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When #Muslims say scientific knowledge in #Qur’an proves its Divine origin, #atheists laugh. Share this #thread with them 👇 they’ll quickly stop laughing! 😆/1
So let’s begin at the beginning shall we? The #BigBang, for starters /2
Scientists like Fred Hoyle themselves could hardly believe that all matter along with all laws emerged from nothing…/3
…an illiterate Arab man claiming prophethood in the 7th century however, had already said this #awkward. /4
2 impt words here are “closed up mass” (Ratqan) and “clove asunder” (Fafataqnahuma). Great analysis here: alislam.org/library/books/… /5
Who could have known this at a time that the question of the Universe wasn’t even a question?! /6
This verse is even more interesting because it directly addresses the “disbelievers” ie: those who don’t believe in the Qur’an /7
It’s a type of prophecy, and it was fulfilled because its non-Muslims who made the Big Bang discovery! /8
The verse is asking why, despite discovering the BB, can’t see that a Universe that has a beginning needs a Prime Cause, who is Eternal! /9
The verse continues by making another extraordinary (but true!) claim: water is the basis for life. /10
Indeed, when we look for life on other planets, we look for water for a reason! /11
The Qur’an doesn’t stop there. The Qur’an also talks about the Universe as expanding rapidly and continuously… /12
The expanding universe was only proven in 1929 with the discovery of Red Shift of galaxies by Edwin Hubble, after whom the Hubble telescope is named! /13
The Qur’an goes on to say that the motion of planets is orbital - something totally unheard of in the 7th century. /14
Yet there are even deeper messages hidden in the Qur’anic text…/15
Einstein’s realisation that gravity operates through the warping of space-time, as if space-time is a fabric, is itself referred to by the Qur’an… /16
God in this verse refers to the ‘heavens’ - an idiom for all that exists - as a fabric, deformable in its structure like parchment! /17
This was discussed in a recent, brilliant article by @ReviewReligions on #GravitationalWaves /18
In fact, the Qur’an doesn’t just make retrospective statements, but also makes positive prophecies about what is still ahead of us…/19
The Qur’an in this v. states that Universe will end in a BIG CRUNCH, not the alternative HEAT DEATH scientists talk about/20
You see, there are a few possibilities physicists believe the Universe could end in…/21
And it all depends on the MASS of the universe: wired.co.uk/article/how-wi… /22
If Universe is heavy, it will collapse into itself, but if it isn’t, it will just dissipate till absolute zero temperature is reached…/23
The Qur’an clearly comes down favouring the BIG CRUNCH where the whole universe collapses in on itself…/24
And it goes EVEN FURTHER than that! /25
The same v. goes on to say that after this BIG CRUNCH, God will kick-start the creation of another Universe ALL OVER AGAIN /26
This is only NOW being discussed by physicists in the 21st century, the idea of cycling universes: arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0… /27
HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that an illiterate 7th century Arab man living could have even CONCEIVED of these ideas, let alone voice opinions on them? /28
It isn’t. /29
It. Just. Isn’t. /30
Now we could go on for days and days…(and we will!) We’ve got more to cover: geology, climatology, embryology (the list is LONG) /31
But that’s for another day. ADD US to keep up to date with future threads on these topics, putting the #rationality back in #religion /32

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