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Really good indicator that the entire Deep state cabal is going to be taken down. Many for pedophilia which they used as a tool to control their puppets. #Thesepeoplearesick
The corrupt mainstream media went over every single one of Trump's cabinet appointee's with a fine tooth comb. Feverishly researched their social media. Looked for anything they could use against them.
One thing they didn't touch with a 10 foot poll. General Flynn's tweet. Check the date on it. Nov 4th 2016
Think about our liberal hate Trump media. Why didn't they jump on that screaming at the top of their lungs, Fake news! Tin foil hat conspiracy! Gen Flynn posted fake news to try and derail Hilary from being elected, 2 days before the election????
Because it was true! I can promise you with 100% certainty a deep state think tank sat down and said. Don't Touch that. It will only get more people talking about it and researching it. So orders went out to ignore it.
Notice something. @GenFlynn hasn't deleted it to this day. FBI, Trumps team, etc.. Everyone does background checks. Includes scouring over social media posts. No one asked him to delete that tweet prior to joining the cabinet. Why?
It wasn't some buried tweet from 5 years ago. This was 2 days before the election. No media said anything.

The article he posted. Who was it quoting? Erik Prince. Here's an article trying to make him look bad.…
Now I'm not saying Prince is squeaky clean. However, I think there are many people who got caught up in being forced to play ball with the cabal. What can you do pre Trump? Go to the corrupt DOJ? Go to the corrupt FBI? Go to the MSM and tell a story of corruption?
I think there is this breaking point where you want to do the right thing. You want a good and free future for your kids and family, but pre-Trump. There was no out.
That being said. I think EP will go down as a true hero when it's all said and done. I think he's been providing trump private security. More importantly.. Private intel. Imagine if all Trump had to go on was what the CIA fed him.
Why is security/intel important? Well look at this clip from the JFK assassination. Watch as a loyal secret service agent is ordered by his superior to abandon his post which was supposed to be running next to to JFK's limo. Exact spot
kill shot came from.
Watch him throw up his hands in disgust as he's ordered to stand down from his post.
Now understand. Trump Trusts Prince enough, that little know fact. His sister is Betsy Devos. Secretary of Education. Media hated that appointment. If Trump Trust's EP with his life and Intel and Trumps been 4D chess 10 steps ahead of the cabal since day 1. I'd trust them too
I think many people turned once they had an out. For instance Mueller.
Trump met with Mueller 2 days before he was appointed special investigator.
Media explained it as he was interviewing for FBI director.
He Couldn't. He already served his 10 year max term limit as FBI director. He got special permission from congress (who had to vote on it) to give him an additional 2 years. Only because Obama said it was a national security issue. After 2 additional years they forced him out.
The very day Manafort got indicted. Tony Podesta resigned from the most powerful Democratic lobbying firm in the US, That he founded. Why? Manafort got indicted for the time period he worked for Podesta group. Not the 2016 election.
Handed it over to one of the firms SR partners who less than 2 weeks later was like F this. We are closing and I'm starting my own firm.…
Who closes the biggest and most powerful democratic lobbying firm in the US that has multi-million dollar profits? Not sell it. Not pass it on and remain a silent partner. SHUT DOWN. 2 weeks after Manafort got indicted. Boy I hate making 20+ million in profit per year.
Tony Podesta hasn't been see in public or heard from again. Sounds like federal witness protection to me. To my knowledge no one has reported him missing or dead.
Connect the dot's my friends. This was a brilliant plan. They are going to take the entire cabal down. With the cabals own people, and leave absolutely zero ammo for their bought off MSM parrots reading off a teleprompter to
claim it was some kind of political retaliation.
Well actually MSM could. But then they would be the new conspiracy theorists. Imagine that.

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Oct 5, 2018
My fellow Americans. We are on the cusp taking our Country back for the first time in 60+ years. Globalist cabal members have been buying up our media, politicians, Hollywood, etc for decades. Against the best Interest of the United States. Let that sink in for a moment.
Every step of the way we've had traitors willing to go along with them for their promise of fame, fortune, and power. The saying make a deal with the devil. This is what it means.
Only one time in the last 60+ years I know of anyone trying to fight the NWO cabal. JFK. He even warned us. If you never heard this speech it's worth listening to for 5-6 minutes.

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Oct 3, 2018
It really is amazing how many people woke up in the US and don't buy into the weaponizing of political correctness and social justice causes Cabal owned MSM pushes. I'm so hopeful and proud!
What everyone needs to do is forget skin color, forget religion, forget sexuality. Judge people on one simple principle. Are they a good person
or a bad person? Examples...
Good person... What a good mom. Practicing reading with her kid. Teaching him not to say bad words to the point he's telling her. I can't say

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Sep 23, 2018
Remember... When swamp drain goes down in the next few weeks. People need to try and help the liberals. They are not very smart. Been dumbed down in school.. Common core math.. Can't balance a checkbook.. Watch how easily they are manipulated. Sad..
James Comey... Hilary and all liberals blamed him for her losing the election because he re-opened the FBI investigation a week before the election. They all hated him. He was the one and only scapegoat for Hilary losing.
Only took someone famous 10 seconds to tell them how to think and shame them. I'm so sad for these people.

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Sep 23, 2018
Past proves the future...

Trump snuck in all kinds of swamp drain s**t into the spending bill people crucified him over. 4D chess... He said it in his own words

"We rushed the bill so fast no one has even had time to read the whole thing".
This bill put funds in place for the wall, it has money in it to protect witnesses with safe houses and caravans, money in it to make sure dead people and illegals don't vote Money to fund oig and ig, even money in it to pay for possible trials and tribunals.
Over 404 million found in bill funding IG/OIG and special provisions in the bill stating no funds in the bill can be used for the purpose of denying the IG any records, documents, etc...
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Sep 23, 2018
Still the million Dollar Question not a single person has given a plausible answer to.

ONE day before Robert Mueller accepted the appointment to be the special counsel. President Trump met with him privately, in the oval office...
The interview was first mentioned by Trump friend and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy in an interview on PBS' "NewsHour" Monday evening.…
Fake news explained it off as he interviewed for FBI director.
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Sep 21, 2018
Let's start with Julian Assange. He met with Congressman Rohrbacher. Who Trump sent. Why????? MSM barely touched on it. Like most news that's bad for them and they don't really want to explain. Let's check one MSM article that did report it.
'Putin's favorite congressman' met with Julian Assange — and 'plans to divulge' details to Trump…
Oh boy... You know Liberal cabal wasn't happy about that meeting....

Next.. What did Julian tweet out less than a month after that meeting, after whatever plan they set in motion and talked about went down??
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