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Abject Speculation:

There is a theory that has been percolating in my mind. I think it makes some sense, even though I cannot flesh all of it out or answer every question...
(2) I also don't particularly want to take the time to document and/or explain the sources for parts of the factual basis for this theory, so I am just going to give you the pieces of the theory.
(3) I am going to try to outline the theory for you and then give you some more detail so it hopefully makes more sense...

Here's the big picture of the theory:
(4) The "Military Industrial Complex" (MIC) and Western intelligence services do not operate with a "single mind" at any point. They are simply collections of individuals and groups of individuals with their own perspectives, values, and interests.
(5) MIC was powerful in President Eisenhower's day, after WWII.
(6) Parts of the MIC and Western intelligence services participated in a coup in the US in the early 60s with assassination of JFK.
(7) JFK had threatened to break CIA into a thousand pieces.

JFK had made enemies of the Dulles brothers and other powerful intelligence figures. Alan Dulles absolutely hated JFK.
(8) JFK had fired (& thus embarrassed) Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer for suggesting the Operation Northwoods plot. That plot included flying drone planes and crashing them in an attack on US cities in order to blame the attack on Castro. Sound familiar?
(9) The people who were asked to investigate the murder included Alan Dulles. The Warren Commission was a cover-up, as Jim Garrison proved many years ago in New Orleans.
(10) The MIC & Western intelligence factions who carried out the Kennedy assassination GOT AWAY WITH IT and proved that they were capable of anything. After their demonstration, they took complete charge of the general direction of the thinking of the MIC & Western intelligence.
(11) The MIC and Western intelligence have only gotten stronger with each passing year. It has been about 54 years since they demonstrated the means to which they will go to maintain their position and control.
(12) In the 1970s, the MIC and Western intelligence perfected numerous means of "mind control", including drug-based mind control, trauma-based mind control, mind control through electromagnetic radiation, media control, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotism, and others.
(13) Since perfecting "mind control," the MIC & intelligence svcs have begun to use it offensively & on populations that they are claiming to "protect". In other words, they began to apply psychological operations against us, to propagandize us in a very invasive & serious way.
(14) Factions of the MIC & intelligence services worked closely w/ media (Operation Mockingbird, for ex.) to control "the narrative." More disturbingly, they began to apply more than just standard written propaganda...
(15) They began to apply their knowledge of mind control to ensure that their chosen messaging was not just heard, but to guarantee it was accepted.
(16) What now passes for "the media" in this country (USA) is actually very sophisticated mind control. I am including the traditional MSM along with Hollywood, and unfortunately now even most of what we can find on the world wide web.
(17) Saudi Arabia's (SA) ruling Saud family has been a tool of Western intelligence since shortly after Kissinger negotiated petrodollar after Yom Kippur War in the 70s.
(18) When you hear that SA has done something, you should strongly consider it may have actually been USA-based MIC and intelligence services, or factions of them, that have done it.
(19) Over the years, the Bush-Saud family connections were the primary driver of this relationship.
(20) The power represented by these connections is hinted at in the "missing" 28 pages of the 9-11 report that were not released for over a decade...
(21) People in power were well aware of what those pages said, and they also knew of the strong MIC/intelligence relationship with SA.
(22) Some say 9-11 was an event conducted or allowed by factions within Western intelligence and the MIC in order to "wake America up." The missing 28 pages essentially say that the Saudi hijackers were funded by Bandar Bush.
(23) After 9-11, "everything changed."
(24) After 9-11, there was a move to develop US shale oil reserves. SA has long realized that its reliance on petroleum-based economy is not sustainable over long term as world moves away from petroleum-based energy and as its biggest customer - USA - now doesn't need SA oil.
(25) After 9-11 there was a renewed movement of MIC & intelligence assets to SA & the GCC. There has been huge investment in GCC nations both from within & from without. Many large military & intelligence tech firms & assets operate out of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other GCC cities.
(26) The proposal was made to SA that the answer to its quandry was to shift to a "knowledge-based" economy like Singapore and to focus on military and intelligence technologies - warfighting in the new era.
(27) Other factions within the circles of power and intelligence have worked hard to develop their own contacts in SA. As one example the Clintons worked to develop a relationship with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, among others.
(28) Remember, in human endeavors there are ALWAYS factions involved with competing interests, values, and perspectives. The MIC and intelligence worlds are no different.
(29) With the death of King Fahd in the early 2000s and the ascension of King Adbullah, power in SA began to shift.
(30) With the death of King Abdullah in 2015 and the ascension of King Salman, power in SA began to shift even more.
(31) Now, here is where we are going off the reservation into pure speculation, but the evidence could support this supposition... At some point the MIC and Western intelligence services (or large factions within them) decided that their future was in SA and the GCC countries.
(32) The reasons for this decision could be completely practical. SA being an authoritarian regime makes a much better home for an amoral (read immoral) activity like intelligence gathering.
(33) To understand amorality of intelligence work, please watch John Kiriakou's recent explanation of the required behavior of a CIA case officer - the ends justify the means.
(34) The reasons for the decision to move to SA could also be the foreknowledge of something catastrophic that is forecast, expected, or planned for the USA.
(35) Messaging went out through media consulted by the MIC, for example Deagle. Message is something catastrophic is going to happen to USA & base of world hegemony & power will shift elsewhere. You may disagree w/ this interpretation, but I don't think it can be disproven.
(36) Interestingly, the messaging dovetails w/ the recent messaging Saudi Arabia is putting out about building a new world based on knowledge... For example of this, check out ... but note that this is just one of many examples you can find if you look.
(37) Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is the son of King Salman and is the Crown Prince. His father has been shifting power away from other factions in SA and towards MbS.
(38) Certain people within SA and without view MbS as an almost messianic figure. The literature on him is similarly messianic, and his marketing campaign is also in that tone.
(39) MbS is viewed by large factions of the MIC and intelligence services as a visionary and the ideal leader of the new intelligence state that they want to build.
(40) Now pick up w/ speculation that recent #VegasShooting was actually to cover-up an assassination attempt by the Talal/Muqrin faction in SA against the Salman faction.
(41) The speculation is that the plan was to kill the heir apparent, MbS, which would put the Muqrin faction back in line for the throne when King Salman dies.
(42) As crazy as it sounds, if you want to look into it there are a lot of reasons that make it a whole lot less crazy than it sounds initially...
(43) From a strange armed exfiltration from the Tropicana, to the fact that Talal owns top 4 floors of Mandalay Bay, to strange helicopter exfiltration right before police helicopters arrived, and many other data points....
(44) It also explains what Paddock was doing and why we can't figure out a motive. Lastly, it explains why the LVMPD and FBI have been covering up.
(45) So, what we then saw after MbS & King Salman realized the full scale of the plot (which they may have known right away), was that they didnt let on that they knew it was an assassination attempt, & they planned series of arrests of the faction that tried to assassinate MbS.
(46) Once everything was in place, the arrests happened quickly and all at once, and some like Prince Muqrin were killed so that they would not continue their efforts.
(47) Difference between "what is really going on" & what we are told is happening is frequently night-and-day. The MIC & intelligence services have developed & applied mind control techniques directly against us, leaving most of us confused & unable to act in our own interests.
(48) This is all part of the plan. But remember that just like a single match lights up a dark room, the truth is more powerful than all of their lies put together. The truth will set us free!
(49) The best I think we can hope for at this point is that President Trump & the good guys who work in the MIC & intelligence services are in fact executing a plan to destabilize the more corrupted factions, such as those involved in child trafficking & widespread deception.
(50) There are still good people in positions where they can do something to fight evil. There are many people in the military who believe in the Constitution and intend to defend it as they have sworn to do. Some say it is a "silent majority".
(51) Is there a war taking place right in front of our eyes between different factions of the MIC/intelligence? Where will all of this intrigue lead? I'm watching & rooting always for the good guys to win in the end.

Would be interested to know what you think about this post!
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