It's been more than a year since Access Hollywood and it's coming up on the anniversary of the election. Let's do a check-in thread.
I feel like right now things are hard. Easly stated goals like "stop TrumpCare" have given way to more nebulous long-term tasks.
And each new day, each fresh shock, revelation, and outrage, just underscores how little power we have as individuals to stop this.
We have GOP pols admitting what we've always known - that they will risk nuclear war to get a tax break at this point. It changes nothing.
One man with a gun murders dozens and wounds hundreds in Las Vegas. It changes nothing.
Trump golfs while Puerto Rico drowns, the Virgin Islands go dark, and California burns. It changes nothing.
The investigations are ongoing, but they lack the power to bring swift and drastic change.
It's hard, babies. It's hard. These are hard times. They aren't the worst times we'll face, but they're part of the process of getting there
Being demoralized and scattered now, when we're not actually powerless as a people, helps them rob of us of the power we do have.
So let's do some affirmations.

It's okay to be tired.

It's okay to be scared.

It's okay to be angry.
It's okay to feel what you feel, because it has to be. It's what you feel. You can't change how you feel without dealing with how you feel.
It's okay to have been focused on your own stuff. It's okay to have been focused on Weinstein. On keeping your own family safe and fed.
It's okay to come up for air. It's necessary. It's also okay. Necessity is not weakness or impurity or imperfection. It's necessity.
A marathon is different than a sprint. So, for that matter, is a long-distance relay race, which is what we're in.
No one person has to (or can) go the whole distance alone. We are all in this together.
Maybe we've been misled by a culture that values performative action into what action looks like. Listening and learning can be actions.
Immersing yourself in the news of the day can be even more exhausting if your response to every story is "But what am I supposed to do?"
Listening to your fellow humans describe their experiences can feel a lot more demanding if you think it's always a call for action.
Simply being better informed is going to affect your future actions. It doesn't have to result in an immediate obvious action now.
No one person can do everything. No one person can be everything. Give yourself permission to absorb, to reflect, to mull over.
Listen. It's still weeks away, but November 8th is going to be a hard day for a lot of us. It might sandbag you when you're not expecting it
Give yourself space to mourn, to process.
We are in the middle of an ongoing national trauma. For some, this was already the case. Spare a thought for them as you find space to heal.
If you want a clear call to easy action, here it is. Tell your Senators to reject "reform" that slashes Medicare/aid
Cutting Medicare used to be a political third rail. They used to be afraid to touch it. They need to be afraid again. We can do that.
You want a bright spot? Here it is. Right now, the Republicans in power are just as confused and demoralized as we are.
They're not giving up, if only because they know they can't afford to. Debts to be paid, masters to please, nowhere to go if they fail.
But if we don't give up, we can stymie them. Make them break faster than we break.
Tell your Senators no on the tax reform bill. No cutting Medicare, no cutting Medicaid, no increasing the deficit to cut taxes.
These are easy messages for crossing the political aisle. You don't have to tell a Republican Senator's staffer you don't vote Republican.
They won't ask, and they're your Senators even if you'd never vote for them.
This is our next victory and their next defeat. A chance for us to come together and them to scatter and break.
It's a little less visceral than "Don't Pass Trumpcare!" but a lot of the stakes are the same.
And I have faith that we can do it, because we've done it before.
We've just got to pick ourselves up, pull ourselves together, get up the gumption to do it, and do it.
Cry havoc, babies.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of civic participation.

They won't know what hit them.
Light up the switchboards to protect Medicare and Medicaid from "tax reform".
They're expecting to sneak this one through since it's not Trumpcare. They will not be prepared for a massive backlash.
Which means the impact if we can deliver one will be all the stronger, all the more demoralizing, destabilizing to them.
Wouldn't that be a heck of a morale boost?
Give yourself time to breathe and space to heal. Give yourself permission to process and reflect. Take what you need to move on.

Fight, fight back, because we are in the fight of our lives, whether it feels like it at the moment or not.
And we're winning the overall battle, whether it feels like it at the moment or not.

But we lose everything if we can't keep fighting.
That doesn't mean everybody fights all-out all the time. Fighting on means fighting smart. Forming ranks. Fire a volley, fall back, reload.
Trust yourself to know when it's time to reload. You don't need a leader to tell you that.
But if you need to hear someone else giving you permission to fall back, here it is: do what you need to do to fight on.
We are not going to get a time out to process our ongoing trauma and if we wait until all this is over to do so it'll be too late.
So give yourself permission to grieve, to hurt, to heal, to whatever. Whatever you need to do is whatever you need to do.
Listen to each other and support one another. Be there for each other. See each other. Witness each other.
Because we can do this. We. Can. Do. This. No one can do it alone but we can do this together. #WeGotThis
If you got anything from this thread, please give something back.

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Oct 8, 2018
So, electric kettles. Let me see if I can't convert some other white US-born people over.

Here are some reasons:

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Twitter's specific policy on Dehumanizing Speech is better than I had feared; it's more specific, covering only comparisons to animals (vermin, pests) or tools for a specific purpose. You can give feedback here. Mine focused on implementation.…
The Dehumanizing Speech policy being specific is important because if (let's dream big here) it is enforced as written, you can avoid getting suspended for talking about TERFs by saying their beliefs are garbage or their actions are garbage.
My feedback focused on the unequal way in which Twitter's existing policies have been supported. White guys making clear references to genocide, murder, stalking children, etc., get "We have to look at context, this was clearly not serious" replies while their victims get banned.
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Oct 7, 2018
For the record, I do hope Brett Kavanaugh's life is ruined. I hope his marriage has been irreparably strained. I hope his social life is in the toilet. I hope he feels no joy at his win. I hope he only stops waiting for the other shoe to fall when it does, like a guillotine blade
My ~*preference*~ would be that he suffer some sort of institutional consequences, even if it was merely not being confirmed to a lifetime position on the highest court in the land, where he will have power over millions.

But the right decided that's off the table.
I hope anyone who comes before the SCOTUS who is even tangentially liberal, left, or Democratic makes an issue out of his participation in the case so that he has to spend his whole career justifying and defending his presence on the bench.
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Oct 7, 2018
Well, @RadioFreeTom thinks saying "No problem." implies there's a problem so forgive me if I'm not crowning him a king of situational analysis. What he's calling Trump's "rhetorical excess" is largely projection. The idea that we win by *not* pointing out what they're doing...
...just gives Trump and his party the full benefit of that projection, in that they get to smear their opponents while being insulated from accurate accusations. We've been ceding control of the narrative to them for decades now and it hasn't worked.
The reason @RadioFreeTom wants the Democrats to settle down and be good little children is because up until two hours ago HE WAS A REPUBLICAN and when this is all done he hopes there's a slightly more couth and presentable version of the Republican Party that's still in charge.
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Oct 7, 2018
We've got GOP voters talking about drinking liberal tears with their beers, we've got a GOP president lying his backside off to his rally and then telling Jeanine Pirro he wants to hold women "liable" for talking about rapes... I don't see the centrists asking them to be civil?
Isn't it weird how absolutely no pundit wrote an editorial saying that Lindsey Graham's fire and brimstone sermon isn't going to win over the middle? Isn't it strange that no one tells Chuck Grassley that his angry interruptions are going to hurt his party?
There was a lot of talk about whether or not Kavanaugh's vitriolic testimony would hurt him but I didn't see a lot of neutral or centrist-identified people saying that it *should*.
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Oct 7, 2018
So let me tell you another reason we need to not back down, not sit down, not be quiet: coward that he is, Donald Trump is at his most dangerous when he feels like he's on top of the world.
The horse race headlines are saying that Donald Trump had his best day as president, and I'm sure he felt it. He just came through a knock-down, drag-out fight and won a battle that people had been telling him to drop for weeks, so right now no one can tell him anything.
If he gets it in his head that maybe he should fire Rosenstein? No one's going to be able to talk him out of it. He might even do it just to extend the high, or see how far he can take it.
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