Since May's fateful appointment & her 'Brexit means Brexit' this has always been OUT v IN. Talk of deals is fantasy. We should vote IN asap!
.@KenClarkeMP apart, Tory MPs voted #A50 trigger (Mar17) to appease #Brexiteers untroubled by unseen cost/impact assessments or exit plans.
7 months down their rocky road to nowheresville, that #A50 trigger is looking like the most ill-judged & stupid parliamentary decision ever!
Post failed GE, propped by incomplete DUP deal, riven by MP sex scandals and impact assessments neither read nor understood, UK is in chaos!
Nearing the Budget, which will be read/understood & subjected to OBR/IFS review, even sex-mad MPs will have to get handsy with hard facts.
May's misjudgements since #Euref must make it inconceivable for shredded remnants of Commons (& Lords) to frank the EU Repeal Bill in time?
If close call, flawed, misled #Euref vote was not bad enough! the subsequent unsequenced, chaotic & planless process is totally disgraceful!
Despite pub talk that 'we can do better outside EU' there's NO PLAN to that effect? Even Leavers believe it will cost UK dearly to exit EU!
Biz #Brexodus began frm #A50 but there are many still sitting on their hands with a calculated view that #exitfrombrexit will surely emerge?
HMG can't unite on ANY Brexit Plan/Deal that EU would be likely to agree, so now its putting investment? into No Deal? as damage limitation?
UK's #Brexit fail fiasco is a perfect paradigm of what not to do and how not to do it. #exitfrombrexit IS the least bad path now available.
.@acgrayling today: #A50 IS revocable + D.Tusk has left door open for UK. Is HMG insane enough to put even more resource into a madcap exit?
Just imagine pushing through a madcap concept that neither your heart nor head nor any expert believes in? There, but for the grace of God!
UK now in huge cash mess thanks to rash decision-making & lack of planning. Money moves, and drags public opinion with it, sooner or later!
Good for @KenClarkeMP @Andrew_Adonis @nick_clegg to review UK options with EU. Although we're in a State it is not of the one-party variety!
know #Brexit is unaffordable! Growing #Brexodus Falling #Taxtake Excessive #Borrowing Reduced #Confidence = #Remain
Independent studies have been showing for some time that #Brexit is unaffordable, ie 'unfundable' without extreme financial pain for the UK!
UK export risks of quitting our nearest & by far largest trade bloc of EU partner nations would have to be worth it in NET terms? It isn't!
Trade experts agree that geographic proximity is THE crucial factor in driving job-creating export opportunities. EU is UK's 'home market'!
Thanks @ChrisGiles_ for sharing the @bankofengland analysis, regarding today's rate rise, which is well rationalised and of course correct!
When finance professionals do their jobs well, they'll inevitably be attacked by amateurs who've never done any job well. It's inevitable!
I commend @IanDunt @ThatTimWalker @GuitarMoog @tony_nog @realVickyPryce for bringing valid content to their warnings about #Brexit dangers!
Herculean efforts from @acgrayling @JolyonMaugham @thatginamiller @campbellclaret @JamesMelville indicate wide support for #exitfrombrexit
People backing #Remain do so believing it to be in the best long-term interests of ALL in the UK. This is neither personal nor undemocratic!
We're seeing growing cross-party & voter support for NOT financially impoverishing the UK any more than the last 18 mths have! Why is that?
Because voters were misled to believe that (eg) NHS would be better off if UK left EU, and nobody would be worse off! Such an insane thesis!
£ down, Inflation up, Incomes flat, Jobs riskier, Mortgages rising, Govt/Personal debt high, NHS in crisis, Taxtake threat from #Brexodus!
Above start point is a hugely weak one from which to take us out of the single market and into trade & jobs oblivion & economic/admin chaos!
Per @Peston today, interest rate rise (forced by brexit-induced inflation) is a hugely significant development given UK's weak start point!
If we could rely on government to look after the national interest, wouldn't that be good? Right now, their self-interest is key! @mrjamesob
If there is anyone who believes that UK is being well served by our present Govt, please explain why? to those who feel so badly let down!
has put huge effort into exposing the sheer insanity of Brexit in the NATIONAL INTEREST of the UK. MPs used to cover 'that base'!
has also put huge effort into stopping this insane Brexit! Why? Because he cares about ALL who live & work here! WE fund it!
Voted IN 1975+2016, & worked in London from 1969, nationally since, so have a perspective on the UK that some lack. It was NOT great, then!
Brexit is already 'totally undone' via the inescapable FACT that it's NOT do-able without gross ££s pain for the UK, for which NOBODY voted.
you are officially inducted into the Hall of Fame of those fighting irrational insane Brexit. We salute your persistent efforts!
Public opinion & econ-reality have changed hugely since #Euref. In today's fast-changing world 'relating back' no longer 'defines democracy'
Thanks so much @tony_nog for all your work on Brexit, and for kindly acknowledging my efforts to 'support the supporters' on here.
Huge thanks to @nickreeves9876 for all your efforts re Brexit, and for kindly acknowleding my attempts to 'support the supporters' on here!
DO continue to speak out, as YOU see fit! That IS the role of a serious MP in a proper Parliamentary Democracy. Any others?
It's extremely important that ALL MPs speak out AND vote as THEY see fit, rather than as dictated by party whips. We demand this of them!
No one exists to save the Tory Party! They are in government to look after the entire UK, not just the misled 37%. Not our job to save them!
Prof Tanja has done much to highlight plight of EU nationals in the UK lacking due rights & recognition. She deserves support!
has been a supporter throughout the tough process of fighting irrational brexit! We honour his contribution, and ask for more!
- you are SO special in the fight against this mad #Brexit that mere words simply can't describe! Thank you! Do not give up!
Brexit is a self-inflicted wound! No external party did this to US, though some meddled. WE need to stop the bleed NOW, before its too late!
Andrew Parnell, Huge thanks for your persistence in righting the wrong of Brexit. As @dontbrexitfixit aptly states, we have SO much to fix!
If a major decision proves 'undeliverable' there's every justification for putting ones hands up and saying so. UK needs #exitfrombrexit NOW
got us into the #brexitshambles! I suggest THEY work on a plan to reverse the damage, rather than compound it. Time is money!
Tired of those who crave top job but can't 'lead' when it lands. Leadership is about tough decisions, like #exitfrombrexit, if right for UK.
leadership has been a big disappointment over Brexit. At odds with most of their voters, MPs & TUC + they're keeping May in power!
is wrong re Brexit. That was 'then'. New facts have emerged! 250k+ who voted #Leave are already dead. Ruled from grave? No!
is however on the money re Brexit! His warnings in 'The State We're In' were not heeded; His views on Brexit MUST be noted!
As mooted by @vincecable UK politicians must be open to a progressive alliance to deal with huge problems caused by past party/policy fails!
#Euref+18mths: HMG stuck in kamikaze mode, racking up debt, taking UK further downwards v global economic recovery (see G20 GDP table). Why?
Why? Coz HMG has saddled us with the moans of misled masses instead of properly planning for ALL poss. options prior to premature #A50 trig.
As @Undercover_mole notes, EU migration to UK is materially down, with huge risks to UK economy & services. Unintended consequences, again?
Flailing failing Govt remains significantly under-challenged by woefully out-of-touch Labour Leadership. Progressive Alliance NOW essential!

• • •

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Sep 18, 2018
While UK spirals down & out of control, gripped by self-inflicted Brexit-fixated inward-looking dirty-selfish politics, Major Parties talk to themselves with NO results, so far. Yet, every passing day brings new reasons to put Brexit to a #PeoplesVote with the option to #Remain.
#TriggerIsComing to force a #PeoplesVote on #Brexit, with an option to #endthechaos and #Remain. Many MPs are daily more restive over the lack of a truly #MeaningfulVote - another #May mistake that will come back to haunt #Blukip, after ALL their Lies & wastage of time AND money.
The wheels are falling off 'any Brexit' with each passing revelation of FACTUAL REALITY. Anyone who can't see that (regardless of how they voted) is not keeping up! The doubters in Parliament will be swelling in numbers, by the minute.
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Aug 21, 2018
Leavers were misled. Fact-based #BrexitRejection drives many to Remain. #TriggerIsComing. #PeoplesVote will follow.
Life is a hard journey. We ALL have to admit IT, when wrong! Only alternative is digging in, ever deeper, to that wrongful position (aka 'bad decision bias'). I say to Leavers, now, take another fresh look and rethink! This is ALL our futures! #TriggerIsComing #PeoplesVote soon!
51.9% v 48.1% in an ADVISORY referendum, held more than 2 years ago, is clearly NOT today's #WOTP, so a #PeoplesVote is NOW a MUST HAVE, re any final EU destination - incl. #Remain. Will that happen? YES! #TriggerIsComing, soon.
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Aug 3, 2018
IF we do leave the EU, big IF, I predict that there'll be a marked tendency for Remainers to Leave the UK, and for Leavers to Remain, stuck here. Losers perpetually banking on Winners to just suck it up, and blithely bail them out, just #May be disappointed. There, I've said it!
Close relatives who departed these shores in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's felt they perceived a better future 'elsewhere'. Am beginning to get it, at last! I #May be a slow learner, or just late to awake to the now revealed realities of the UK, and its 'true prospects'.
Of course, there's an easy alternative. Put the latest EU options (realistic ones only, please, including #Remain!) to a new #PeoplesVote - That should inform us as to the current #WillOfThePeople. That'd be a great start! Better late than never!
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Jul 9, 2018
We are now witnessing the final death throes not just of the May Government, but of the @Conservatives as we have come to know them: self-serving, self-obsessed, self-promoting, self-seeking, self-ish, self-destroying, Good riddance!
UK's electorate, especially our Youth, will severely punish @Conservatives at EVERY future ballot opportunity, Ad Infinitum! This process started with #GE2017 - but if it were re-run as #GE2018, they'd be right OUT! We demand a #PeoplesVote to stop this insanity and halt #Brexit!
In essence: The UK has kidded itself to believe that economic gravity can be defied. It can't. For people to be seriously misled in 2016 is bad enough; but for Blukip Mayhem & Co to NOW be leading them towards disaster in 2017/18, absent any #PeoplesVote, is totally unforgivable!
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Jul 4, 2018
Don't believe that Blukip Mayhem & Co realise just HOW far adrift they have become from public opinion NOW! Of course, they could put ANY deal? Big IF? to a #peoplesvote, and test the will of the people to which they love SO much to defer? Democracy? Do they really believe in it?
Hard to escape the view that 'so called' UK Democracy has been completely hijacked by Blukip Mayhem & Co. There's NO mandate to trash our economy in the way now daily unfolding. It's totally risible to suggest that we'll go global from the self-inflicted wreckage of what we had.
Triple hit from #Brexodus; deferred, reduced or cancelled #BusinessInvestment and collapsing consumer #Confidence look likely to impact UK #GDP when #Q2 stats are known. Will Blukip Mayhem & Co take any notice? Or just keep racking up yet more debt, as UK #TaxTake recedes!
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May 5, 2018
Backed by 70% of voters (#LocalElections2018) our two major parties aim to take UK down to the minor leagues of sub-#G20 growth, supported by NO detailed plans as to the costs, complexities & consequences of such bizarre recklessness. Not just insane, but amazingly short-sighted!
2. Is this a case of who blinks first? Surely I, and fellow well-informed remainers, are not in exclusive possession of key economic facts and trends? Con/Lab MUST have these too? Maybe everyone should check the latest @guardian piece by @williamnhutton!
3. People who think Brexit (in any form!) would be easy, painless or cost-free are very sorely deluded! Maybe the 70% who just voted Con/Lab in #LocalElections2018 should have been asking 'that question' of their wannabe councillors? before parting with their votes? Too late now!
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