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reportedly, the guy who wrote the 'golden shower' dossier - here pictured with John McCain…
. so Christopher Steele first passed the info to the FBI and then John McCain passed the same info - but both from same source?
. "by one of the Baltic States"
. now this thread
. quote: "Many feel that just as the situation in Ukraine became something that the world could wilfully ignore..
. ..without the threat of US interference, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania could face a similar future."
. coincidental triangulation of events leading to tunnel vision by IC (& hyped Russian narrative)? skullduggery by allies? something more?
. the optics are not looking good…
. recall prior TL
. while the former DCIA (Brennan) was publicly undermining the potential PEOTUS while pushing unvented information everywhere. again, yikes.
. ..a lot of 'ifs' but remember the dossier contained false info & other prior info passed on about PEOTUS was not deemed untoward by FBI...
. ..could it be that disdain for the potential PEOTUS and individual vanity just compromised high level sources within Russia..
. ..while inadvertently maligning an American citizen who was running 4 office being mislead by false info from sources with duel interests?
. or is it worse - see above
. (1/2) this hypothesis fails to explain ..
. (2/2) this imo
. anticipating the quid pro quo - hypothesis for why Russia pivoted to Trump
. tack on to this TL too
. imo it's clearer now recall: "whether it obtains materials through hacking or are given by Kremlin insiders"…
. the optics are looking even worse
. tack on to this TL
. Moscow Spy Scandel Snowballs (h/t @RRISC01)…
. several --> "charges against his client include providing help to "several special services of the United States"…
. BuzzFeed sued over its publication of uncorroborated Trump dossier…
. quote: "The dossier included libelous, unverified and untrue allegations regarding XBT, Webzilla and Gubarev..."
. quote: "Besides BuzzFeed, which published the dossier in full on Jan. 10, ex-spy Christopher Steele and his company Orbis.."
. remember the totality of the dossier is fake
. "..anticipating that funding supplied through the original client would dry up, Steele.."
. unemployed Spy turned PI contractor continues to discover dirt in anticipation of compensation later... #optics #Steele
. it seems flaccidly familiar.
. imo this story… doesn't help the Russian narrative - not only is the totality of the dossier false...
. ..but Steele's verbal agreement for compensation for info given to FBI casts doubt on earlier reports he was driven by benevolence alone
. "All FBI records relating to the agreement with Mr. Steele.."
. "5. Were any other government officials outside of the FBI involved in discussing or authorizing the agreement with Mr. Steele.."
. "Given the inflammatory nature of the allegations in Mr. Steele’s dossier..."
. recall:
. recall:
. quote: "Simply put, when allegations like these are put into the public domain prior to any FBI assessment of their reliability..."
. ..then if subsequent FBI investigation of the allegations finds them false, unsupported, or unreliable..
. ..the FBI should make those rebuttals public."
. "I won't be making any further statements or comments at this time."… #Steele
. should be noted Steele didn't write all of the dossier (ie. golden shower) also speculation he contracted out most of writing in report.
. recall: golden shower content credited to this guy - here pictured with John McCain
. Ex-spy admits anti-Trump dossier unverified, blames Buzzfeed for publishing (h/t @NHMommy1)… #Steele
.@NHMommy1 . quote: "Mr. Steele’s court filing portrays him as a victim of Fusion GPS...
.@NHMommy1 . ..the Washington firm that hired him with money from a Hillary Clinton backer."
.@NHMommy1 . quote: "Mr. Steele acknowledges that he put unverified “raw intelligence” into his December memo casts further doubt.."
.@NHMommy1 . recall: this unverified information (raw intelligence) was passed between agencies and shared with the President and Vice President...
.@NHMommy1 .
.@NHMommy1 . the same time #Brennan was being passed info and feeding it to the Gang of 8
.@NHMommy1 . this too. #Brennan
.@NHMommy1 . ..this was unverified information on a U.S. citizen & foreign raw intelligence on a political opponent who was running for office.
.@NHMommy1 . further, reportedly Brennan is also involved in the unmasking of American names too
.@NHMommy1 . #Brennan
.@NHMommy1 . let's remember Brennan's vehemence towards the PEOTUS
.@NHMommy1 . exactly, wtf was John Brennan thinking? #Steele
. #FusionGPS #Steele #dossier
. #crowdsource #dossier #claims
. #FBI #dossier #Steele
. FBI Won’t Confirm or Deny Existence of Records of Payment to British Trump Dossier Researcher (h/t @MZHemingway)…
. quote: "The FBI is circling the wagons by claiming potential harm to national security if it discloses its relationship with C. Steele...
. ..The FBI should be forthcoming about whether and how the agency was relying upon a former foreign spy who..
. the pay of private parties, compiled a report of salacious accusations intended to harm the reputation of [a Presidential Candidate]"
. (August 22, 2017) Glenn Simpson, key figure behind million-dollar 'dossier,' to face questions…
. quote: "A key figure behind the so-called “dossier” featuring uncorroborated and salacious allegations.."
. British spy Christopher Steele has given FBI the names of his sources for Trump dossier: report…
. Fusion GPS Founder Refuses To Identify Dossier Clients In Marathon Senate Session…
. #fusiongps
. Next stop for Trump dossier probe: the FBI… #dossier #fusiongps
. quote: "As the days dragged on, Grassley clearly felt the FBI was not telling the truth, or certainly not the whole truth...
. ..about the bureau, Christopher Steele, and the dossier." #dossier #fusiongps
. (August 31, 2017) FBI fights public release of Trump #dossier info…
. quote: "..the Judiciary Committee seem determined to uncover the full story of the dossier. To do so, they'll have to use all the powers..
. ..of Congress, because, when it comes to ordinary citizens, the Justice Department believes they have no right to know."
. (September 2, 2017) Standoff brews between Senate, FBI over Trump dossier…
. quote: "But the FBI doesn't want those officials to talk -- even though the Judiciary Committee has oversight responsibility for the FBI..
. ..and even though the request is bipartisan, and even though there appears to be no conflict with the ongoing Trump-Russia..
. ..investigation conducted by special prosecutor James Mueller."
. (October 7, 2017) Grassley wants FBI to explain use of Russia #dossier…
. quote: "surreptitiously funnelled into U.S. intelligence streams" #FBI #Steele #Brennan #dossier
. John McCain mentioned 9 times. #FBI #Steele #dossier
. (October 10, 2017) Nunes signs off on new subpoenas to firm behind Trump-Russia #dossier… #Fusiongps
. (October 10, 2017) "In summer 2016, #FusionGPS distributed the #dossier under Steele’s name to a number..."…
. quote: "..a number of journalists...were beholden to Fusion GPS" #dossier
. quote: "I was told by a few journalists who wanted to do a story on Fusion GPS that Simpson called their editor & tried to get them fired"
. quote: "Even odder is the fact that..then FBI director James Comey briefed newly elected Trump in January 2017 on the Steele dossier...
. ..a dossier compiled and distributed by a company named in a FARA complaint filed with the FBI’s parent agency."
. (October 16, 2017) Firm behind Trump dossier declines to respond to House panel's subpoena… #FusionGPS
. 0.o "..the subpoenas, which have not been made public, ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to produce documents.."
. recall: "republican opponents" ("s" emphasized) cc. @NHMommy1
. hmm.. Jeb denied, McCain?, Graham? others...
. & let's not forget John Brennan.
. quote: "..investigators had two big questions about the dossier. One was who paid for it, and that now seems answered...
. ..The other was: Did the FBI or other agencies use any information from the dossier as a basis..
. ..for warrant requests before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?
. recall:
. 0.o
. devastating. #CrowdStrike #FusionGPS
. quote: "In its capacity as attorney for the DNC, Perkins Coie – through another of its partners, Michael Sussman – is also the law firm...
. ..that retained CrowdStrike, the cyber security outfit, upon learning in April 2016 that the DNC’s servers had been hacked."
. note: "the president of CrowdStrike Services and CSO & a retired executive assistant director of the FBI."

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