Sarah Kendzior being labeled a Russian disinfo agent by people following Louise Mensch's narrative, because she encouragea resistance.
According to the ever-shifting inside scoop presented by Mensch's "Scooby Gang" to "Team Patriot", impeachment is always day after tomorrow.
And conveniently, this means no one has to do anything. No resistance. No marches. No phone calls. Relax!, they say. It's all over.
Well. Isn't that a convenient narrative, for everybody? So tidy.
This is the message being called Russian propaganda.
"We actually have to do stuff now" is being held up as a lie designed to dispirit and confuse us.
You know that political cartoon about climaye change, where it's "But what if it's a hoax and we made a better world for nothing?"
Well, what if Trump does fall swiftly and with no help from us?

We still built a powerful political movement with an engaged electorate.
Which is what Mensch and her cronies don't want. She is still a far right Fox News conservative Republican.
The last thing Louise Mensch is for Trump to be gone and us to still be marching, calling Washington, and voting.
She doesn't like Trump because she backed the wrong horse, politically and journalistically, to be positioned with him.
And because he sucks up all the weird reality show freak oxygen on the right, leaving her to seek scraps from the left.
So Mensch has at least two obvious agendas at play. One is that she's getting attention and building a name for herself as a Trump critic.
By constantly shotgunning prophecies with the right legal buzzwords and players attached, she can get a reputation for "accuracy".
And on the day that Trump does fall, after how many hundreds of days she said he would, she can say, "I said he would. I told you."
But at the same time, she's also working to reshape the electorate, to condition the populace... whoever's gullible enough to listen to her.
"Relax! It'll be over seen. Resistance? That plays into Bannon's hands or maybe Putin's. Someone's. Don't make trouble. Mueller's got this."
Does anybody else remember, shortly before the election, people replying to get-out-the-vote threads with "Relax, she's got this."?
There was a very well-organized effort to diffuse any urgency about the election with a message that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag.
That wasn't her actual supporters, who were telling people right down to the wire it was crucial that they voted.
But that's what I think of when I see the Menschian, "Relax, Mueller's got this. The indictments are sealed. Impeachment began already."
According to a story Louise Mensch never to my knowledge retracted, Orrin Hatch *already became president* back in May.
Look at the actual news, though. Would Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi be meeting Trump if he was out, or on his way out?
I know, I know. Nobody following me for long could fall for Louise Mensch's sideshow chicanery. I tweet this for the retweet crowd.
Louise Mensch's stories are... honestly, they're just what the far right fringe printed about President Obama for eight years.
That their were warrants for him, that his election was about to be overturned because he was proven ineligible, that fraud had been found.
That he was going to be impeached any day, if not deported.
And the reason Mensch's stories about Trump look so much like the constant right fringe theories about Obama's imminent fall...
Is because they're the exact same tactics from the exact same people.
Louise Mensch is the person who was hand-picked to run Rupert "Fox News" Murdoch's answer to Breitbart.
It folded, in part because they couldn't actually out-Herrod Herrod and in part because Breitbart's line on Trump through Bannon beat them.
She didn't suddenly have a political awakening on November 8th. She didn't suddenly discover actual journalism or ethics.
She's just running the same game she's always run, but with a new angle: rooking the left with wish fulfillment fantasies of Trump's fall.
We need to protect and support journalists and academics like Kendzior who do have the experience and expertise to address what's going on.
And who are being flooded by Mensch's minions, bots, trolls, and probably a fair number of gullible dupes who bough an appealing narrative.
If you follow me, you know my position hasn't changed from the beginning - this is not going to be swift and it's not going to be sure.
No one has ever taken down a president through impeachment or, assuming it's possible, indictment. Never happened in our republic.
The closest we've come is Nixon's resignation, and the timetable for that is not a two hour movie.
Years of investigation and then he resigned before the impeachment proper. If he'd fought it? Who knows how long it would have dragged out.
Maybe someone will be discouraged reading this. But I believe more will be if they believe impeachment is tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.
The fact that it's so slow is why resistance is so vital, is why it's imperative that we harness the power of the people to fight.
The Senate is planning to vote to gut our healthcare, basically within a week if they can, two weeks at the most.
You think Trump's going to be gone in a week? You think the GOP will be out of power, if he is?
We've got to resist. We have to fight the GOP agenda in Congress. We have to shine a light on the abuses of ICE. We have to oppose fascism.
The good news is - it turns out we've got a lot of power. A lot of power. That's why Mensch is afraid of the people united and mobilized.
Mueller's got his job. It's big and complicated and demanding and exacting and he's got basically one shot at getting it right.
And we have our job.
The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they also grind exceedingly not very fast at all

Our job's to grind the wheels of fascism to a halt
Our job is to slow the advance of authoritarianism, to refute the ascendance of hatred, to mitigate the harm of destructive policy.
Mueller might "have this", where "this" is equal to a handle on his actual job. But his job is not easy or fast or certain.
But Mueller doesn't have the whole resistance handled. That's beyond the scope of his job or his responsibility.
Don't listen to people who say "Relax, he's got this." any more than you should have listened to "Relax, she's got this." before the vote.
Instead, listen to people like @xychelsea, who tell us that #WeGotThis.

Because we do.

This is our wheelhouse. It's our domain of power.
Is that discouraging? To know that the people have the power and are waking up to use it? I don't think so.
One of the silly stories we've been telling about the better angels of this country is on the verge of coming true.
If we push as hard as we could and keep pushing, we could come out of this with government of the people, by the people, for the people.
That might be dispiriting to failed rightwing politicians like Louise Mensch, but it's anything but to me.
I trust Mueller but I don't put my faith in him.

I put my faith in us. In me. In you.
I don't tell you to relax. I will tell you to take care of yourself, and each other. Because we've got to.
I don't tell you to buckle up. I tell you to settle in. At the point when things are really happening fast, you won't need an announcement.
And I tell you that there's no one "they" who will stop this, no "he" or "she" who's got this, no one coming to save us...
...because we are the ones we've been waiting for, we are the ones who will save us, #WeGotThis, we can do it, we've BEEN doing it.
Is that discouraging? Is it disheartening?

Maybe to someone whose plan for the future doesn't involve us putting up a fight.
I say we fight. If we're going to win tomorrow, then let's run up the score. If we're going to lose, let's make it cost them everything.
I say we resist every step of the way, so that if Trump falls tomorrow then there's not even one more day he can hurt people unopposed.
I say... you follow me, you know what I say.

I say...

(They're good dogs, babies.)
And if you find my tweeting more encouraging than not, you can help me keep it going.

• • •

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If he gets it in his head that maybe he should fire Rosenstein? No one's going to be able to talk him out of it. He might even do it just to extend the high, or see how far he can take it.
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