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🚨🚨🇵🇷 CTA 🇵🇷🚨🚨Eagerly Awaiting Callback from .@SenBlumenthal and .@ChrisMurphyCT Ofcs to discuss ongoing #PuertoRicoRelief .@FEMA #Genocide
🚨🚨🇵🇷 CTA 🇵🇷🚨🚨Call Your Sens & Reps➡️DEMAND More Funding,Troops,Action for #PuertoRicoRelief IMMEDIATELY #PuertoRico
🚨🚨🇵🇷 CTA 🇵🇷🚨🚨Call Your Sens & Reps➡️Stop #PuertoRico .@Fema #Genocide
Instant Contacts for Your Member of Congress: contactingcongress.org
Pleased to have Delivered the #PuertoRicoRelief anti-Trump #Genocide Message to .@ChrisMurphyCT Staffer 'Christian'
Very Disappointed that .@SenBlumenthal had no one on his Staff with time to speak with Me (A Constituent) *all*day*long* October 12.
(Thread) Why Is My Member Of Congress Too Busy To Hear My Call? ~ 1 Reason .@SenateDems are the Minority: Too Busy To Listen to Constituents
2/ I Called My Senator Last Week to share some thoughts - doesn't matter what topic. I am a Constituent, & Sent him there to represent me.
3/ In this case I wanted to share some thoughts on Trump's #Genocide by Neglect of #PuertoRico - The Senator & I agree... I think...
4/ #PuertoRico was not the only thing I wished to share with the Senator. But here's the thing: I ID'd myself as a Constituent, & asked...
5/ ...to speak with a Staffer. I was asked if I needed Constituent Service, or if it was a Policy matter. I said it was #PuertoRico.
6/ I was asked for my email address, so they could send me a form letter, because all the Staff was too busy to talk to me, right then
7/ I said I would like to talk w/ a Staffer who could then know what I had to say,gave phone #'s & asked for a callback when Staff was Free
8/ I was told no guarantee they'd call back that morning, as all very busy. I waited. All Day. All the next day. And the next 3 days.
9/ Now, I understand the Senator's Staff (of 52) is busy. But they should *Never* be too busy to Hear what a Constituent has to say.
10/ Moreover, a Senator's Staff should at least make a Constituent feel they're *interested* in hearing them - & make the effort
11/ Now, I'm a busy man, too. But it turns out the Senator has 52 on his Staff. None of these 52 Persons have time congressional-staff.insidegov.com/d/a/Senate/Sen…
12/ .@SenBlumenthal Staff Members Conley, Hegreness, GoldBlatt, Peronace were too busy to return this Constituent's call re #PuertoRico
13/ .@SenBlumenthal Staff Members Steele, Chandler, Nestor, Pruchnicki, Sandman & Carpman were too busy to Listen to me re #PuertoRico, too
14/ Neither did .@SenBlumenthal Staffers Bell, Shaw, Benton, Kanick, Graham, or Toppin have time to hear this Constituent re #PuertoRico
15/ Seems .@SenBlumenthal Staff Members Saxon, Ramirez, Sandler, Matson, Fonseca-Ramos & Mikolowsky are much too busy to hear a Constituent
16/ And .@SenBlumenthal Staffers Piazza, Kelsey, Rodriguez, Weber, Zembik & Loewenstein are much too busy to return This Constituent's call
17/ Also too busy to return a Constituent's call on .@SenBlumenthal's Staff are Bradbury, Mullane, Lane, Sakai, Jee, Rubiner & Daly.
18/ .@SenBlumenthal Staffers Lebeau, Downes, Kalonia, Lawson,Nasella, Kehoe & Das haven't had the time to listen to this Constituent, either
19/ Neither have .@SenBlumenthal Staff Members Quiles, Cagenello, Zukowski, Eyman, Campbell or Story had a chance to call a Constituent back
20/ & .@SenBlumenthal Staffers Allen, O'Leary, Shaw, Rios or Radford haven't made the time for 5 days to hear a Constituent.
21/ Here's the thing. .@SenBlumenthal spends a lot for his Staff - $1.35m from 10/16-3/17 ... legistorm.com/member/2813/Se…
22/ For ~ $2.7m/yr in Taxpayer Salaries, a Constituent may be forgiven for thinking a Senator's Staff Member may find the time to Listen.
23/ So, .@SenBlumenthal - I've some thoughts I've tried to share,but Your Folks were busy. You've got my number(s). #PuertoRico #Indivisible
24/ .@tttthreads unroll
(Thread) Why Is My Member of Congress Too Busy To Hear Me? tttthreads.com/thread/9184883… #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily #Indivisible
26/ #Genocide #Trump #PuertoRico #Water
27/ #PuertoRico Faces $95Bn Cleanup - Vulture Firms Own $74Bn Debt #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily
Ok. Here's what We do about #PuertoRico ➡️Evacuate All To DC➡️Hold a Statehood Vote On The Mall. Then Demand Federal Aid. #PuertoRicoRelief
Trump Gives Self a "10" for #PuertoRico Response... while Hospital Ship Mostly Empty, Survivors Scrounge for Water. Won't Discuss Statehood
30/ NYDailyNews: Floating Hospital Off Devastated #PuertoRico Mostly Empty nydn.us/2yoALRa #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily
31/ The President of the United States Congratulates Himself As He Starves 3.5 Million Americans. #Genocide #PuertoRico
32/ And it seems .@FEMA has some 'splainin' to do ... bloomberg.com/news/articles/… via @BW #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily #PuertoRico
32/ Floating Hospital Anchored Off #PuertoRico Mostly Empty After > A Week #AltGovDaily #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes
33/ NYDailyNews:Floating hospital anchored off hurricane-ravaged #PuertoRico is mostly empty nydailynews.com/news/world/flo… #AltGovDaily #WHPDaily

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Senator Lindsey Graham cited his experience as a judge today,in angry comments after Dr Blase Ford's testimony. He didn't mention he was kicked off that job; Military Appeals Court said it was unconsitutional to be both. scribd.com/document/38961… #WHPDaily #Indivisible #AltGov #Law
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@ezraklein DNI @ODNIgov Daniel R. Coats Statement on the IC's 2016 election assessment after President Trouserstain's #TreasonSummit Press Conference cc .@MalcolmNance .@MichaelAvenatti .@kylegriffin1 .@WomanVote #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #Indivisible
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