charged a fee to protest in DC, which is one of your Constitutional rights.

Don't delay!


Comments allowed only until OCT 15, 2018


#KremlinAnnex Day 85…
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos If you're sick to death of what's happening in DC, but can't get to the #KremlinAnnex Protest in person, consider chipping in for musicians, guest speakers & rain gear, etc! And leave a comment w/NPS so funds don't go to taxes!

@KremlinAnnex @Iryna_Verity
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity ICYMI, over 130 immigrant children are STILL being held in ORR detention. Returning these kids to their (likely deported) parents is CRITICAL to their health.

@Ricardo_de_anda is working pro bono to do so.

#KremlinAnnex can help!

Please. Donate/share!…
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda Take a look at these numbers. 3 of the detained, separated children are UNDER FIVE YEARS OLD.

Count the number of days until November 6th.

And get your Voting Boots on.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda When separations were happening, many of us said asylum seekers were being turned away from legal ports of entry, forcing them to cross into the US illegally, setting them up for family separation.

We were shouted down. Called liars and worse.

We were right.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda Meantime, the number of "unaccompanied minor children" that @ICEgov has turned over to ORR, to be kept in detention instead of placed with family, has grown to almost 13,000 children this summer.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov Over a thousand of these children have recently been moved, in the middle of the night so they wouldn't try to flee, to a Tent City in the Texas desert. No schooling. Barracks. An army setting.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov You can help by donating to organizations like @RAICESTexas which help get kids legal representation, or free their parents or sponsors on bond, among other needs.

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS 🚨EVEN IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE🚨



REGISTER if you aren't: 2 MINUTES

Get DOCUMENTS or ID for Election Day

GET eligible family members & friends REGISTERED


@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS This awesome graphic is one you could maybe print out, laminate & carry in your wallet, or frame and put up as a poster in your living room, or at least keep somewhere you can reference easily.




@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP IN FACT: If you live in GEORGIA, there's a 1 in 10 chance YOU have been PURGED INCORRECTLY from the VOTER ROLLS.



@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP The Neverending Protest happens EVERY NIGHT, rain or shine, trumpy in residence or out golfing, with vuvuzelas, cowbells, T-Rexes or without, UNTIL HE'S GONE.

Let's Make Some Noise!

At the #KremlinAnnex (formerly the White House) from 7:30-9pm ET

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP New week! Still need a treat: a Ginormous Thread of #KremlinAnnex Protest Videos, compiled by moi, all* snertched from YouTube. Hours of fun & excitement! Music, chants, singers, speakers, everything!

New vids added often!

@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP Am I wrong, or does that sound like the opening line of a very off-color joke?

It is nice to see a news org there, though. Finally. And Nadine, you rock! Be safe.

#KremlinAnnex Day 85
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP Another pic of FRAUD, the word from the @hr_indivisible group. If you haven't read that NYT article, you really should. It's *fascinating*! And #TraitorTrump will HATE that you did.

#KremlinAnnex Day 85
@KremlinAnnex @ramseyfay @dailykos @Iryna_Verity @ricardo_de_anda @ICEgov @RAICESTEXAS @GOP @hr_indivisible .@d_cfred rounds out the night with one of his exceptional compilation videos. Though I have it on good authority that the men in MAGA hats are Orthodox, not Hasidic.

#KremlinAnnex Day 85, In Which Chaos Reigns

• • •

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May 16, 2018
Families with children and unaccompanied minors account for 40 percent of those detained by U.S. border agents, Sen Heitkamp says. Kids separated from their parents. Warehoused. On military bases.

With training in child dev. & psych, I give you:
2) Separating children from their parents is one of the most traumatic things you can do to a child, even when the child has had a safe and secure upbringing where there's been little violence or privation. Separating even for a short time has a cute name: Separation Anxiety.
3) SA is a normal stage in young childhood development, and usually ends by age 2. It's characterized by clinginess when the parent IS available, and fear of the parent leaving so much so that they refuse to sleep or let the parent leave the room without them.
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