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This made my day. Man who says he wants to enact the anti-superstition bill changes his car because a crow sat on it
This made my day. Man who asks people to obey traffic rules drives around without a helmet.…
This made my day. Woman who introduced a bill to curb wedding expenditure came in a chartered plane to her own wedding that had 1 lac guests
This made my day. Man who says visit temples instead of cutting birthday cake enjoyed birthday cake-cutting himself.…
WATCH: BJP man who says visit temples instead of cutting cakes, himself lighting candles, cutting the cake, and distributing it joyously.
This made my day. The Supreme Court that ordered the govt to not make Aadhar mandatory, then passes an order that makes Aadhaar mandatory.
This made my day. Man cautions against stealing electricity, at a function run on stolen electricity.
This made my day. Man who said he was afraid to speak his mind for fear of losing his job tells others to speak their mind and be fearless.
This made my day. Man who alleges illegality of a TV channel had his own TV channel indulging in the same illegality.
This made my day. Man recently accused of hit-and-run counsels others on safe-driving.
This made my day. Man uses an image of an area destroyed by coal mining, to promote coal mining.
This made my day. Man who asks others to gift books instead of bouquets himself gifts bouquets instead of books.
This made my day. An explosive report of a scam perpetrated by a man is tweeted by the man himself.
This made my day. Man hired by a client in a defamation case turns witness against the client.
This made my day. A party that has taken advantage of its dynastic connection accuses someone of taking advantage of his dynastic connection
This made my day. Man who says Indian courts should stay out of Muslim personal law matters now says Indian courts should decide on them.
This made my day. Man who happily told the court to not deprecate a 1400 year-old practice is now happy that the court deprecated it.
This made my day. Man whose govt said we don't even have right over our bodies says his govt wanted #RightToPrivacy as a fundamental right.
STUNNING piece by @LiveLawIndia that blows to smithereens the spunky lies of @rsprasad on #RightToPrivacy. Must-read…
This made my day. NGO that promotes kindness to animals & Veganism, and whose activist was thrashed for this, now promotes slow slaughter.
One barbaric assault is all it took for 'Try Vegan' to change to 'Try Slow Sawing of a Petrified Animal's Neck'. Moral: Violence Pays.
This made my day. Man who censored kissing, sex, nudity, even the word 'Intercourse', now presents a film that promises all of the above.
This made my day. Channel whose anchor was caught fixing interview & lauding the tutoring with a phrase now runs a show with the SAME phrase
This made my day. Man who cautions against sending libel notice to a blabbering critic, himself sent a libel notice to a blabbering critic.
This made my day. An article that preached journalistic integrity and punishment for plagiarised content, itself had plagiarised content.
This made my day. Man who says those who go to the West to study come back as spies, himself sent three of his children to the West to study
The same people now vilifying the Bullet Train had their own govt endorse and sanction it, despite urgent need for normal rail infra upgrade
This made my day. Man who now screams Bullet Train is evil was silent when his own Prime Minister and Railways Minister sanctioned it.
This made my day. Man who angrily called for a Sangh-Mukt Bharat will soon be pleasantly calling up on the Sangh Chief.
This made my day. Man who asks others to say no to crackers swaggered through a cracker boulevard at his own wedding. (h/t @AmulButterBaby)
This made my day. Man who forcefully says no to fireworks enjoyed a farrago of fireworks display himself (h/t @ShashiTharoor @CrimeMasterV2)
This made my day. Man who is fine with hurting animals gleefully accepted the Person Of The Year Award from PETA. (h/t @SeCoolar_Right)
This made my day. Man who mocked the taking down of a report by a media house is silent when his own report is taken down by his media house
This made my day. Woman tells other women to boycott tweeting for a day, through a tweet dispatched on the same day.
This made my day. NGO promoting safety of animals on Diwali was promoting their slow slaughter on Eid.
This made my day. Woman who taunts her former colleague on nepotism herself got hired as "Roy's Boys", in a company WITHOUT an HR department
This made my day. Man who forces children to take an oath to not burst firecrackers enjoys bursting them with his child. (h/t @Dev_Fadnavis)
This made my day. The Supreme Court lashes out at the government for following the Supreme Court order. (h/t @GappistanRadio)
This made my day. Woman who warns others of suffering caused through fake news makes them suffer through fake quotes. (h/t @TrueIndology)
This made my day. Man who says Bullet Train Project is an exercise in vanity promised, permitted, and planned the Bullet Train Project.
This made my day. Man who asks others to gift books instead of bouquets himself gifts bouquets instead of books.
This made my day. Party that wants to stop crop burning in Punjab, burns crop in Punjab.
This made my day. Party that wants others to know their legacy doesn't know its own legacy.… (h/t @iAnkurSingh)
This made my day. A rating agency that didn't upgrade India EVEN ONCE during the ten years of the UPA, was in fact waiting for the UPA to leave so it could appreciate its work and upgrade India.
This made my day. Man who doesn't believe in caste is a proud janehudhari brahmin.
This made my day. Man who once called the sitting Prime Minister of India a Eunuch, and refused to apologise for it, now says he is pained by the new low in politics.
This made my day. Woman who has done nothing to reopen Cinemas banned because of Islamic Fundamentalism in her own state, congratulates the opening of Cinemas by an Islamic Fundamentalist state.
This made my day. Woman honoured with PETA Hero to Animals award releases a video four days later on how to be a hero by roasting a poor hapless animal. (h/t @Anand_G9)

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Sep 21, 2018
A clarification within 3 hours of the explosive Hollande quote, when normally it would take weeks. Tells you the seriousness of the allegation. Much more clarity is needed, both from the Indian and the French governments, including documents that prove otherwise. This. Is. Big.
Only one story could begin the primetime tonight, that of President Hollande - the man who signed the Rafale deal with @narendramodi - and his EXPLOSIVE claim. Only one.

@ndtv, @IndiaToday carried it. Good on you.
@timesnow, @republic, and @CNNnews18 did not. SHAME on you.
True. But this isn't the point right now. After all, remember Mukesh's infamous words - "Congress toh apni dukaan hai"? The point right now is to ascertain if BJP Anil ki dukaan hai. GOI must disprove Hollande's claim at once and with documentary evidence.
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Sep 18, 2018
You have GOT to be joking. Please tell me this is fake news; the ludicrous banners photoshopped. Have to be.

What @Iyervval said in his Konark clip was CLEARLY in sarcasm & jest, evident from his very next tweet where he admitted he was joking.

Can't believe this is happening.
These fruitcakes don't know who they are dealing with. @Iyervval would probably egg them on to make sure he is jailed and stuffed inside a striped jumpsuit. Then he will tweet on the nuances of prison cuisine from inside.

STOP this nonsense and get to work. #IStandWithAbhijit
Just heard that @Iyervval has been detailed by @DelhiPolice. He isn't answering his phone. Going to Nizamuddin police station to enquire about this UNBELIEVABLE happening. Stay safe, Abhijit, all of us are with you.
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Sep 17, 2018
Stop. And Ask.

Hullo, @nsitharaman, stop! And answer my question.
1 day. 1 lac views. Coming up tonight, another explosive #StopAndAsk.

We, the people, are the real masters. We can stop our sevaks and we can ask them anything.

Had requested two Congress leaders to give their two minutes for a #StopAndAsk. Unfortunately they had to decline - Mr S was travelling while Mr M was busy in court appearances. Will keep trying.
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Sep 10, 2018
“I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.” (1 Timothy 2:12; The Holy Bible)

“Slaves! Submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel.” (1 Peter 2:18; The Holy Bible)
If a man rapes a woman not engaged, he must pay 50 silver pieces to her father. Then he must marry her. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29; The Holy Bible)

The man wasn't created for the woman; the woman was created for the man. (I Corinthians 11:8-9; The Holy Bible)
If a man lies with a married woman in the city, stone her too, to death, as she cried not. (Deuteronomy 22:22-24; Bible)

Wives! Submit yourselves unto your husbands. Husband is the head of wife like Christ is the head of church. (Ephesians 5:22-24; Bible)
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Aug 15, 2018
Our Kerala needs our help. Just contributed to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (Transaction id: 822715002811). I stand, as do all Indians, with Mr Pinarayi Vijayan, in this difficult hour. Every little helps.
In times of great calamity, all Indians come together, irrespective of language, religion, or ideology.

Also come together in such difficult times those who dream of nothing else but the break up of India, along linguistic, religious, or ideological lines.

IGNORE the latter.
Eighty-four and a half years ago to the day, a DEVASTATING earthquake of magnitude 8.4 struck Bihar. Upwards of 30,000 died. One man called it a DIVINE CHASTISEMENT sent by God for our SINS.

That man was Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation.

Such thinking is BEYOND VILE.
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Jul 28, 2018
Now reading @gchikermane's 70 Policies that Shaped India - 1947 to 2017, Independence to $2.5 Trillion. Jargon-free and meticulously researched (700 citations), this promises to be the go-to indispensable guide for policy-makers and laymen alike. PDF:…
On to Chapter 10 of @gchikermane's utterly engrossing book - frank admission: I never thought reading government policies could be so riveting - I pause, and reflect on this particular DISASTER - Air India nationalisation. If only @narendramodi could be gifted this book. If only.
The brilliant economist and friend @harshmadhusudan said recently that India would be a $ 12 trillion economy in ten years. Nothing would please me more, but I sincerely doubt that.

At every crossroad to us afforded, we have taken the wrong turn. We have made a habit of it.
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