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Heads up folks: this is simply outrageous - @repgoodlatte calls for investigation of Dems/Obama in 2016 election:…
Goodlatte, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has used this position repeatedly to block any investigation of the current admin.
Now, he's going even further - calling for a spec prosecutor to investigate "possible crimes committed by a previous Administration."
Let's stop for a moment and appreciate this fact: Goodlatte ACTIVELY OPPOSES investigation of the current administration,
while agitating for investigation of the PREVIOUS administration.
Could your partisanship be any clearer, Goodlatte?
But let's not stop there. Why is Goodlatte pursuing this? Because "many of my colleagues and I have heard from the folks we represent ...
"...that several concerns arising out of the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath are not being investigated by Mueller’s team."
Who are these unnamed colleagues? Where are their statements? Why not just say "Many people are saying...?"
And hearing Goodlatte say, "I have heard from the folks [I] represent" is laughable in the extreme!
Goodlatte is supposed to represent #VA06. He has not met with constituents IN OVER FOUR YEARS. He stages phone town halls,
sends staff into the field, and so claims he is well informed, in spite of repeated requests for meetings from across the district.
Goodlatte has unlimited time, however, for photo ops with carefully screened participants, and more important to him, his donors.
That Goodlatte calls for investigation of his political opponents is abuse of his office by itself.
This offense is compounded by his claim of doing this for the sake of his constituents, the majority of whom ARE UNABLE TO SPEAK WITH HIM.
Add to this Goodlatte's implacable refusal to even consider that the current administration MAY BE COMPROMISED BY A HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER,
and clearly none of Goodlatte's actions are motivated by a responsibility to either district or country, by party - first, last, and always.
This has been and continues to be a huge problem for #VA06, wherein most have NO VOICE in the House of Representatives.
But Bob Goodlatte is a massive problem for the country as well, as any investigation or impeachment goes through his Judiciary Committee.
So what can Americans do about the problem of Bob Goodlatte, faithful Trumplican and party before country true believer?
First, Goodlatte has a challenger for #election2018: @votevolosin. You can find his response to Goodlatte's call at
Second, there is a PAC you can support (the site is not slick, but it's for real):
You can follow @chrisgavaler; you can read about him here:…
You can contact Bob directly; you can't use the form on his page unless you live in #VA06, but here are phone #'s:
Contact your own rep using your preferred method, ESPECIALLY if your rep is also on the House Judiciary Committee:…
Lastly, PLEASE anyone with ideas please jump in - Goodlatte has become accustomed to our not paying attention, and
it's going to take all of us working together to convince him that it is no longer safe to ignore us. /end @RoaIndivisible @beatgoodlatte

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Aug 3, 2018
@CandicePDX Some thoughts on this thread and the replies: 1) If you say "So you want people to die bc they don't have healthcare" or "Just admit you're a Republican,"
you have no response so please spare us your idiocy.
@CandicePDX 2) I don't know if I agree on all details, but this has been an on-going argument of years' duration - the ONLY way to provide universal health care in America is to PASS LEGISLATION. If your plan doesn't include electing sufficient numbers to do this, you have no plan.
@CandicePDX 3) It's sheer stupidity to rework a huge part of our economy without thinking about and planning for the BEST WAY TO DO THAT, yet folks persist in demanding we push a single method to the exclusion of all else. Again, that's just STUPID.
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May 28, 2018
Please, everyone, the is soooo much confusion over #WhereAreTheChildren - several different stories were published in a short time, and it's hard to figure out exactly what's happening - who is responsible and what agencies/officials we need to target.
First - understand that our government is abusing children and their families. There are different ways this is happening, but most recent and egregious is the new trump policy (not law) is that all ASYLUM SEEKERS will be separated from their children, no exceptions.
Note that those who enter the US seeking asylum are FOLLOWING the law, not breaking it. See @allanbrauer's thread:
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May 16, 2018
Sigh. We all know it wasn't about Hillary's health. It was about anything they could use against her.

The pneumonia, and more.
Clinton foundation - pay for play?
The fcking counter for time since a press conferences.
Another counter for donations from a sexual deviant.
OMG Hillary said some trumpsters were deplorables!
And always, every single day, the Emails Emails Emails -
NVM there were at least (IIRC - four?) different email stories - all we have to do is say "Hillary EMAILS" and we'll get all the clicks because we'll always infer that she did something illegal, or immoral, or treasonous, or - oh, who cares? It's about clicks.
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Feb 3, 2018
Okay, I'll bite. What media is analogous to the GOP propaganda outlets that you'd suggest the Dems use? Who is the Sean Hannity of the left? Or the Rush Limbaugh, or the Fox News or Breitbart or even parts of WSJ?
While the overwhelming majority of the supposed mainstream media is happy to let Trump and the GOP drive the news cycle (e.g., weeks of the idiotic Nunes foolishness), where exactly is the opportunity for the Dems to get their message out?
When pundits and journalists cast every story as R's vs Dems with little or no explanation of what actually is at stake, so that even on issues so clearly lopsided as the #GOPTaxScam we get, "R's pass plan, Dems don't like it,"
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Nov 7, 2017
Dear @SenSanders,
1 in 3 Americans have an election tomorrow, yet your email does not mention this.
In my state the governor's race is within the polling margin of error, and who wins tomorrow will make every difference to my life.
Instead of any effort to encourage voting, you choose to lend your voice and platform this election eve to a critique of the Dem party.
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