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•THREAD This is a call to action on #HealthCare we have had to call numerous times. We have to call again. 202-221-3121.
Yesterday I went to DC with Peter Morley @morethanmySLE we had 13 meetings in Congressional offices with legislative aides.
They help define healthcare policies for their bosses, Senators & Representatives. We had 13 meetings- navigating the long complex...
...halls- complex like healthcare itself.Peter is a #PatientCareAdvocate who is a patient.
A cancer survivor with lupus now who had 9 operations in 10 years.
#ACA saved his life after 3 near death experiences.
Peter is energized from his experiences with illness to fight for healthcare. This is his 5th trip to DC.
I did a triathlon in August & could barely keep up with him.
Here’s my takeaway: #AlexanderMurray, a bi-partisan bill to stabilize #ACA needs to be voted on in the Senate.
It helps with state innovation waivers. If it gathers steam Mitch McConnell will have to put it up for a vote.
Call him, 202-224-2541 tell him, yes, place #AlexanderMurray on the floor for a vote. Health knows no party.
Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We have to support this bi-partisan effort.
If #AlexanderMurray passes the Senate it goes to the House. Paul Ryan could stop it from being voted on.
He is saying tax reform is the big priority on the House.
#AlexanderMurray got a great CBO score, it would cut the federal deficit by 3.8 billion dollars.
Call Ryan 202-225-3031 tell him to put #AlexanderMurray up for a vote. Then the heavy lifting begins.
Republicans in the House will need to be called to vote yes on #AlexanderMurray.
There is also a separate alternative to the Senate’s effort to stabilize #ACA.
#HatchBrady is aimed at winning over reluctant Conservatives. Watch as these 2 proposals move through the 2 houses.
Meantime open enrollment starts Nov 1. Outreach efforts have been killed by the president. People need to know about insurance options.
Even if you already have #ACA, shop around for the best rates. There are 24 legislative days left this year.
#CHIP reauthorization needs to happen before states run out of money to insure sick children. Many phone calls are necessary.
Please continue. Every congressional office we visited told us data and personal stories are what counts to persuade Senators & Reps to... yes on healthcare.Also- two really cool follows are @ChrisMurphyCT and @SenJeffMerkley FIN

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We are living through an extraordinary time. We resist everything that is #notnormal. History will record a cruel, chaotic, corrupt regime that is swampy like a bottomless bog. History will remember a treasonous fake president, bent on destroying our planet and our civil rights.
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1/ #Thread about the Thai rescue, with many thanks to my friend Linda.
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So, I was sitting next to a quartet of Turkish kids at a restaurant the other night. They were up in arms about Erdogan’s upcoming election in June. They also couldn’t believe they escaped their country to arrive in Trump’s AmeriKKKa. They are worried for us, knowing how it goes.
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1/ Dear Donald,
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