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*Thread* (1/75) Clinton & Co are directly, irrefutably responsible for President Trump and the epic implosion of the Democratic party.
(2/75) Hillary has a long record of choosing self service over public service; this time her personal ambitions delivered us Donald Trump.
(3/75) Wall st banks gambled away the pensions, homes, & livelihoods of millions of Americans; Hillary & co gambled away the US presidency.
(4/75) The most crucial function of a primary election is to select the strongest general election candidate.
(5/75) A fair & democratic primary = political darwinism. Survival of the fittest. To sabotage this is to commit suicide in the general.
(6/75) From the beginning it was clear that the DNC's goal wasn't to choose the strongest contender but to make Hillary Clinton the nominee
(7/75) Wikileaks emails prove DNC purposefully limited debates to shield a dangerously weak candidate. Darwinism playing out in reverse
(8/75) Republicans had far more crucial media exposure w 12 primary debates & 9 forums compared to a meager 6 held by democrats.
(10/75) Despite obvious risks & mass outcries from (real) journalists & concerned voters, Hillary's DNC skeletonized the debate schedule.
(11/75) From the beginning Clinton's campaign focused on big donors & private $3500 a head fundraisers over connecting with everyday voters
(12/75) In a country of 325 M Clinton's winning strategy was to focus on a small but almost universally despised segment of the population.
(13/75) Sanders' strategy was to school voters across the country on core issues directly affecting them that no other candidate would touch
(14/75) Like: income inequality, a rigged political system, bad trade deals, the healthcare cartel, wall st crime, GMO labeling, fracking..
(15/75) ..single payer healthcare, tuition free public university, for profit prisons, mass incarceration & systemic racial injustice.
(16/75) Sanders message didn't resonate, it caught fire, attracting new & inactive voters from across the spectrum in record numbers.
(17/75) Grassroots volunteers used Reditt, Twitter, Facebook, Medium etc to spread the campaign's message to their friends and family.
18/75) By Dec 2015 Sanders' campaign was drawing record crowds & had broken the record prev held by Obama for most campaign contributions.
(19/75) Despite Sanders unprecedented success the corporate media imposed a virtual media blackout on his campaign.…
(20/75) Meanwhile, scandal plagued Hillary preached to a small stale choir of billionaires, bankers, & DC insiders.
(21/75) Leaked emails show aids were worried about the so called enthusiasm gap, noting the scarcity of HRC volunteers on college campuses.
(22/75) The Clinton campaign's response was not to engage with millennials but to hire trolls to harass them online.…
(23/75) Politicians always attack each other, but Clinton pioneered a new strategy: personally attack voters you need to win the general.
(24/75) What a catastrophically stupid move. Instead of making positive inroads w voters, Clinton & co created a backlash of intense anger.
25/75) All criticism of Clinton's policies, actions, and record were countered with accusations of sexism and/or racism.
(26/75) Young, old, male, female, trans, straight, gay, black, white, latino, asian or native american, all Bernie supporters = "bros"
27/75) I was a Bernie delegate. My mom & two sisters were delegates, yet Clinton & co rebranded us as sexist white males. Bros.
(28/75) Valid concerns about income inequality, unaffordable healthcare & education, student debt and low wages were dismissed as "whining".
(29/75) Calls for political reform were met with smug assertions that reform is impossible and only children believe differently.
(30/75) David Brock's correct the record trolls became an infamous and universally despised presence on social media and comments sections.
(31/75) PR "experts" take note. Nothing poisons a brand more quickly and completely than nasty personal interactions with its ambassadors.
(32/75) Undeterred, Clinton & co doubled down on this insane strategy & used their media contacts to attack Sanders supporters in the press.
(33/75) A daily onslaught of Bernie Bro smear pieces appeared in the corporate media via Clinton surrogates:…
(34/75) In the clinton echo chamber every Sanders supporter was a sexist, privileged bro & every one of Trumps an irredeemable "deplorable".
(35/75) Clinton & co were later linked to intentionally inciting violence at Trump rallies. Let that sink in.…
(36/75) Remember all those hateful interactions you experienced this election season? Clinton & co intentionally helped create them.
37/75) This is social terrorism and its perpetrators have no place in US politics. Not now. Not ever. But I digress.
(38/75) To get around Clinton's record unpopularity, Clinton & co schemed & maneuvered to secure a Repub nominee more odious than HRC: Trump
(39/75) To help facilitate Trump's nomination Clinton and co used their media contacts to shower his campaign w billions in free publicity.
(40/75) Empowering Trump was a mad Kamikaze gamble with global consequences, a hail mary for the one candidate incapable of beating him.
(41/75) For this, each and every Clinton accomplice deserves nothing less than immediate, lifetime political exile.
42/75) They set the rules, chose the players, created the risk, & then they lost the farm. Now they want to shirk responsibility.
(43/75) By the time the Dem primaries began, the DNC had embarked on an act of frothing-at-the-mouth lunacy: waging war on 50% of its base.
(44/75) Rather than embracing the political boon of millions of new voters the DNC actively, aggressively disenfranchised them.
(45/75) The DNC had once again put the personal ambitions of a weak, high risk candidate over party survival & general election odds
(46/75) Beginning in Iowa, allegations of election fraud by the Clinton campaign poured gasoline on the fire.…
(47/75) More than 200,000 people petitioned the White House requesting an investigation into #AZElectionFraud.…
(48/75) Sanders voters found themselves purged en masse from voter reg lists in states without open primaries:…
(49/75) CA calls for an investigation into the DNC's conduct:…
(50/75) If questioning HRC's record made one a sexist, questioning the fairness of the primary made you a "child throwing a tantrum".
(51/75) 1000 books could be written on 2016 dem primary inconsistencies that were widely & willfully ignored.…
(52/75) One thing is certain, the 2016 democratic primary was the most blatant case of self immolation in political history.
53/75) By the time Sanders endorsed Clinton many outraged Sanders supporters believed that the election had been stolen.
(54/75) Leaked emails would later prove many of their suspicions true. Clinton & co responded with more mockery.…
(55/75) Hashtags like #NeverHillary dominated Twitter as backlash simmered and grew into a festering rage.
(56/75) In order to crack down on any possibility of dissent at the convention, Clinton & co once again kicked the hornets nest.
(57/75) Sanders supporters handmade signs were confiscated & mass produced "handmade" hillary signs distributed.…
(58/75) Oddly timed HILL-ARY chants were actually counter chants designed to drown out chants of "NO MORE WAR"…
59/75) Hugely popular Sanders surrogate @ninaturner was denied the right to speak.…
(60/75) Journalists suspected signal jamming technology was used to shut down independent media & activists:…
(61/75) Police arrested & detained people without cause. Journalist @AbbyMartin on her own arrest & detention:…
(62/75) Sarah silver man's infamous "You're being ridiculous" comment was the apex of disenfranchisement for many Sanders supporters.
(63/75) While clinton's media arm speculated on lack of unity within the GOP the Democratic party was burning itself to the ground.
(64/75) Following the convention Clinton & co relentlessly campaigned to shame, coerce, & scare Sanders supporters into supporting Hillary.
(65/75) The one thing they wouldn't allow was for our voices to be heard.
(66/75) From selecting Tim Kaine as VP to fighting progressive planks on the Dem platform Clinton & co flipped the bird to 50% of Dem base
(67/75) Corporate media, more concerned w appearance than reality, declared the party unified, but potemkin villages don't win gen elections
(68/75) After all was said & done, the year long assault Clinton and Co perpetrated on their own base left them without one in the general.
(69/75) Clinton & co personally attacked millions of voters, rigged their own primary & turned the convention into a televised charade.
(70/75) They schemed & plotted to secure the nomination for Donald Trump making them directly & irrefutably responsible for his presidency.
(71/75) Had the "democratic" party held a fair & democratic primary, Sanders, who consistently out polled Trump would be president today.
(72/75) Hillary Clinton is 69 yrs old. In a decade or so she'll be dead but billions of people will suffer from her disastrous choices.
(73/75) The cult of clinton is a malignant tumor that eventually destroyed the Democratic party from the inside out.
(74/75) They're also, quite possibly, the stupidest group of people to ever walk the face of the Earth.
(75/75) Unless or until the Democratic party cuts this cancer from its ranks this is as good as it gets folks.

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