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1/ The MSM Media, specifically @MSNBC, is lying to You about William Binney. He's not a 'Conspiracy Theorist.' He's an NSA WhistleBlower. startpage.com/do/search?q=tr… .@Thomas_Drake1 .@JesselynRadack .@theintercept
2/ Binney is simply pointing out that NONE of the 17 Intel Agencies have shown a SHRED of FORENSIC evidence it was the Russians that hacked the DNC or DNCCC - Here's .@theintercept report: interc.pt/2iCBzZ0
3/ Here's the July 24 2017 @Consortiumnews Report Challenging the 17 Agencies' Assessment consortiumnews.com/2017/07/24/int… cc .@MalcolmNance
4/ Tonite on his .@MSNBC show, Brian Williams, Liar about His Iraqi Helicopter Crash, disingenuously characterised Binney as "what's he (DCI Pompeo) doing meeting with 'this guy'
5/ "This guy" being William Binney, former NSA Technical Director for World Geopolitical & Military Analysis; Co-founder of NSA’s Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center.
6/ Binney Resigned the NSA after 30 Years in the face of GWB's UnConstitutional setup of a Domestic Warrantless Surveillance State. Here's Binney at HOPE 9, telling that story
7/ William Binney is no "Conspiracy Theorist," and anyone (I'm Looking at You .@MSNBC and Brian "Helicopter Crash" Williams) who tells You that is a Liar trying to obscure the Truth. Intel Agencies: Show The *Evidence*. Stop Sliming Binney - He's a Hero.
.@MSNBC's Brian 'Liar about his Iraq Crash Experiences' Williams needs to Apologize to Binney, and to the Public, for once again lying, being a hack, and a mere talking head "Journalist" Poser.
Here's Williams .@MSNBC Panel, encouraged to have a good laugh at Binney's expense, in a sleazy attempt to discredit his very valid message - NONE of the Intel Agencies have presented a SHRED of Forensic Evidence the Russians were behind the Hacks.
10/ This is not to say the hacked data didn't make its way into Russian hands, to be further distributed by Guccifer 2.0 & Wikileaks. Just that there's no EVIDENCE the original hack was of Russian origin #InfoSec #TrumpRussia dni.gov/files/document…
11/ So, .@MSNBC Brian "Helicopter Crash" Williams Panel, either You are willingly Purveyors of Lies, or Failing to do Your Jobs as #Journalists. Wise Up. Stop Lying. Stop Parroting Intel Community Talking Points. Do Your Fucking Jobs. Be Journalists. Apologize, Williams.
12/ Here's a bit of Historical Background on what Happened after Binney Resigned. It came out after the @nytimes sat on it for >a Year, ensuring GWB's reelection. Written by the CoAuthor of .@theintercept piece j.mp/dr3dNSA
13/ Here's the Video of the House Judiciary Democrats Briefing, held in the basement bc the GOP wouldn't give them the space to do it j.mp/dr3dNSA1
14/ and Here's the USAToday Report the following March (2006) that precipitated the passage of the patently UnConstitutional 'retroactive immunity' for the TelCo's complicity in Warrantless Domestic Surveillance bit.ly/dr3dNSAphone
15/ So, Yeah. Trump's a Putz who's a danger & should be removed. But @MSNBC has an obligation NOT to distort History & smear Binney, a National Hero by any standard. Shame. Brian Williams is a Punk-Ass MotherFucker who should be Fired if he won't apologize to Binney.
16/ Here's a brief digest of USA Today Coverage of this National Disgrace of Warrantless Suspicionless Domestic Surveillance that forced Binney, & eventually @Thomas_Drake1 to leave the NSA j.mp/dr3dBBRO2
16/16 Hey, Read this Thread .@maddow .@MaddowBlog .@kylegriffin1 .@Lawrence .@JoeNBC .@morningmika - Your Network, and Brian Williams, owe Bill Binney an apology. Christ, There's even a Movie about him. "A Good American" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Good_Am… -30-
17/16 Oh, and By the way: .@jonathanvswan You're attempt to slime Binney on Brian "Helicopter Crash" Williams show last night was a disgrace. Find another profession. You sure as hell didn't comport well as an alleged Journo. Here's the Unrolled Thread: tttthreads.com/thread/9281769…
18/16 Here's the Video segment of Brian "Helicopter Crash" Williams show that royally pissed me off. Note he rattles off Pompeo's credentials but not Binney's. #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily
19/16 If the vid starts at the beginning, the segment starts at 19:13 #AltGovDaily #IndivisibleTimes #WHPDaily
.@jonathanvswan .@anniekarni For the time being, You are Blacklisted from the White House Press Daily, for Your Disgraceful Performance on .@MSNBC last evening, assisting in the Smearing of William Binney cc .@Thomas_Drake1 .@KirkWiebe .@JesselynRadack
20/16 Brian Williams show was only a temporary thing, anyway variety.com/2016/tv/news/b…

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Senator Lindsey Graham cited his experience as a judge today,in angry comments after Dr Blase Ford's testimony. He didn't mention he was kicked off that job; Military Appeals Court said it was unconsitutional to be both. scribd.com/document/38961… #WHPDaily #Indivisible #AltGov #Law
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