(1) If you can't comprehend the psychology behind why leftists demonize @realDonaldTrump , let me explain...
(2) Today's social media technology has facilitated greater degrees of narcissism and increased the importance of LOOKING good.
(3) In the realm of morality, people want to be SEEN as if they are good. Whether they are actually DOING good is a distant consideration.
(4) The easiest way to LOOK as if you're not racist, sexist, homophobic is to attack someone who is perceived to have those qualities...
(5) "Look at me! I attack a racist, sexist, homophobe! Therefore I am none of those things... I am more virtuous than him!"
(6) This is called "virtue signalling". It's also why even if someone agrees with Trump on an issue, it's not safe to come out and say it...
(7) Because to agree with some classified as a racist, sexist, homophobe is to risk being attacked for possessing those same attributes.
(8) Instead people stay quiet... and become the "silent majority". Now, this dynamic only works in practice if leftists can maintain...
(9)... the public, collective delusion that Trump has all these negative attributes that he doesn't actually have.
(10) This is why nothing Trump does is ever allowed to be good enough in their eyes... because they need to maintain the fantasy he is evil.
(10a) To them, the more evil he is painted, the better they will look in contrast.
(11) On the weekend Trump denounced all bigotry, all racism and all political violence. Done impartially, sensibly and without bias.
(12) Was that allowed to be OK in the eyes of leftists? No, of course not. They need to maintain the delusion he is a white supremacist Nazi
(13) If they can't maintain and sustain the collective delusion that Trump is evil, their virtue signalling echo chamber will no longer work
(14) Then to be SEEN to be good, they might ACTUALLY have to DO something good. But that's clearly too much effort for them! Too lazy...
(15) Now that's your average lefty with a social media account, but what of the mainstream media?...
(16) They have a massive platform for their grandstanding. Lots of people to signal their virtue in front of. Much cudos from other elitists
(17) Just as their rewards from virtue signalling rise, so does their addiction to this self-serving, narcissistic behaviour.
(18) And this is "elitism"... a circle-jerk of self-congratulatory people who want to be SEEN to be good, even if they're not.
(19) And so it is with establishment politicians, entertainers, anyone with a big enough platform can use this method to fool other people
(20) ...but people are waking up to it, and are holding such narcissistic politically correct virtue-signalling addicts in contempt.
(21) And hence, the rise of the #Deplorables! We know what they're up to, we know how they see us, and we know why...
(22) Deep down these people know they are morally bankrupt and corrupt. This veneer of virtue helps maintain the perception of real virtue.
(23) Rather than reflect inward on how to be a better person, they turn outward and try to maintain a veneer of virtue, but...
(24) In the long run, it doesn't work. More and more people are becoming aware of it.
(25) Trump beat the smug, sanctimonious virtue-signalling elite in 2016. Unless they break their addiction, Trump will destroy them in 2020.
(26) Democrats and RINOs alike, they all do it. They want to LOOK good, be SEEN to be good. Yes, they really are that fraudulent & shallow.
(27) In summary - be good, look for real solutions, and cut the virtue signalling crap... otherwise the #TrumpTrain will run you over!
(28) And a heartfelt thank you to @realDonaldTrump for exposing moral corruption, wherever its narcissism has become a cancer on society. <3

• • •

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