From the beginning I have maintained that the @FBI have what they need, that @PutinRF coup failed dramatically at birth. This remains true.
Further, I discovered some time in to my own investigative journalism that Trump had personally abused a sex trafficking victim;
that this was on tape, and that @TrumpModels was under investigation for human trafficking. This remains true.…
My sources for this story had links to the intelligence and justice communities and none of them were female.…
The investigation into the human trafficking and sex abuse, including abuse committed by @RealDonaldTrump personally, I discovered late....
.... but the @FBI and Justice Department did not discover them late. They knew. The matter is not fresh, except to the general public.
As to 'why did Comey / Mueller not act' there is the Constitution, the rule of law, sources and methods, and the smooth transition of power.
The law enforcement and justice communities have acted and are acting, at all times, with all *deliberate* and lawful speed. Cases are solid
I do not care if other journalists have difficulty with the facts because the situation is improbable. Donald Trump is the nominal President
Mueller and Comey before him had to establish from the facts before them legal cases, with evidence that will stand up in court
And they had to and have to, as a matter of national security, ensure a smooth transition of power. Straight to @OrrinHatch or to Jim Mattis
Senator Hatch, a patriot, precedes Jim Mattis in the order of succession. If he does not want the post, Mattis is next in line, because...
.... both @stevenmnuchin1 and Rex Tillerson have committed serious crimes for which they will be charged and jailed…
I have already reported that after Director Comey was lawfully fired, DAG Rosenstein went to the Senate and warned them, on the Tuesday
At that meeting, DAG Rosenstein indicated some charges against Trump and that some lawmakers would be charged. Warned of obstruction
And that is why I early reported, truthfully and exclusively, that @OrrinHatch was receiving the PDB at that time. He was, because...
....both @Mike_Pence and @PRyan, he won't need the @SpeakerRyan handle in jail, are on tape and going to prison…
You will have some radio silence from me as I finish an important piece of work that won't ever be public. Then I will start reporting more
This near disaster that we have all lived and breathed has been averted by the checks and balances of America's constitution.
The Founders have been tested in the modern furnace and not found wanting. It is remarkable, how unscathed the Republic is and will remain.
But it has also been averted by the #NATO alliance enacting #Article5 and by the Five Eyes intelligence alliance that guards the West.
The one nation that will feel enduring and truly regrettable pain is @Russia. The oligarchs will be trapped there under red warrants.
Vladimir Putin, a fifth-rate spymaster who couldn't play chess if his life depended on it, failed Russia. @RusEmbUSA…
The doubling of sanctions on @PutinRF will be a mere appetizer. For many months the @USTreasury has readied instruments for a total embargo
But @Russia's people, the youth who took to the streets on #Oct7thItBegins to protest @PutinRF birthday, should know America is with you
Once @Russia deals with @PutinRF, @DeripaskaOleg and all who attacked the United States of America, we will have a just peace.
From this fire, American democracy will emerge triumphant and Russian democracy will emerge. @Russia's people will be able to vote #Navalny
Moscow to Siberia, people will vote freely; fewer oligarchs, more roads, more housing. America salutes a free @Russia.


End Thread.
Damn it, meant Comey was UNlawfully fired further up, but I can't put this correction right there without breaking thread. Sorry, Director

• • •

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More from @LouiseMensch

Oct 6, 2018
I am genuinely shocked that @bensasse and other nominal conservatives will vote to put a partisan boor on the Supreme Court. I am bewildered, even. As a former Conservative MP, let me say that in Britain we would never approve such a man. Never.
Conservatives, and I bleed blue (in the UK that’s the conservative color) are supposed to respect and revere institutions. Culturally we see our party as a guardian of heritage and tradition. We would never approve a gambling, partisan, shouting, emotional hack to the Court.
We as legislators, were we in the GOP’s position, would say to the President “sir, try again. Not voting for this shouty clown Kavanaugh.” You go talk to the whips, pass it up channels. There is no rush for the GOP. Easy aye vote on Gorsuch. Just give us another nominee.
Read 5 tweets
Sep 24, 2018
Right, so per "source close to Rod Rosenstein" he has NOT resigned nor has he offered to resign.

If @RealDonaldTrump wants to add another obstruction of justice charge by firing Rosenstein, he'll have to do so. Rosenstein isn't resigning and has not offered to do so.
This per @eorden of CNN.

Rod Rosenstein ("source close to" means this) is not resigning, and has not offered to resign.

Trump may obstruct justice by firing Rosenstein, he must really long for that jail cell, but Rosenstein is not resigning.
This is probably a good time to wise folks up to the idea that if Trump fired Mueller, he wouldn't have fired the Office of Special Counsel. If Mueller spontaneously combusts in the next 5 minutes, the Trump Russia investigation will continue.

It doesn't depend on individuals.
Read 4 tweets
Sep 17, 2018
OK @IrreverentView, "trying to rape a girl when aged 17 = "stealing a cookie when aged 5" for MAGA.

Because you don't deny #Kavanaugh did it. You say 'he did it but so what'.

The 19th Amendment is your kryptonite. Hope you don't have any daughters.
PS: I don't support #MeToo, mere accusations, like those of Don Trump Jr and Roger Stone's pal Leanne Tweeden are never enough. I believe Prof. Ford as an individual because her accusation is *credible*. She has therapists' notes from past years. Predating this nomination.
It's important to say this now, to be morally consistent. I will never support a #MeToo deprivation of due process, and I accept the statute of limitations. But confirmation is not a criminal procedure. Let both give testimony. Prof. Ford has pre-existing doctors' notes.
Read 4 tweets
Sep 12, 2018
Ok, for a second let’s talk about the National Russia Association’s hypocrite in chief, @Dloesch.

No, @Montel_Williams did not call her a “prostitute”. He used a common metaphor for selling out your principles. So common, in fact, that Dana Loesch uses it herself.

Here @Dloesch calls @Peggynoonannyc ‘not conservative’ and part of a group of “political prostitutes” [sic]
Here is Dana Loesch @Dloesch using that same ‘political sellout as prostitute metaphor’ for “paid Soros stooges” whom she will talk to because they are “smart enough to get paid to prostitute” [sic].
Read 4 tweets
Aug 13, 2018
On the issue of Peter Strzok, whom I respect: you either trust the current leadership of @FBI or you don’t.

The disciplinary supervisor made a recommendation; it was not binding; a higher punishment was decided upon. That’s well within the discretion of the officials involved.
Special Agent Strzok had a higher level of responsibility placed upon him in an election year and by being assigned to an incredibly sensitive investigation with vital consequences for national security. He then violated protocols. At the highest level, more is demanded.
Leadership sucks sometimes. It includes having to take punitive measures against people you personally like and know to be good people, full of integrity, if they breach national security. I have no doubt the decision has nothing to do with politics.
Read 5 tweets
Aug 12, 2018
There are some folks on Twitter who are trying to restate this as “Russia had nothing to do with what happened IN Charlottesville”, only the aftermath.

That’s wrong. That’s not what @CNN is reporting - that Russian meddling contributed to the violence.
The Hill reminds us:

“The Wall Street Journal in October reported that Facebook groups with ties to Russia posted racially divisive messages ahead of Charlottesville”

Ahead of it. Russia encouraged the violence that happened, as CNN correctly reports.…
You need not only propaganda, you need proximity, for violence to occur. What @RepTomGarrett is reporting the FBI told lawmakers reminds of the Russian hashtag #NotMyPresident used, in the Mueller indictment, to schedule pro- and anti- Trump rallies in NYC on the *same day*.
Read 4 tweets

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