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Official Friday the 13th Seth Rich Thread... I'll be adding to this all day, Going to Pin It America! All in one place as requested.
1) Seth Rich was murdered around 4:19 AM in the 5th District of Washington D.C. according to Metro DC Police. He was shot twice in the back!
2) According to the Mainstream Media, Seth Rich was just a "DNC Staffer" You'll find out in this thread, that's not the case. #SethRich
3) Seth Rich was the DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party. He was no IT Dunce as they tried to claim.
4) According to Joe Capone owner of Lou's City Bar Seth Rich was at the bar that night he was murdered. #SethRich
5) In a September 2016 Crime Watch TV Show Interview, Joe Capone stated that Seth Rich was at the bar until 1:30-1:45 AM on July 10th..
6) Joe Capone in the Crime Watch TV Interview claimed he offered Seth Rich a Cab or a ride home that night. #SethRich
7) This past May, Joe Capone would claim that he wasn't in the Bar at all on the night Seth Rich was murdered. #SethRich
8) Lou's City Bar was showing the UFC 200 PPV featuring the return of Brock Lesnar. The Bar would have been packed. #SethRich
9) Here is the Twitter Ad from Lou's City Bar showcasing the UFC 200 PPV on Saturday Night July 9th, 2016. #SethRich
10) Joe Capone stated in the September Crime Watch Interview (before changing his story) that Seth Rich was sitting in regular spot.
11) Sunday Morning after a "botched robbery" Washington D.C. Metro Police according to Sy Hersh got a Warrant and took his Computers/Phones
12) Now why would Police take the Laptop and Phones from someone who was the victim of a "botched robbery" #SethRich
13) Washington D.C. Metro Police Department were not able to get into the Phones and Laptops of Seth Rich #SethRich
14) Washington D.C. Metro Police share an office with the FBI's C.A.R.T. division. They called on them to unlock Seth Rich's devices.
15) When The FBI's Cart division got Seth Rich's devices unlocked, they realized he had been contacting Julian Assange and Wikileaks.
16) There was a Drop Box that Seth Rich had used, Wikileaks before he died and gotten access to the drop box #SethRich
17) Seth Rich had also given access to the Drop Box to several close friends, this was a fail safe, kill switch, in case anything happened.
18) Shawn Lucas from our Intel knew Seth Rich. Shawn Lucas was found dead at 38 years old 3 weeks later in his bathroom floor. #ShawnLucas
19) Shawn Lucas was also the process server hired by Attorney Jared Beck to serve the DNC Fraud Lawsuit to the Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
20) Both Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich were dead within 3 weeks of each other. #SethRich #ShawnLucas #DNCFraudLawsuit
21) Seth Rich from all indicators and people we've talked to was a Bernie Sanders supporter. #SethRich
22) According to Initial reports and Joel Rich Seth Rich received 5 phone calls and made several others the night he was killed. #SethRich
23) Seth Rich according to Joel Rich tried calling him twice after 1:30 AM on the morning of July 10th, 2016. Joel was asleep. #SethRich
24) According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich received a call from a supposed friend that lasted 12 minutes after he left Lou's that night.
25) According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich also received a call that lasted right at a minute from another supposed friend. #SethRich
26) Now why would two people refuse to be named that talked to Seth Rich right before he was murdered, who were they? #SethRich
27) According to Joel Rich, Seth Rich made two phone calls to Kelsey Mulka that night, the first being at 2:05 AM July 10th, 2016 #SethRich
28) That call would last 89 minutes according to Joel Rich, and the call would drop. Seth Rich would call Kelsey Mulka back 5 minutes later.
29) The 2nd call to Kelsey Mulka according to Joel Rich would last 43 Minutes before the call would end with Seth saying "I Gotta Go"
30) The timeline of calls doesn't fit in, then we find out from Kelsey Mulka that Aaron Rich is the one who told Joel the call sequences...
31) So Joel Rich gave accounts of the phone calls, and he didn't even have the phone records to look at. Just what Aaron Rich had told him.
32) Per our Investigation, Kelsey Mulka for whatever reason had the phone records of Seth Rich, which were AT&T. #SethRich
33) On August 9th, 2016 Julian Assange would mention Seth Rich for the first time, just 30 days after his murder unprompted on Dutch TV..
34) Julian Assange stated that there were no findings of a botched robbery, and that his people were "looking into it" #SethRich #Assange
35) Assange stated that @wikileaks sources take certain risks, and the stakes are extremely high in the United States Elections. #SethRich
36) @wikileaks and Julian Assange would also offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killers, first time they've ever done it!
37) On August 10th, 2016 the DNC would assign a Crisis Fixer named Brad Bauman to the Rich Family to speak for them.. #SethRich #Bauman
38) We're sure it's just a coincidence that one day after Julian Assange mentions Seth Rich the DNC assigns a Crisis Fixer to the family...
39) Brad Bauman would introduce a professional Con Man to the Rich family named Jack Burkman a GOP Lobbyist #ConMan #Burkman #SethRich
40) Jack Burkman had one goal, and that was to establish Russia and Seth Rich's connection, AFMG squashed his dreams of this long ago.
41) Jack Burkman would partner with a group called the Profiling Project to conduct an independent investigation, #SethRich
42) Jack Burkman would lie at a press conference about the Hospital that Seth Rich went to, the Profiling Project would leave Burkman.
43) Jack Burkman would claim to own the Profiling Project, when in fact it's owen by a Man named Kevin Doherty, not Jack Burkman. #SethRich
44) Kevin Doherty actually owns the Trademark and LLC of The Profiling Project Yet Burkman continues to try to use the name. #SethRich
45) Jack Burkman is actually being used by a Publicity Firm known as The Publicity Agency, which funds Liberal attack campaigns. #TruthBomb
46) The Rich Family with help of Ed Butowsky funding the way would hire Private Investigator Rod Wheeler to investigate the murder of SR.
47) Rod Wheeler would work multiple angles in the Investigation, he was a former Washington D.C. Metro Homicide Detective. #SethRich
48) Everything that Rod Wheeler would get to would lead him back to Wikileaks in his Investigation of Seth Rich #SethRich #RodWheeler
49) Aaron Rich would call Joe Capone, Kelsey Mulka, and others and tell them not to talk about the emails with Rod Wheeler #SethRich
50) Now why would Aaron Rich call anyone and everyone involved and tell them not to talk about the emails? #Wikileaks #SethRich
51) In June of this year, America First Media would Break that Seth Rich & Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka were in fact Broken Up at time of murder.
52) Now why would the Girlfriend of Seth Rich lie about their relationship status during an Open Murder Investigation? #SethRich #BreakUp
53) Frank Whalen, 23 year Homicide Detective on our team said when you lie in a murder investigation that makes you a suspect. #SethRich
54) This also means that the Family, Friends, and Roommates of Seth Rich also lied about the relationship of Kelsey Mulka & Seth #SethRich
55) Which means, you can now no longer take ANYTHING the Family, Girlfriend, Friends, or Roommates have told you as a Truth #SethRich
56) Less than 3 weeks after the murder of Seth Rich, Former Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka would host a "Make your friends Squirm Party" in D.C.
57) Seriously, who hosts a "Make your friends squirm party" less than 3 weeks after your "boyfriend" was murdered in the streets. #SethRich
58) Enter Kim Dotcom into the picture, who claims that he could prove Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker... #SethRich #KimDotcom
59) Kim Dotcom was also a webmaster for Wikileaks at one time, so he has a connection to Julian Assange. #SethRich #Wikileaks #KimDotcom
60) Kim Dotcom claims that Seth Rich reached out to him and went by the code name Panda, and will provide all information to US Government.
61) In a 2015 Bloomberg Interview, Kim Dotcom claimed that Julian Assange and Wikileaks would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare in 2016.
62) Now how could Kim Dotcom know that Julian Assange would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare a year and a half before the Election?
63) Why won't the United States Government or anyone from the FBI, DOJ, or Republicans bring Kim Dotcom in to Testify on Seth Rich?
64) The fact that Republicans have so much on the Democrats and still won't try to eliminate their opponents shows the corruption is deep!
65) Why did Detective Antoine Weston of Washington D.C. Metro Police publicly start attacking our Seth Rich Investigation on Twitter?
66) @CassandraRules of Big League Politics wrote a great article on the attack by Detective Antoine Weston of the 3rd District of Metro PD.
67) Here is the article from Cassandra @CassandraRules of Big League Politics.…
68) Seth Rich was murdered in the 5th District, so why would a Non Homicide Detective from the 3rd District Lash out at me? #SethRich
69) Washington D.C. Metro Police have Detectives and then Homicide Detectives. Antoine Weston isn't Homicide, so what does he know?
70) We reached out to Detective Antoine Weston who would not respond to the claims that he made on Twitter. #SethRich
71) In July while in Washington D.C. America First Media Group would reveal the actual Doctor and EMT's that responded to Seth Rich
72) Dr. Christine Trankiem a Trauma Surgeon at MedStar Hospital in Washington D.C. performed emergency surgery on Seth Rich. #SethRich
73) Dr. Christine Trankiem would pronounce Seth Rich dead on the operating table at 05:57 Am on July 10th, 2016. #SethRich
74) Ambulance #17 of DCFEMS Fire Engine #6 was the first EMT's on the scene responding to Seth Rich #SethRich
75) Keep in mind, the EMT's and DCFEMS have NEVER been stated on record as what happened that night Seth Rich was shot. #SethRich
76) In multiple National Publications The Rich Family, Mary, Joel, and Aaron would tell a story about what the EMT's and Metro PD recalled.
77) The Rich's painted a picture that First responders told them that their son was very talkative, and that he didn't know he'd been shot..
78) Aaron Rich even went to visit the EMT's and First Responders in September of 2016 to "Thank Them" #SethRich
79) "It appears he was targeted," said D.C. Police Captain Anthony Haythe. "He was shot multiple times." #SethRich
80) "The officers who were there and they said 'Yeah, he was quite talkative, he did not realize he had been shot,'" said Joel Rich...
81) Keep in mind Kelsey Mulka went through with the Crime Watch TV Interview in Sept 2016, knowing they were broken up, why? #SethRich
82) Michael Cass-Antony, Who's in a relationship with Elissa Nadworny of NPR couldn't wait to jump on and call it a Conspiracy. #SethRich
83) Hillary Clinton couldn't wait to mention it 48 hours after Seth Rich was murdered.. When the Black Widow Mentions you.. Run.. #SethRich
84) Joe Capone "A Man with a Silver Gun" They were already painting a BS cover up Narrative America. #SethRich
85) Michael Cass-Antony calls Julian Assange who's never been wrong in 11 years a Liar.. But we should believe Hillary Clinton & DNC..
86) "At this time, there is no indication that Seth Rich's death is connected to his employment at the DNC." -- Metro DC Police #SethRich
87) Washington D.C. Metro Police Department has not made a statement on the unsolved murder of Seth Rich in over a year. #SethRich
88) They even tried to sell it "He just found out he was going to work for the Clinton Campaign" #SethRich
89) They tried to claim that Seth Rich had only had time to write two sentences of an acceptance letter to Hillary Clinton.. #SethRich
90) Considering all of the Clinton Suicides, I'm sure this is just coincidental that they only found two sentences on Seth's laptop..
91) Seth Rich still has his wallet, cash, credit cards, watch, Jewish Chai Pendant that was his dads from his mom Mary. #SethRich
92) The Jewish Chai Pendant he was wearing had the inscription "Ditto" and was a joke between Mary and Joel from Courtship #SethRich
93) "He was here just by himself that night, and even asked him if he wanted to stick around and get a ride home," said Capone. #SethRich
94) "He was like 'No, I'm going to go somewhere else and then I'll go home." said Capone. Really Joe.. Now you weren't even there right?
95) "Seth would be so offended at anyone thinking anything less of him, of caring for other people, of caring for America," said Mary Rich.
96) The Family seems more concerned with reputation than Facts or Truths.. Seth Rich was an American Hero, regardless. #SethRich
97) When we were in Washington D.C. we walked from Lou's City Bar to the Wonderland Ballroom, took about 15 minutes. #SethRich
98) We spoke to the GM of The Wonderland Ballroom, and he knew who Seth Rich was said he couldn't remember if he was there or not that night
99) From the Wonderland Ballroom to Seth Rich's Ex Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka's house was about 2 blocks, or 10 minutes away. #SethRich
100) Was Kelsey Mulka really out of town that night that Seth Rich was murdered? #SethRich
101) Our own Graham Cracker @eddie_graham23 published Seth Rich Hush Money on 09/21/2017.. #SethRich…
102) How Ironic and Coincidental is it that Crowdstrike received a payment of $98,849.84 on July 11th, 2016.. #SethRich
103) Ironic and coincidental is it that Crowdstrike received payments of $113,645.77 and $4,275.00 one day after Shawn Lucas was found dead
104) Now these two payments are just two more coincidences in a chain of coincidences in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation. #SethRich
105) Private Investigator Rod Wheeler filed a Lawsuit against Fox News, Malia Zimmerman, Ed Butowsky, and others claiming he was misquoted.
106) What caused Wheeler to claim that he was misquoted after going on Live Television and stated exactly what he was misquoted for?
107) America First Media has been to Washington D.C, Florida, Texas, Nebraska investigating the murder of Seth Rich. #SethRich
108) We're still Investigating 24/7, If you'd like to support our cause visit… or… to donate!
109) Washington D.C. Metro Police have yet to release the Ballistics report in the murder of Seth Rich #SethRich
110) Washington D.C. Metro Police have yet to release the caliber of weapon used in the murder of Seth Rich #SethRich
111) Washington D.C. Metro Police Department have yet to release the body cam footage in the murder of Seth Rich #SethRich
112) We have yet to see the Autopsy report on the murder of Seth Rich #SethRich
113) Washington D.C. Metro Police told the parents about a video at the Flagler Market that showed Seth Rich Collapsing and two other people
114) Washington D.C. Police claim that no tape exists, but if it did, they can't show it do to an ongoing Investigation. #SethRich
115) The Tape according to Seth Rich's parents contained grainy footage of their son collapsing and two other pairs of legs, possibly killer
116) Washington D.C. Metro Police Privacy Officer claims the body cams have been misplaced or were deemed not necessary in the investigation
117) Per Washington D.C. Metro Police's own General Orders, body cam footage when murder is involved must be kept 65 years. #SethRich
118) Seth Rich cancelled a visit to the White House that he had scheduled on July 4th, 2016... #SethRich
119) Joe Capone, the GM of Lou's City Bar visited the White House on July 6th, 2016, just a few days before the murder. #SethRich
120) Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser visited the White House on July 8th, 2016, just two days before the murder. #SethRich
121) Washington D.C. Metro Police Privacy Officer Liz Lyons visited the White House on July 12th, 2012 just two days after the murder. ..
122) Why did so many people involved in the Seth Rich murder visit the White House before and after his death? #SethRich
123) To date, the DNC has never offered a Reward for information in the unsolved murder of Seth Rich #SethRich
124) @JFlippo1327 and I went to Omaha, NE and visited the Beth El Synagogue. We were greeted by a herd of Women armed with Scissors.
125) Our own @Therealbp65 Bill Pierce Licensed Private Investigator spoke to the Medical Examiner, this is all he received back.. #SethRich
126) Bill Pierce also spoke to Dov Friedman, roommate of Seth Rich.. He was told to "Go Fly A Kite", in not so nice terms... #SethRich
127) Dov Friedman, roommate of Seth Rich claimed he didn't know Seth Rich worked for the DNC, even though he worked for Dems of Virginia?
128) Dov Friedman, roommate of Seth Rich, has degrees from Columbia and Yale... He knows exactly what he's doing and saying.. #SethRich
129) Dov Friedman worked in Turkey as a Turkish Lobbyist for Middle East Petroleum Ltd. He also wrote hit pieces on our Kurdish Allies.
130) Dov Friedman less than 3 weeks after Seth Rich was murdered, took a full time job with Hillary Clinton for President.. #SethRich
131) We're sure it's just another Coincidence that Dov Friedman took a full time job with Hillary Clinton 3 weeks after the murder...
132) Back to Lou's City Bar, packed out for UFC 200 PPV, the return of Brock Lesnar, and no one has came forward but staff in 15 months?
133) Not one Video exists anywhere in the most guarded city in the World of Seth Rich on July 9th or 10th.. Interesting.. #SethRich
134) Why did Washington Metro DC Police Detective Joey DellaCamera contact Donna Brazile when Rod Wheeler told him about Wikileaks?
135) This is how the DNC honored Seth Rich, with a Plaque where people park their bikes.. #SethRich
136) Sy Hersh, Aaron Rich, Kelsey Mulka, and others have admitted that Seth Rich went to a party that night. #SethRich
137) We already know that Joe Capone has told more lies that Jimmy Carter has liver pills.. #SethRich
138) Joe Capone stated he was at the bar, then on Vacation, what seat he sat in, and everything else all lies America. #SethRich
139) Let's tell a narrative really quickly in this Investigation, shall we? #SethRich
140) Joe Capone lied multiple times in this Investigation, so you can't believe a word he says. #SethRich
141) Kelsey Mulka, the supposed Girlfriend who we broke the story on was actually broken up with Seth at time of murder, she lied, no trust!
142) Aaron Rich lied to Private Investigator Rod Wheeler and others about the whereabouts of the Phones and Laptop. #SethRich
143) Now think about this, Aaron Rich even lied to his own Father Joel Rich about having Seth Rich's second phone. #SethRich
144) February of 2017 Aaron Rich reached out on his personal Facebook page to see if anyone had connections to a company called Cellebrite
145) Cellebrite is an Israeli Digital Forensics Company that specializes in unlocking Government Phones/Laptops and Devices #SethRich
146) The C.A.R.T. division of the FBI/Washington D.C. Metro Police must have put a lock of some kind on Seth Rich's devices. #SethRich
147) Why else would Aaron Rich need help from Cellebrite accessing the devices of Seth Rich? #SethRich
148) We know now that Guccifer 2 was a fraud and a fake. Many people were duped. This was a LEAK.. Not a Hack.. Wake Up #SethRich
149) We've talked to people that have information of the party, but they don't want to cross the line of telling enough to matter. #SethRich
150) Aaron Rich lied multiple times to Rod Wheeler and others in this Investigatio, therefore nothing he says can be trusted. #SethRich
151) Mary & Joel Rich only know what information that Aaron Rich and the Authorities have told them. They are being played. #SethRich
152) Per our Sources, Mary & Joel Rich know all about Seth & Aaron working with and leaking information to Wikileaks #SethRich #Wikileaks
153) Unless you are a brain dead moron, Seth Rich is not alive in Pakistan. Seth Rich is buried. We've talked to people that would know.
154) I've stated this many times. I don't ask my mechanic about my Landscaping, don't ask others about something they don't know. #SethRich
155) Seth Rich's roommate Dov Friedman lied, therefore he cannot be trusted as well. #SethRich
156) Brad Bauman is an expert in Crisis Management and cover ups. This is what he was hired by the DNC for... #SethRich #BradBauman
157) Sy Hersh stated that his contacts inside the FBI had seen the file on Seth Rich and it does exist. Sy Hersh is as credible as it gets.
159) We are currently working on many people that we believe have knowledge of the Party Seth Rich attended the night he was murdered in DC
160) We are at a Stage where the people we are talking to or looking into can’t be revealed for safety. We also do not want them to know.
161) The Level of Secrecy regarding the Party shows you it was inner circle of DNC. They all know what went down, we know we won’t let up!

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