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Pen plotter symphony #plottertwitter
Box fitting, filling, time lapse #plottertwitter
Box fitting, white gel pen on black paper. I need to find a better way to pause/resume plots #plottertwitter
Recreating a LeWitt work of consecutive lines, Sharpie on paper #plottertwitter
More LeWitt inspired designs: lines, circle, square #plottertwitter
Cumulative error #plottertwitter
Cumulative error circle, gold gel pen on black paper #plottertwitter
Circle packing time lapse #plottertwitter
Line segments in a circle, silver metallic ink on red paper. The ink changes with the light and viewing angle. #plottertwitter
There was a bug in my code, but I thought it produced some interesting results.
Golden record #plottertwitter time lapse
Golden record #plottertwitter
Box in circle fitting time lapse #plottertwitter
Rings of shaded squares #plottertwitter
More rings of shaded squares, inverse #plottertwitter
And some rings of alternating shaded circles, gold on red #plottertwitter
More circular growth #plottertwitter
More growing circles #plottertwitter
Fewer paths this time, .4mm stroke #plottertwitter
Plotting on punch cards-- why not? Nees' "Schotter" #plottertwitter
10x6 grid of 50 lines ea. Reminds me of a PC screen saver or #C64 Swinth demo #plottertwitter
My interpretation of "Midas" by Nees, in gold metallic, of course #plottertwitter
Packed rectangles, half shaded, four shades, silver metallic pen. Been struggling w these 2 algorithms for months-- solved! #plottertwitter
Harmonograph plotted in sand-- a "sandgraph"? #plottertwitter
Harmonograph sand plot video #plottertwitter
Zentangle plot in sand #plottertwitter
Say hi to my new old plotter. Graphtec MP2300 XY being put through the paces. Schotter on A3 is my go-to "hello world" 👋🏻 #plottertwitter
Shading out of bounds #plottertwitter
Here's a t-shirt with the "out of bounds" design on it in white for dark shirts.…
Overcame a personal #plottertwitter hurdle yesterday-- added ability to render text and change pens/color! Colorized "out of bounds"
Pen change video of Graphtec MP2300 #plottertwitter
Isometric lines plots quit nicely I think. #plottertwitter
Fractured #plottertwitter
More fractured, silver on black #plottertwitter #penplotter
More lines at 45 degrees. Reminds me of Art Deco somewhat. #plottertwitter
A little bit taller now, gold on black #plottertwitter
More city planning, rectangluar bounds. Silver on black with detail. #plottertwitter
Almost two weeks since I #plottertwitter so here's some drifting squares on my Graphtec MP2300
Was inspired by @DrImmySmith's pen drawing and made this #plottertwitter of line segments bound by a circle on a Graphtec MP2300.
Make all the things into a decaying grid #plottertwitter
And again, two by two (with automatic date and signature) #plottertwitter
1000 circles, inspired by @timetofirstfix recent work #plottertwitter
Saturday morning doodles #plottertwitter
Some more #plottertwitter doodling
Inspired by @FozzTexx cutting floppy stickers, how about plotting directly on a floppy with a Sharpie? #plotertwitter
And the finished floppy disk #plottertwitter
Let's keep this going. "Out of bounds" plotted with a Sharpie on a floppy disk. #plottertwitter
And done. I like this design plotted on a floppy-- I think they go well together. #plottertwitter
As requested by @ChartreuseK, floppy outline scaled and rotated inward. #plottertwitter
Another plotted floppy. The geometry of the disk is hard to work around. Can you still see it? 😉
Can't stop won't stop #plottertwitter on a 5.25" floppy
The Gosper curve is always a #plottertwitter favorite of mine.
The finished Gosper curve, 24”x24”. TIL also called a “flowsnake” #plottertwitter
Circle packing, 24”x24” #plottertwitter
Trying something different. Typography in the round. Bonus points if you recognize the font! #plottertwitter
Typography in the round: 2 hours and 27,864 pen strokes later, it’s finished. Pen had some issues, but I like it. #plottertwitter
How about a slice of pi to 7371 decimal places? 24”x24” #plottertwitter
Weaving curves, a 11”x17” silver gel ink #plottertwitter thing, inspired by @josephgentle and @rubot
Human anatomy illustration, 18”x24” #plottertwitter
More interpretations of vintage human anatomy illustrations 18”x24” on HP DraftPrp DXL #plottertwitter
More Heck anatomy illustrations 24”x30”. This one took several hours to generate + optimize and 1.5 hours to #plottertwitter.
Deer in headlights 24”x24” #plottertwitter
Heck’s skeletons (1852) 30”x24” #plottertwitter…
Plotting a giant 24”x36” Kolomyjec’s Random Squares and having ink level anxiety 😬 #plottertwitter #inktober
And done. Kolomyjec’s Random Squares 24”x36” on a HP DraftPro DXL (1988) #plottertwitter #inktober
Visualizing Perlin noise, gold on black #plottertwitter
“Gaze,” photo to #plottertwitter, white gel pen on black paper, this took a couple of hours to plot.
Man on the moon, image to circles #plottertwitter
Brooklyn Bridge, image to squares, 11”x17”, 1h31m #plottertwitter Original img:…
Brooklyn Bridge #plottertwitter #timelapse 17,850 squares, 1h31m on a Roland DXY-1150
ASCII Brooklyn Bridge. Modifying the code slightly creates ASCII art suitable for #plottertwitter
#10print at 90 degrees + offset, looks like textile. Also, green ink is an excellent stand in for black on orange paper! #plottertwitter
Another #10print variation, 6 possible conditions (two diagonals and four sides of the square) #plottertwitter
Gradient, two color #10print #plottertwitter
Unisphere, 34000 paths, 18”x24”, about 1.5 hours to #plottertwitter
Revisiting the fracture algorithm with different constraints and path optimized #plottertwitter
Same algorithm, different constraints yields something like abstract beach grass #plottertwitter
Do these remind you of Jupiter? #plottertwitter
Removing the circular bounds makes it more abstract. What do you see? #plottertwitter
ABP: Always Be Plottin’ #plottertwitter
Holiday ornaments? #plottertwitter
Snowflakes #plottertwitter
Horizontal slot scan, Brooklyn Bridge 12”x18” #plottertwitter
Mona Lisa + Kolomyjec’s Random Squares weighted through image data, 35x54 squares on 24”x36” watercolor paper #plottertwitter
Plotting a large grid of square spirals #plottertwitter
Grid of spiral squares, 24”x36” watercolor paper #plottertwitter
Chords of a circle #plottertwitter
Numbers 0 through 255 represented as 8 bit lines of a square #plottertwitter
Line segments of a cube as a gradient from top-down #plottertwitter
A grid of primitives #plottertwitter
Harmonograph, clone/rotate in an ellipse #plottertwitter
Grid of scribbles #plottertwitter
Revisiting some old methods to #plottertwitter larger. This is fracture at 45 degrees on 18”x24” watercolor paper.

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